MobileXpression Review

MobileXpression Review

Scam or A More Convenient Way to Take Paid Surveys!

Hey readers! Here’s a another opportunity to make some easy money from surveys. This update is very different, in fact this is very new even unto me. While I was online I came across this website called MobileXpression. I was a bit curious and did some reading to learn more about it. To my surprise, this wasn’t just another online survey. This is a paid survey that you do from your MOBILE PHONE! I was so intrigued by all the good things I’ve heard and read about it, that I’ve decided to write about it in today’s post!

MobileXpression is currently available for following countries and is looking for below demographics:

MobileXpression is a new market research panel that dedicates their studies around mobile cellphones. They focus on trying to understand the new trends, and products that develops from of the mobile internet, and how everyday people like you and me uses these them. They rely on us to give our say in their surveys. Mobile companies greatly relies on MobileXpression  so that they would know what our likes and dislikes of these cellphone products. In result they use the information to create better products in the future.

How do MobileXpression is able to do all this? By us taking their surveys from our mobile phones! When you sign up for this website they require that you to install their software on your phone. The purpose of this program app is to passively monitor, and collect data of your web surfing habits while on mobile internet, kind of like h0w cookies monitors your internet habits on your computer. This app is solely used for their research studies, and it won’t affect your phone in any way.

Now I’m pretty sure some of you are a bit iffy about giving your information, and being monitored. I completely understand. However be assured that your privacy is MobileXpression’s HIGHEST priority. If you’re still unsure then please feel free to read up on their Privacy Policy. If  you feel that this opportunity is just too uncomfortable for you,then it’s okay. There are plenty of other online money making opportunities besides this one!

Occasionally you’ll be sent surveys which are done either by phone or online. When you complete their surveys, your rewarded with cash, and amazon  gift certificates. You’re also given entries to win other great prizes!

The only downfall of MobileXpression , is that not all mobile phones are eligible for their studies. Because they’re still a new site, they only allow smartphones at the moment. They are however are currently working to expand  that limit to all kinds of cellphones.  If you own a smartphone then I highly recommend trying out this website!

Click Here to Join MobileXpression USA

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2 thoughts on “MobileXpression Review

  1. I downloaded the app and did everything required, received 15 credits worth a £10 gift voucher. I ordered the voucher and not a few hours later my account was locked. In reply to this they stated i had not met the required criteria and so my order was canceled and my account closed. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

  2. A COMPLETE SCAM. They take your data, give you the promised credits, then, when it is time to claim your rewards they close and lock your account and say you haven’t completed the required data transfer or something vague. Their ‘customer service’ is not worth engaging with.

    Mobile Xpression is a fraud.

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