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9 Survey Sites to Earn Money Online

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Making money online via paid survey sites can be a lucrative job. As the increasing numbers of people in Pakistan are getting equipped with broadband internet connection, now more and more people are searching to find ways for supplementing their income online. Filling surveys is one of them that can be fun along with earning some extra money at end of the day.

For those who do not know about Paid Surveys:
There are thousands and thousands of brands all over the world such as those we use in our daily routine. These companies are keen to know about reputation of their products in general public. For them, it is a matter of life and death for their business.

To do so they hire different online survey companies to do market research. In turn those survey companies share with you small amount for every survey completed by you.

A Survey is a simple form typically consisting of multiple choice questions asked by companies to know your opinion about their products. Filling surveys can earn you money and over all it is fun…!

Many People Think of PaidSurveySites as Scam.

Yeah, this is true. A common reason is that many people co-relate them with scammy looking ads they see all over the internet. Thus they better try to ignore them.  I admit that internet is scammers’ heaven; you can make people fool easily than you can do anywhere else.

But beside that, there are bunch of genuine companies too who pay you for your opinion. Still have a doubt? You can Google anything now-a-days to prove its legitimacy, and so did I. Apart from that I have personally tried many of them and had a very good experience.

Most of Survey Sites Target developed countries
Most of the survey sites target only people from developed countries like USA, UK, Canada and Australia. Although there are some survey companies that allow international members to come-in but again the problem is that lesser numbers of advertisers are interested towards people of Asian countries like Pakistan and India.

The result is that they receive horribly fewer or even no surveys at all.

However, in spite of that, there are some genuine online survey sites who have geared interest towards survey starving people of south Asia including Bangladesh, Pakistan and India.

Although Some Survey Sites Allow International members to join BUT…
Another reason due to which people of Pakistan still lag behind is absence of payment methods like PayPal, which most of the popular survey sites tend to use. Therefore, in order to gather the list of survey sites available in Pakistan, I had to keep an eye on this aspect too.

Anyways I did my research and now I have come-up with 9 best survey sites which pay in Pakistan. What I recommend is to join them all.

Multiply Your Income by joining them all
You may not get lot of surveys or on the other hand your email account may get filled by plenty of surveys every day. It depends on your profile.

But Why?

Simply because it may happen that not many companies would be interested to know opinion of people of your age group (or you may not be fulfilling any other character trait that market researcher was searching for. For example, you are unmarried then you would not get a survey if target people are married ones having two children).

The best solution in such circumstances is to join as many survey sites as you can so that your overall income adds-up.

How much will I earn?
This question is hard to answer because the earnings vary wildly between individuals. The reason is that a person standing in a certain age group (or any other attribute apart from age) may be the apple of advertisers’ eyes. Because advertisers are doing market research, therefore, they need to pick right people.

However, a typical guess is that after joining all the given below survey sites, you may earn $50 to $100 per month or even more. Remember this is only a guess; your earnings may vary a lot. But again, as these sites do not cost you any money so you are at no risk, then why not join all of them to increase your chances of earning more?

How much time it will take to complete surveys?
Typically it takes no more than 5 -30 minutes. But remember, more time it takes to complete the survey more it pays you. For example, you may earn $10 (or 900/- rupees) for a thirty minute survey.

How I will receive payment?
This is yet the biggest concern. More and more people want to know how they will receive their hard earned money from internet. And now I am going to answer that.

All those sites that I have compiled pay either via Check or AlertPay.

You would receive your check t your home address so do not do any mistake during registration.

If you opt to receive your earnings through AlertPay then register your account here:

No#1 Global Test Market (pays by check)
GlobalTestMarket without doubt, is amongst one of the best companies paying worldwide. Actually Globaltestmarket deals in points. For every survey, you earn some points which can be redeemed as cash. 1000 points are equal to $50, which is the minimum threshold to get paid.

GTM are amongst the largest research companies on the globe and I strongly recommend you join their panel. It is in your own benefit, by the way. Join GlobalTestMarket now…!

No#2 Survey Savvy (pays by check)
SurveySavvy pays via check and is open to members of all countries. It is amongst one of the oldest survey sites. Surveys are posted in email so do check your email every day. But the biggest problem may be that you may not receive surveys too frequently. For example, you may get a survey every couple of weeks. However they pay $3 (or 270 Rs/-) per survey whenever you get one.

The reason I placed it in my list is due to its generous referral program; $2 for every survey completed by your referrals, and $1 by their referrals. Your happiness may get cumulated by fact that you can refer people from all around the world.

So what are you waiting for; start spreading the word on Facebook and twitter. Or else if you are serious about making thousands of dollars via referrals then read my post getting referrals free and easy.

You can opt to receive your payment via cheque as soon as you earn your first survey earns you $3. Go get them there…!

No#3 American Consumer Opinion Panel (Acop)
Despite its name, ACOP accepts members from all over the world. Majority of the people who joined the sites say they are enjoying the free extra money they make every month.

ACOP compensates its members generously.

For example, you may hope to earn as much as $2 to $50 for a single survey. Even $2 is not a bad amount for doing one survey for me. The payment is made via check and the minimum balance you need to acquire before payment is $10.

Apart from that they have referral program too. You earn $0.50 whenever someone joins via your referral link. You can get your referral link after you register with them.
They send surveys in mail so do check your mail regularly after you join. Join ACOP here…!

No#4 iPoll (Via Rewards)
As soon as you sign up with iPoll/Surveyhead, you are blessed with about Rs 450/- as a sign-up bonus. This money will gradually add up as you take more surveys in your course.

When I first landed on their page what fascinated me was that they already converted my sign-up bonus of $5 into rupees, that is a clear indication that Surveyhead accepts members from all over the world especially Pakistan (however I later verified that they allow people from Pakistan). Join Surveyhead now…!

No#5 CashCrate
Here comes my favorite survey site…! CashCrate is amongst those most generous survey sites that pay you $2.40 every day for doing three surveys. But before you get too excited I want to tell you that this only for USA and UK people. Unfortunately, for rest of they don’t have many surveys.

Members at Cashcrate post photos of their checks

Actually it is more popular due to its referral program where you get $1 for every member who sign-up through your referral link which you get after sign-up. If you are good at convincing then this sit is for you. This is the era of social media go and get referrals.

But stop I have presented some killer methods on how to get referrals so take a look at them before you leave. Join CashCrate here…!

No#6 Spider Metrix
Spider Metrix deals in points. You need to accumulate 300 points in order to redeem cash. Those 300 points are equivalent to approx $50 (it is my careful guess, but the actual figure must be around that).

Some people say they do not send enough surveys to quickly reach the payout. But again I would say that as they do not charge you in order to make money join them. Join Spider Metrix now…!

No#7 Socratic Forum
SocraticForum is almost are always looking for new members from all over the world. They send state of the art surveys which occasionally apply to people all over the world. They welcome people from all walks of life.

There is no minimum payout so you can redeem whenever you want. They pay via check or else you can get vouchers which you can use to shop at online stores like Amazon. Join Socratic Forums now…!

No#8 Brand Institute
Established in 1993 Brand Institute sends surveys specifically targeted to medical field. But this does not mean they are restricted to doctors and alike, instead they are open to anyone.

Members say they receive $2 for a ten minute survey. That is not bad. But on the other hand there are people who say they got paid as high as $15 per survey…!

They pay minimum of $2 in PayPal but as PayPal is not available in Pakistan so you can get paid by check. Minimum Payout via check is $10. They pay worldwide. Join Brand Institute now…!

Join above survey sites and earn money online taking surveys.

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