www.Survey4gap.com – Gap Survey – 20% Coupon Codes

www.Survey4gap.com – Gap Survey – 20% Coupon Codes

Official Survey Website : www.Survey4gap.com

As the world’s largest clothes retailer, GAP believes that customer shopping experience feedback is very important for the company to improve upon its existing services and also come up with new and innovative service offerings for its customers. This is precisely the reason why the company collects customer feedback by way of an online survey on its website www.survey4gap.com.

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The website www.survey4gap.com enables you to record your shopping experience at GAP retail outlets. Your feedback collected through these surveys help the company to come up with ways and means to enhance your overall shopping experience at GAP stores. The survey will hardly take 10 to 15 minutes. Upon completion of the survey you will receive a code word. You will have to write this code word on the receipt in order to get 20% discount on any product the next time you make your purchase at one of the GAP retail stores.

You can take the survey in English, French or Spanish. Choose the language that you are comfortable with. Next, you will be taken to the profile page where you will have to enter your particulars regarding your gender or age. Your next question will be to test whether you are eligible or not. The system will ask you whether you or any of your family members have worked in any of the specified companies. Once you have answered this question, you will have to enter a five digit store number along with place you take the survey.

There are times when you may experience some problems while taking the survey. In such instances the best thing to do would be to go to the survey support page. You will find all the support you need to answer your queries. The survey support will provide you with technical support for problems that may occur while you are taking the survey. Apart from this the site also discloses a LRW privacy policy.

The GAP shopping experience survey is available not just on www.survey4gap.com. It is now available on www.datacollectionsite.com as well. In fact when you type www.survey4gap.com in your browser, you will be directed to the datacollectionsite.com site automatically to continue with your survey. Make sure that you key in the URL with the right words, otherwise Google will not recognize it.

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History / Background Information: Gap Inc is one of America’s leading clothing and accessories retail brand with its headquarters in San Francisco, California. The company was started by Doris F Fisher and Donald G Fisher in the year 1969. Today the company has five major brands operating under the GAP umbrella. They include Banana Republic, Athleta, Piperline, Old Navy and GAP. The company has over 3050 retail outlets and employs over 135000 people spread across different parts of the globe. In the US alone Gap has more than 2550 retail outlets and is the largest specialty apparel retailer in the world.

The first GAP store was opened at Ocean Avenue by Doris and Donald fisher on 21st August 1969. The initial merchandize consisted of LPs and Levis. The store was started with a capital of $63000 but by the end of the first year, the revenues crossed $2 million. The very next year, the Fishers opened their second store at San Jose in California. The initial headquarters of the company was at Burlingame in California. With just four employees in 1970, the company soon expanded rapidly and within a short period of time it had more than 25 retail outlets. It was not until 1974 did GAP start selling private label brands at its outlets.

During the initial stages of the company, GAP focused on the younger generation of customers. GAP’s hot selling products consisted of blue jeans and white tee shirts. It realized that though jeans were fast becoming popular amongst the youth, there was not much variety available in the market. GAP capitalized on this aspect and very soon expanded into setting up exclusive retail outlets for selling jeans. Once this became a very successful operation, the company increased its range by entering into men’s clothing, women’s clothing and also clothing for children. Very soon it added two new brands – Banana Republic and Old Navy to its merchandise and in 2006 it also bought the shoe brand Piper lime into its fold.

GAP purchased Banana Republic in the year 1983 and integrated this small safari themed brand into its fold and gradually rebranded the complete range into an upscale product. Over a period of time the company also launched its other well established brand Old Navy in the year 1994.

Today, GAP operates across different parts of the globe. In many countries the company operates through the franchisee network while in countries like France, Canada, Italy, Japan, Ireland, UK, Croatia and Puerto Rico, the company operates on its own.

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