Online Surveys for Money – Earn Extra $300 Per Month Taking Online Surveys

What to Consider Before Taking Online Surveys for Money?


If you have been looking into ways to make some quick cash on the side from home, then you have probably read up about taking online surveys for money. It seems simple enough, right? You get a survey, you fill it out, send it in, and then you see dollar signs.


Believe it or not, but filling out surveys for money isn’t the easiest thing to do. Many people are mislead by ads created by scammer companies that promise that you can become a stay at home and earn $1000-2000 a month by filling out surveys. However, you can earn $200-$300 extra each month taking online surveys for money. If it interests you, then below is top 5 sites that you can join to get started today:

  1. Ipsos i-Say
  2. Opinionsly
  3. Surveyaforgifftcards
  4. Nielsen Survey Panel
  5. MMTS Panel

If you’re looking into taking online surveys for money and are thinking about quitting 9-5 jobs and replacing it with online jobs, then read what we have to say below so you can see if filling out surveys is right for you.

1.    Online Surveys for Money Take Time

Let’s be realistic here and ask, do you really think that any companies that allow you to fill out online surveys for money would pay you big bucks to do 2 minutes of work?


Advertisements that you have seen that make such promises are too good to be true, so don’t fall for it.

While some online surveys for money may only take you a few minutes and may ask simple “true or false” type questions, you will encounter even more that will require in depth thought and consideration. You may have to write a minimum of 500 to 2000 characters per answer you give, stating your opinion and expressing your thoughts on a topic, product or service. You can easily spend over half an hour filling out just one of the online surveys for money that you will be filling out that day.

2.    The Pay Isn’t Always Great

Consider how we just told you that filling out online surveys for money can easily take you 30 minutes per survey. Now consider this: some surveys will pay you $30 per survey. Some will pay you $15 per survey. But most that you come across will pay you only $0.50 to $2.00 per survey. So if you complete only two an hour… well… you do the math.

Payment is often not as straightforward as you may think, either. Some survey sites will pay you straight cash, sure, but a lot of them have a “point” system where you need to redeem a certain amount of points in order to redeem them for cash or prizes. These online surveys for money sites also sometimes have payment withdrawal limits so you are not able to withdraw any money under, say, $50.

The key to filling out online surveys for money is to do it regularly enough that the money continues to build and build. $1 here and $3 there definitely does end up by the end of the month, but if you’re expecting to make some quick cash that will pay your mortgage, then filling out online surveys for money may not be the route to go.

3.    Payment is Almost Never Immediate

If you needed the money you earned on your survey yesterday, then doing online surveys for money isn’t right for you. Not only do you often have to wait until the survey closes and all responses are processed, but then it can take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks to have any money deposited into your PayPal or sent to you by check. If you choose PayPal, then that’s potentially an additional 5 business days you will need to wait to have the funds placed into your account.

4.    You May Not Quality for Some Online Surveys for Money

Signing up to fill out online surveys for money doesn’t necessarily mean that you will actually be filling out any surveys. As a matter of fact, we have signed up for numerous sites that have given us either one survey or no surveys whatsoever because we don’t match the particular demographic that they’re looking for. You have to realize that companies are only looking for a particular group of people to fill out most surveys. If you aren’t a Caucasian male living in California between the ages of 20 and 25, then you’ll be excluded from one survey. Another survey may be for women over the age of 60 and who have arthritis – again, you may not qualify. Companies are only going to pay you for taking online surveys for money when they know that you are who they are looking for.

5. You Have to Enjoy Taking Surveys

To really excel and stick with filing out surveys, you have to enjoy doing it. Just as with any job that you do, if you don’t like it, chances are you either:

  • a) Won’t put a lot of effort into it, or
  • b) Quit it all together

As filling out online surveys for money is a work from home job that requires you to motivate yourself, you have got to like it.

You can spice it up a bit by actually putting thought into the surveys you fill out.  Remember, filling out online surveys for money is not only a pay check, but it’s your voice and your opinion that has the opportunity to speak on behalf of many.

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