Pinecone Research Sign Up Link and Review – Is Pinecone Research Scam or Legit? Sign Up for Pinecone Research and Earn $3 Per Survey.

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Pinecone Research Review 2017Is Pinecone Research Legit?

Pinecone Research Sign Up linkLimited Time Only. Ever wanted to join Pinecone Research panel and failed to get an invitation? Here is your chance to join pinecone research now.

pinecone research

They are looking for a limited number of new members, so join today (using the sign up links below for your respective country and demographic) before they close the registration again. After signing up with Pinecone Research, don’t forget to confirm your email id, else you will not receive any survey invitations.

Also, please leave a comment below and let me know if you are successful to join this survey panel. Thank you.

What is Pinecone Research?

It is a well reputed market research panel that conducts paid online surveys and occasionally provides product testing opportunities. Pinecone is part of Nielsen surveys.

Is Pinecone Research Scam or Legit?

Yes, absolutely. It is legitimate market research panel and free to join. Pinecone research is not a scam. You can join pinecone research using this: pinecone research sign up link.

Pinecone Research Sign Up Links - Sign up below for pineconeresearch and earn $3 per survey

Panel NameReward TypesMinimum Payout & AgeSign Up Link
Pinecone Research Gen PopCash, PayPal, Prepaid Visa Card, and Amazon Gift Cards$3, 18+ year old males and femalesclick here to join
Pinecone Research CanadaCash, PayPal, and Amazon Gift Cards$3click here to sign up for pineconeresearch Canada panel
Pinecone Research UKCash, PayPal, and Amazon Gift Cards£3, 18-34 year oldsclick here to sign up
Pinecone Research GermanyCash by MasterCard Pre-paid card, PayPal, and Amazon Gift Cards$3click here to sign up for pineconeresearch Germany panel

How much does Pinecone Research Pays?

For most of the surveys, pinecone pays $3 per completed survey. Pinecone pays in points that can be redeemed for cash. Pinecone offers PayPal as a payment method along with several other rewards.

Pinecone Research Review
Watch this video on Youtube for detailed pinecone research review.

Many people love to be able to take surveys and get paid for their time. However, did you know that Pinecone Research has one of the largest and most easy to use online survey sites? You can easily access multiple surveys a day depending on your demographics and you might even qualify for surveys that pay you large amounts of money. In order to rake in the money, you must first join Pinecone Research.

Pinecone Research is known across the online survey world as one of the most difficult companies to get into. They only accept new members when they are ready, and their PayPal payments are always the fastest. While you might feel that this is unfair, it is only to ensure that the best people take the best surveys. Having a better match when you take a survey also allows for the advertiser to get information, as well as for you to get a good feel for what you are talking about.

While many people think that they are going to be bombarded with surveys, typically Pinecone Research will only ask you to complete one or two a month. These surveys do pay out more than some of the other survey companies, which makes up for their lack of timeliness. Another way that Pinecone is different from the rest is that they may ship a product to your home. This might be for you to try or compare to other products that you use. However, this is not with every survey, but if they do send the product to your home, they typically will pay out slightly more than usual.

Another important task that Pinecone Research undertakes is to make sure its surveys fit you, and fit you well. I have never received a survey that I knew nothing about. Some of them I did know more about than others, for example soft drinks. In order to do this, you might have to answer a few short questionnaires that are sent out by the company. These will not be paid, but they will help to match you to available surveys.

Pinecone Research is by far my top favorite site to make extra money. But the thing is that this awesome site is sometimes closed for new member sign ups.

How to Join Pinecone Research?
I’ve said that I would make an update whenever there’s an opening for new members. But there is a Good news for the people who were looking for pinecone research sign up link or banner. At the moment pinecone research is open for below demographics. For those who’s been wanting to join this paid survey panel now’s the time to register. If you fit in this, you can join pinecone research by clicking one of the links below:

  1. 18+ USA residents only: click here to join pinecone research USA
  2. 18-24 US males and females: click here to join pinecone research USA teen (18-24 year olds only) panel
  3. 18-34 UK male and female: click here to sign up for pinecone research UK panel
  4. Pinecone Research Canada (18+ males and females): click here to sign up for pinecone research Canada panel.
  5. Pinecone Research Germany (18+ males and females): click here to sign up for pinecone research Germany panel.

pinecone research sign up

Product Testing Opportunities: Pinecone research also provides it’s members an opportunity to participate in in-home product testing opportunities where members are asked to test and try a new product and get paid for it. In most cases the members are allowed to keep the sample products after doing the testing. So if you are interested to do in-home product testing, then do join this survey panel. You can also check these product testing companies that provide a chance to test and try new products and get paid for it.

Are you an existing member of this survey panel? If not, sign up for pinecone research. Do you have experience with it? Please leave a comment below and share your experience of pinecone research surveys with others. Thank you.

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Join above recommended survey panels and start getting paid for your opinions. Remember, it is FREE to join and no investment is required. Also, please note that all of the above survey companies are DOI (double opt in), so you need to confirm your email id after registering with each of them.

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