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What Is Zoom Panel?

Zoom Panel is a company that lets you make money by taking surveys on online for a variety of companies. Some of Zoom Pane’s clients include restaurants like McDonald’s as well as Microsoft, General Mills, and Proctor & Gamble. You can trust Zoom Panel because it has proven itself to be a legitimate company that allows you to make money working from home.

You do not have to pay anything to find out about Zoom Panel or to join and you can also be assured that any information you give about yourself will not leave the company. You will not get phone calls or e-mails from solicitors who got your information from Zoom Panel.

With Zoom Panel, you get points for taking surveys that you find out about from e-mails the company sends you. You can do or not do any of the surveys you receive. For every survey you take with Zoom Panel, you will get points you can then use to get rewards like gift cards to your favorite stores or restaurants. You can’t redeem your points for cash, though.

If you want to get a lot of survey opportunities from Zoom Panel, be sure to say yes to all the questions it asks you during the initial interview process.

There may be times you start a survey but are not able to finish it because you don’t qualify but if that happens, you can play a game called “spin to win” where you can win either reward points or prizes.

The surveys you take with Zoom Panel will generally give you from 25 to 150 points. You need to accumulate at least 2500 points in order to redeem the points for rewards. You can tell your friends about this great opportunity and get 100 points for every friend that signs up. This is a great way to quickly build up your points. Zoompanel pays by Amazon gift cards and the minimum payout is $25.

There are many ways to refer friends to Zoom Panel including sending an e-mail to your friends telling them about how great the site is and how fast your points are building up or talking about your experiences on Zoom Panel on your favorite social networking site. You will be surprised how fast you earn points if you do these simple things to refer your friends and you can be sure they will enjoy Zoom Panel as much as you do. You can refer up to four friends a month for a total of 400 points each month.

As a member of Zoom Panel, you can try and find out about new products and stores before anyone else. You get to share your opinions about the product or concept with companies and they can use your information to fine tune their business plan. Companies like McDonald’s really value the opinions of its customers so it does a lot of this type of market research every year.

You won’t be trading your points in for a new plasma TV with Zoom Panel, though, so you need to have realistic expectations. The 1000 level rewards are simple and inexpensive things like a cell phone charger. For around 5000 points, you can get something like you might have gotten in the past from a bank for opening a new account.

Zoom Panel has many benefits including experiencing new products and concepts first, not having to deal with annoying phone solicitors while you are home with your family, and taking fun and easy surveys that reward you with little items for your home or office. You won’t get rich doing this but you can have fun and get some cute rewards. You can trust Zoom Panel because it is a well established legitimate business.

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