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If you have ever been to Starbucks, you would have definitely enjoyed the coffee that you had and the time that you had spent there. Or, you may not have liked the atmosphere or the products a lot and would like to give some feedback to the company so that they can improve it.

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Whatever may be the case, you would definitely want to tell the company your opinion. In fact, the company would also like to get such feedback from its customers so that it can be in tune with what the people are expecting.

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For this purpose, there has been a website created where a survey would be taken so that you can provide the necessary feedback. There are a few questions that would be asked for which you need to provide an answer. To give this feedback, you need to go the website called MyStarbucksVisit. Once you go to this website, you would be asked to provide a receipt number. You would only be able to access this website if you receive a survey receipt when you pay at any of the Starbucks shops. Without that receipt, you would not be able to get into the website.

Click here to join best paying survey sites. This survey receipt is very rarely given out too. Only a very small percentage of people would get this receipt along with the bill. Therefore, if you get the receipt, then do not let go of the opportunity to provide your feedback as you may not get another chance for a long time. Also, you would need to give the feedback as quickly as possible as the survey receipt that you get would be valid only for 14 days. After 14 days, you would not be able to use that survey receipt and you would just have to throw it away.

Once you put in the receipt number, you would be asked a question on whether you had purchased something from Starbucks to consume at the outlet itself or if you had taken it away with you. You need to provide whichever answer is valid. The next question would be whether the beverage that you purchased was a hot or a cold one. You need to choose one of the options. But sometimes, it can happen that you may have purchased more than one beverage and therefore you would have taken a hot and cold beverage as well. There is no option provided for such cases.

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The next question in the survey would be whether you purchased whole bean or not. If you have, then you can select yes or else say no. After that, you would be asked whether you paid by using a Starbucks card. This is again a yes or no question. This is followed by the question that asks whether your purchase was eligible for any reward in Starbucks. This would depend on what you have purchased and whether you got any reward from the shop that you purchased.

After these questions, you would be asked whether you ordered any food at the Starbucks outlet, and if you have, what food you ordered. You can give the relevant answers to these questions. Until now, the survey concentrated on what you ordered and how you ordered so that Starbucks would be able to get an idea of what your tastes and preferences are. The next set of questions would be to find out how satisfied you are with Starbucks. These questions would try to find out if you are happy with the service provided and the food that was served.

The first question in this list would be whether you were completely satisfied with your visit to Starbucks. Usually, this kind of a question would be asked at the end of the survey, but it is not so in the case of Starbucks. They would like to know in the beginning itself if you are satisfied with them or not.

There would be 5 options from highly dissatisfied to highly satisfied. You can put in an option based on the experience that you had at the Starbucks that you visited. The next question is also a similar one where you would be asked about the speed of service and the cleanliness of the store.

The next few questions would be in a similar pattern where you would be asked about the food that you had and the price that you paid. After that, you would be asked if you had any problem at the Starbucks store. You would then be asked how likely it was that you would be visiting the Starbucks in the next one month. This question is asked so that they can know how frequently a customer would visit their stores.

On the whole, this is a very lengthy survey that needs to be filled by the customer but it has some very valid questions.

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