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Be An Ethical And Profitable Online Survey Taker (Panellist)

Taking surveys for money is a great way for people to earn money from home but many online panellists find themselves banned from taking paid surveys for acting in ways that online survey companies find to be unethical.

Ethical behaviour is an essential part of being a successful survey panellist online, since online survey companies are relying on you to provide truthful and complete information in exchange for their payment to you.

In turn, they will provide your data, aggregated with the data of other panellists, to their clients, which means that they need to feel confident in the veracity of your responses. Read on for how you can stay ethical and profitable as an online survey taker.

Quality Answers Are Key To Staying Ethical

When you provide written responses to online surveys in exchange for payment you are being compensated not only for your information but also for the time that the online survey company expects you to spend on writing quality survey answers to their questions. The best way to do this is to be as descriptive and detailed as possible when answering open ended questions which ask your opinion about a given topic.

Then, take a moment to reread your response to make sure that it is free of typographical, spelling or grammatical errors. No one expects you to submit absolutely grammatically perfect miniature works of literature, however your online panel company might black list you if you routinely submit poorly worded or difficult to understand responses to your surveys.

Honesty Is At The Heart Of Your Job Description

Anyone can make up a bunch of answers or randomly click a bunch of “yes” and “no” check boxes on an online survey. You, however, are being paid or compensated with merchandise or services in exchange for giving your honest opinion about a given topic. Online marketing research firms specialize in finding the right people to provide their opinions to businesses set to launch new products, organizations or individuals trying to decide how to do damage control following a public humiliation or individuals in the midst of running for public office.

You may never know what the product, service or business is that your opinion will help, however you can be confident that you have been handpicked by the online survey company that you work with. This was because they know that your honest opinion, based upon your demographic data, is relevant and important to providing the right answer to their client.

Keep Your Contact And Demographic Information Up To Date

Just like your opinion needs to be truthful every time you start typing your response to an online survey, so too does your demographic information. Make it a habit to check your online profile regularly to make sure that the data that you provided when you signed up with the online panel website is still truthful and complete. As your family grows or your household otherwise changes you may need to drastically change what your online survey profile looks like.

Many online survey companies ask for a great deal of less significant information in their profiles. This could mean giving a list of your favorite hobbies, what types of stores you shop in for your clothing, your total household income, what pets you have or other seemingly trivial information. This data, however, is what allows the online survey website to accurately target you with surveys based upon the needs of their clients. Keeping it up to date will allow you to comply with the online panel company’s rules while also providing the most relevant information possible to the online survey company’s clients.

Go Slow To Make Sure Your Survey Responses Are The Best Possible

While nearly every online survey has a deadline of some sort, none of them have a ticking clock that you have to race against as you fill out your information and respond to questions. This means that it is fine to take your time so that you do not accidentally miss a question or write your response in the wrong box. Misunderstanding a question can also be disastrous, since your response can be totally inconsistent with other responses. The result can be a black mark on your account with the online survey company or being black listed altogether for failing to take your job seriously.

Remember, if your responses are not considered to be of a high quality, then online panel company’s do not need to pay you for them! Racing through a paid online survey’s questions, even if they do not require you to write responses, can mean giving low quality answers. Responses which are inconsistent or flat out incompatible with each other is a red flag to online survey company owners and managers who work hard to weed out poor respondents from their ranks based upon past performance.

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