CashCrate Review – Is Cashcrate Legit or Scam? Can You Really Make Extra Money with Cashcrate?

Is Cashcrate Legit or Scam? CashCrate Review – Is CashCrate Worth Your Time?

Yes, absolutely.

Cashcrate is completely legit and 100% FREE to join.

Note: Cashcrate rewards program is now closed. We recommend to join Swagbucks.

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My CashCrate review is positive and I’m confident they aren’t a scam.

The reason behind saying this is my last payment of $52.5 on 20th July, 2015 multiple payments I have received from Cashcrate so far. You can see that I have earned $1413 in the past and $20+ this month so far!

I have been a member of cashcrate since January, 2008 and never had any problems with them.

Each time I reach minimum payout or higher I receive a PayPal payment automatically (Note – first payment was by check).

Cashcrate has a minimum payout of $20. It’s very easy to reach $20 from offers and doing free paid surveys.

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Can You Make Money with Cashcrate?


Read below my detailed cashcrate review and learn how you can make money with cashcrate?

Cashcrate Review:

They have many different ways to make money online. It’s not just a survey site. There are no obligations signing up with them. You never have to give your credit card or social security number and I suggest not give it personally be it cashcrate or any other site. The only information you give them is your e-mail (to confirm your account), name and home address (so they can print and mail your check). You never have to pay them a single cent to sign up and earn money.

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They don’t send junk mail, bills or sell your information to other companies. Cash Crate has over 4 million members and that number grows everyday.

You can go to their payment wall to see countless member checks. All the checks are posted by the members. This is the first check I earned from them.

What is CashCrate?

CashCrate is what most people like to call a get paid to (GPT) program. They pay you for completing offers, surveys, shopping online, watching videos and referring others. It’s free to register and you can start making money the moment you sign up with cashcrate.

cashcrate reviews

Like many of you, I’m skeptical when I hear of websites offering money for free paid surveys. It’s always been said by friends and family that websites like CashCrate scam people. This can be true as there are a lot of websites out there with ridiculously high payouts or hardly have any ways to make money online.

My CashCrate review will show you that they are completely different and 100% legitimate. You’ll get to choose from several methods of making money online.

Also, there are 9 daily surveys that bring in $6.20 per day. This means that you can earn $2,232 per year just taking the daily free paid surveys which is $186 of extra cash per month. Keep in mind that this is only one of the many ways to earn money with them.

How does it work?

Businesses want people to rate their products through free paid surveys so they can determine whether people like their merchandise. The surveys provided by these companies are very important and they’re willing to pay for this. Since companies want to pay, Cash Crate will find surveys to display on their site.

They get paid by the advertisers for each survey you complete and pass 75% of the payment to you.

Who can join Cashcrate?

Anyone is allowed to join worldwide. The only requirement is that you have to be at least thirteen years or older to register. It’s a easy way for teens to make money online as well as adults. If you live outside the US, Canada or UK you won’t have many offers. Now this doesn’t mean CashCrate is a scam. Most advertisers want people from the US doing offers.

Anyone can earn money referring others and it’s one of the best ways to make money online! Many members outside the US make a great income with referrals.

This CashCrate review page has some helpful tips to better understand how the referral program works.

How do I get paid from Cashcrate?

Cash Crate’s minimum payout is $20 which they pay by check. Once you reach $20 before the end of a month your check will be sent out on the 15th of the following month. If you don’t reach $20 before the end of the month your earnings will rollover to the next month.

Ways to make money with CashCrate
The different options and how they work?

There are many ways of making money with CashCrate, the more obvious of course are the surveys, they have daily surveys, but here many members might not be able to complete them or pass the screening survey. Many online surveys have this problem, as most of the times surveys are for a specific demographic group.

This is the main reason that many people get frustrated doing online surveys. But CashCrate have much more to offer then the surveys, also it is much important that you understand the program benefit some countries over others.

CashCrate is much more profitable for citizens of the United States and Canada, even if they accept members from many other countries, citizens from the US and Canada will get the most benefits.

Cash Offers: This is where you can make some really good money everyday. Doing cash offers is easy, most of the times you just have to register in some site, for example a gaming site and try a game or something similar. Many of them are free but you also have some offers that you will need a credit card to register. If you do not feel comfortable using your credit card, you can still do the free ones, but I should tell you, the ones you pay most of the times give you twice the money you spend into your CashCrate account. Also, if you do not want to share your credit card in these sites, many of them accept payments with PayPal. PayPal is the number one online payment use on the Internet. You register your credit card with them, and then you can make any payment

on the Internet with PayPal. Since it is PayPal that makes the payment, you credit card details are not know to the site you making the payment, only by PayPal. This is the most secure way of making payments on the Internet.

Daily Surveys: Well, the name say it all. You might have daily surveys to make or not, that depends a lot of your country and many other details. Still, do not expect to be able to make every survey that shows up. Like I mentioned before, doing online surveys not only in CashCrate but in the majority of survey sites, have much to do with a specific demographic group. This can be related with profession, country, health, if you have a car or not, etc. There are many variables that some company might want before giving you a survey.

Shopping: This one is pretty obvious, you have many online stores where you can buy stuff. This goes from iTunes music, flowers, etc. In some stores you get a cash back on every purchase also, in some you can get over 15% in discount just because you used CashCrate for your shopping.

Videos: Yes, you can make money for watching videos also. Unfortunately this is only for United States members. I did mention that CashCrate is best for United States members. People from the US will get the most benefit from it. For the rest of the world members, I do advise strongly to make use of the referral program.

Referrals: This is the juice of CashCrate. In fact this is the juice of many online survey websites. When you belong to a good survey website and you get results you must get more people in. The referral system in CashCrate is very rewarding and if you start using it you can see your earning going from a few 20 or 30 dollars per month to over 150 dollars. CashCrate have several levels of referrals, so the more people you refer the more money money you make but also, CashCrate will increase your earning percentage over the referrals, so, making you more money for the people you get in.

CashCrate Referral program
Probably the best referral program out there!

CashCrate have 5 referrals levels, every new member starts at the “Bronze” level where you get 20% of your referrals earning and 10% of their referrals earnings. So, in sum, if you refer 1 friend and he refers 2 persons you will get paid. Lets say that your friend made 20 dollars worth of offers and the 2 persons he referred made 10 dollars each, you will make 20% directly from your friend, so that’s 4 dollars plus 3 dollars because your friend made his first 10 dollars, so that’s just 7 dollars only from one person, but your friend also referred 2 persons and they made 10 dollars each so you will get 10% also, that 2 dollars. So you got 9 dollars just from 1 person. You can see the potential in this.

This is a short explanation of the different 5 levels of referrals:

First Level: Bronze

All users start out at this referral level.

  • Active Referrals Needed: None!
  • First Level Referral Earnings: 20%
  • Second Level Referral Earnings: 10%

Other Benefits:

  1. Get a $3.00 bonus when your referral makes their first $10.00.
  2. Get $0.05 for each Daily Survey your referral completes

Second Level: Silver

  • Active Referrals Needed: 50
  • First Level Referral Earnings: 25%
  • Second Level Referral Earnings: 10%

Other Benefits:

  1. Get paid on the 1st of every month rather than the 15th.
  2. Choose between check or Direct Deposit for your payment method.
  3. Option to get $1.00 for every active referral instead of the usual $3.00 bonus.

Third Level: Gold

  • Active Referrals Needed: 150
  • First Level Referral Earnings: 25%
  • Second Level Referral Earnings: 15%

Fourth Level: Platinum

  • Active Referrals Needed: 300
  • First Level Referral Earnings: 30%
  • Second Level Referral Earnings: 15%

Fifth Level: Elite

  • Active Referrals Needed: 500
  • First Level Referral Earnings: 30%
  • Second Level Referral Earnings: 20%

Other Benefits:

  1. Weekly Payments become available.
  2. Get paid by Direct Deposit or Check.

How Do I Complete Cash Crate Offers?

I have a detailed guide for completing offers on my CashCrate offers tutorial page. If you use all the tips given in my tutorial you will be an expert at completing your offers. I hope you found my CashCrate Review helpful. You should now see that it’s a reliable way to make money online and shouldn’t have to ask the question is CashCrate legit or scam?

Conclusion – Should You Join Cashcrate?


If there is an easy way of making money online, CashCrate is by far the easiest.

It does not take much time to complete the offers or doing the surveys and if you dedicate like 1 or 2 hours a day, it can be very rewarding. Also if you are from the United States then the earning for you can be great. If you do the cash offers, the daily surveys and bet strongly on the referral program, you can get a steady income every month.

Membership is free, the site is clean and easy to navigate, the community is friendly and the forums are well organized. Also, something that really makes me liking them, is the interaction of the people that work for CashCrate on the forums. Many companies might have forums but when you need to talk to someone responsible it is always a pain, in this aspect, CashCrate is good because their participation in the forums.

They reply to any questions the community makes on the forums, and in most of the cases, they even respond first to a topic then the many members.

So if you want to get a extra cash every month, CashCrate is really a good option, if you live in the United States you will get the most benefit from it, if you live in other country, then the referral program also can give you a nice income every month if you make some kind of online promotion.

Click here to join Cashcrate and start making money online. It is 100% free and anyone 13+ can join.

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Please let me know if you are an existing member of cashcrate and have a story to share with us? Please leave a comment below and share your experience. Thank you.


17 thoughts on “CashCrate Review – Is Cashcrate Legit or Scam? Can You Really Make Extra Money with Cashcrate?

  1. Its okay since i just joined and was givn a usd for joining. i have a challenge whih you can help me out with. when i click on the offers it keeeps on telling me i have no offer what do i do.

  2. No, no, no!! Cashcrate NEVER paid me my first $20.00…It was an address problem for me, but once I got that straightened out and sent them a new address, they were insistent that it had been sent. The payment was supposed to have had gone to my church. It NEVER did. I”m still steamin’ about that because that’s not cool at all. I maintained communication with the admin and all, asking if money had been either mailed or deposted into my skrill account, and it was always the same thing, that the check had not been returned back to them. I was going through a crisis and that financial help I had needed, but I couldn’t get it!! I will log in and check in with cash crate but I will let that money accrue…I won’t ever again ask them for another payout, I don’t care if it’s $100 or more I have in the account. I like cash crate, this is why I”m hesitant to give it up.

  3. When I ClicK On Offers Or Survey It Either Says Error , No Offers Or Takes Me Back To The HomePage

    1. Hi James,

      That means no offer or survey available for your country at that time. You can try after some time again and see if there is an offer or survey available.

  4. I came to your cashcrate review page through Google and liked your in depth cashcrate review. I’ve joined it. Let’s see how it goes.

    1. Thank you Ann for joining. Cashcrate is 100% legitimate and does pay. You can see the cashcrate payment proof above.

  5. I’ve joined cash crate but it is telling me that I don’t have any offers….what to do? Can you send the payment directly to post bank account in Kenya instead of cheques?

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