Online Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

Online Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

One of the greatest talent pools of America lies not in the corporate offices but in the millions of homes around the country. As more and more educated and talented women step off the rat race to be at home with their children, the more ready resources are being created for a huge number of jobs.

It is up to the corporate world to recognize the gold mine that they are sitting on and take advantage of it. They have a dedicated and talented workforce at their disposal without the huge overheads that come with maintaining one.

If you are one of those stay at home moms who would like to earn and occupy your time better then take a look at some of the interesting options of online jobs that moms can do and match them against your skills.

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Below is a list of online jobs for stay at home moms:

  1. Market Research
  2. Consumer Product Testing
  3. Paid Focus Groups
  4. Make Money Blogging
  5. Call Center Operator
  6. Online Reseller
  7. Data Entry Operator
  8. Cottage Industry
  9. Telemarketing
  10. Virtual Assistant Jobs
  11. Affiliate Marketing

1. Market Research: Join FREE market research companies and participate in online paid surveys and get paid for sharing your opinions. This is one of the easiest job. Check out this link: Top 10 Best Paying Surveys for more details.

2. Consumer Product Testing Jobs: Test products at home and get paid for it. In most cases you will also get free sample products. Click here to join product testing companies and start getting paid to test and try new products.

3. Paid Focus Groups: Participate in paid focus group studies and earn up to $100 per hour. Check out this link: Paid Focus Groups to find paid focus group studies in your area and earn up to $100 per hour.

4. Freelance Writing/Blogger: If you like to write then you are lucky for the web is inundated with writing jobs for freelancers. You can write web content, blogs for various kinds of websites, research and write reports, white papers and journals. Everything is online and that’s the way it’s going to be in future. So the demand for good content will only increase and with it your chances of earning.

5. Call Center Operator: Put your social skills and that amazing diction to use by becoming a call center employee from home. If you have a customer care/support background this will be an added bonus because you will have an idea of dealing with different kinds of people and problems. But even if you don’t it is easy to get into the groove once you start using your people skills to the maximum. All you need is a laptop, a good Internet connection and a phone. And you are all set.

6. Online Reseller: Become your own boss with an easy to manage online reseller job. It is like having your own business without the hassle of overheads and other business expenses. Choose the products that you know well and find interesting. Buy them in bulk from a wholesaler and then sell them from your site for a profit. Advanced technology makes it easy to buy and sell online through secured payment gateways. Make sure you partner with a good logistics firm so that the delivery of goods is professional and prompt.

7. Data Entry Operator: Data entry might sound technical but it is one of the easiest home based jobs to do. All you need is a laptop or PC and you can begin right away. Here’s how it works – Your client will mail you (either electronically or via post) data which needs to transcribed onto to electronic files like Excel. There will be standard format that you have to adhere to so that the results fall into a pattern. It is pretty much basic typing in of data but if you are fast then you can earn a lot for payment is on per data basis. The more data you key in, the more you earn.

8. Cottage Industry: If you have been blessed with creative skills then put them to good use. Use your creativity to craft, paint, stitch, knit, sew or crochet unique products and sell them online. You can create a page on any of the leading retails sites and start selling right away. If you are good at wood work or say at crafting trinkets and jewelry you can make a healthy living working and selling online. Use social networks like Pinterest to expand your client base and your business.

9. Telemarketing: One of the most popular home based job options is telemarketing. All you need is a telephone and a database before you and you are good to go. This is how it works. Clients will give a list or database to follow. You make calls following this list. Call could either involve passing on important messages or following up as after sales. Majority of such jobs however involves cold calling for sales. You can have targets set in two ways – number of calls you make per day or number of conversions you make for the sales team. In some cases, sales also result in added commissions so the earning potential is quite high.

10. Virtual Assistant: The wonder of the Internet is most felt with the job of a virtual assistant. You could be sitting in Dallas and be a virtual assistant for someone in New York or even Denmark! As more and more people are tuning in to be entrepreneurs they are looking for virtual assistants to handle all their correspondence and back office functions without resorting to huge infrastructural overheads and employee expenses. Of course, today the field of virtual assistant has grown from the back office work to much more. You can be a social media expert, manage whole blogs, be a webmaster and even coordinate between the various employees around the world, all from the comfort of your own home.

11. Affiliate Marketer: Become an affiliate marketer, promote and sell products from home. This is one of the most lucrative of jobs available online. There are a large number of retail brands which follow the affiliate marketing route to expand their reach to the masses in the shortest possible time. With work people who are working from home they have a huge resource base of talent, loyal and professional employees and without the need to spend out of their pockets on overheads. For affiliates get paid only when they sell. Having said that, the pay is very good, for these companies know how to keep their employees happy. For every sale you make you get a large percentage as commission. So if you have the marketing and social skills to make it work, opt for affiliate marketing job today.

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