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Established in 1995 as a merger between Papa Aldo’s Pizza and Murphy’s Pizza, the Vancouver, Washington-based take-and-bake pizza company has an online feedback program known as papasurvey. This is an integral part of Papa Murphy’s efforts to stay attuned to the needs and wants of its target consumers; improve its products and services; and identify new trends in the market, even become the industry trendsetter.

In turn, the customers who participate in the papa murphy survey enjoy several benefits. You have the opportunity to express your satisfaction or dissatisfaction about Papa Murphy’s products and services, which will ultimately redound to your benefit via improvements in these aspects. You can also enjoy discounts on your next purchase of the take-and-bake pizzas.

Things to Know

As a customer, you can participate in the survey as many times as you can. Just keep in mind the following things:

  • Consider the recent visit for which you were invited
  • Keep your official receipt or baking instructions since it will contain the required information
  • Provide honest answers to all of the questions since your discount will not be jeopardized by your dissatisfaction of the company’s products and services, not to mention that there are no right or wrong answers

The Papa Murphy’s Customer Feedback Survey, as it is formally known, is powered by Mindshare Technologies.

What you need to participate in Papa Murphy Survey to Get a Code?

To take part in the survey you need two basic things:

  1. A personal computer or mobile device with good Internet access
  2. An official receipt of your latest visit to a Papa Murphy’s pizza store

Since you already have the first requirement, your next job is to purchase at least one pizza from the company.

How to complete Papa Murphy Survey and Get a Code?

  • Visit, the official survey website.
  • Enter either the store number or search for the store number through its ZIP code. You will find the store number on the baking instructions or sales receipt.
  • Click the large, red arrow to proceed to the next webpage.
  • Enter the date of your visit.
  • Answer all of the questions, which should be easy as you will only be asked about your shopping experience at the pizza store.
  • Provide your own comment on the appropriate space although this is an optional step.
  • Take note of the redemption code for the discount, which will be provided when you are finished with the questionnaire.

With your redemption codes, you can enjoy as many pizzas as you want without ruining your monthly budget – all because you took a few minutes of your time to answer a questionnaire.

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  1. We ordered a Papa’s family size pizza on Jan. 13th, we had company from Michigan and told them about it. We brought home baked it, asked how they liked it? They said it was excellent!! I told them it’s the only pizza we buy and now you no why. Love your pizza’s!!

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