Lowes Survey – Participate in www.lowes.com/survey to Enter $500 Survey Sweepstakes

Lowes Survey $500 – Participate in www.lowes.com/Survey to Enter $500 Survey Sweepstakes

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Does Lowes have a survey?

Yes. Lowes has a survey. You can do this survey if you have recently purchased something from Lowes.


How many Lowes surveys can you do?

You can do one Lowes survey per month.

Lowes Survey Website : www.Lowes.com/Survey

Are you planning to visit Lowe’s home improvement store? Apart from buying products from the store, you can do more and win prizes. It is possible if you answer a survey with https://survey.medallia.com/?lowes-pos.

Usually major grocery or home improvement stores have a plethora of products and you would never come back empty handed from the store. Though the products are common everywhere, the deals and discounts these stores offer are pretty good and you either get free products and services or get coupons.

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This is based on the kind of shopping you do and also on the amount you spend in the store. At Lowe’s you can see the same and getting a couple of rewards or coupons is an easy task.

Many stores conduct special surveys to get feedback from their customers and assess their satisfaction levels. These surveys might sound silly to many of us but to the store they mean a lot. The store owners can reflect upon their services and the products they offer and they can improve them according to the feedback from the customers.

These surveys usually take a couple of minutes and all you would do is to fill up an online form. In Lowe’s store, you will find that there is a lot more to these surveys. You can enter the quarterly sweepstakes if you take an online survey. This is possible and it is completely true.


Lowe’s customer satisfaction survey in the internet is quite interesting and if you are the winner of the sweepstakes, you can get a $5,000 gift card from the store. You would need to keep your receipt safely without throwing it away in the trash. The receipt contains important information like the location of the store, date, time, total money spent at the store and other details about the transaction.

When you log onto the website of Lowe’s for taking the customer satisfaction survey, you need to enter all the data correctly. Only then you would be eligible to sit for the survey. People who do not have the receipt will be disqualified right away and they wouldn’t even have the chance to enter into the https://survey.medallia.com/?lowes-pos website.

This survey conducted by Lowe’s home improvement store is for an entire year and there are four draws every quarter. For each and every draw you have a chance of winning a gift card and use it to buy more products. Before you start taking the survey, you must be aware of all the rules and the regulations.

Eligibility Criteria for www.lowes.com Survey $500 Monthly Sweepstakes

There are a set of eligibility criteria too which should be cleared by the customers. Here’s a gist of the rules you must know and it will only ensure that you move in the right direction.

  • The Lowe’s customer satisfaction survey doesn’t require the customers to enroll themselves in the site or to pay for the survey. It is completely free and your shopping receipt would serve as the main criteria. You needn’t make any payments for the store.
  • When you enter the sweepstakes, it doesn’t guaranty you any prize. It is a lucky draw and you might have chances of winning the Lowe’s gift card.
  • The customer must be 18yrs old or above and must be a resident of the Unites States. Customers cannot take the survey on behalf of their children and it is exclusively for legal residents of the US.
  • Once you win the sweepstakes you would be responsible for paying the taxes or associated costs related to the gift and the company will not pay anything on your behalf.
  • The gift card given by Lowe’s is strictly not transferable, cash able or redeemable and you cannot even use it to clear existing balances in the store. Any such acts will force the company to withdraw the card from the customer.
  • The exact retail value of the Lowe’s gift card is $5,000 USD and it cannot be shared by two individuals. Members of the same family are not eligible to take the survey and it is restricted to only one member.
  • Customers taking the survey must be ready to furnish their personal information with the store’s administrator. These details are kept highly confidential and will not be leaked to third parties.

If you agree to all these terms and conditions you can go ahead and take the Lowe’s customer satisfaction survey.

How to enter lowes.com/survey$500.00 monthly sweepstakes?

You will find the survey at https://survey.medallia.com/?lowes-pos.

Click on this link and enter all your details that are seen on the receipt.

You can call up the store to clarify doubts regarding the survey. There is only one entry per quarter for every individual and you cannot take more than one survey during that period. Fill up the survey form today and see how lucky you are!


  1. LRW Privacy Policy
  2. Sweepstakes Rules
  3. Sweepstakes Winners List

Lowe’s survey : win $500 gift card

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36 thoughts on “Lowes Survey – Participate in www.lowes.com/survey to Enter $500 Survey Sweepstakes

  1. I just came from your store in Ozark, Missouri. My ID for my survey was 102255 222661 647749. I did not see a place to enter. I just bought two cans of paint and other items. When I picked up my paint the clerk placed one can in my cart and left the other on the counter. The can on the counter did not have a handle on it. When I asked him what happened to the handle, he relayed it broke off. Sorry about that!! Then he walked off. This is an exterior can of paint for house trim, with no handle how am I supposed to have it on a ladder to paint? I had a gift card is the reason I went to Lowe’s. I spent 86.37 of my own money on the purchase. Wal-mart sells paint two blocks down the street. I know where to go now.

  2. I went to Lowe’s today, October 19, 2020 looking for a hang over the door mirror, desk lamp and an electric space heater. The store was out of the mirrors. I found a desk lamp that was on clearance and a customer rep was called to help me. Mr. Sean provided absolutely excellent service. The lamp was the last one in the store and had been on display. He cleaned the lamp and I got it for a great deal. I will request his services whenever I’m in the market for items in the department that he serves.

  3. Attempted four times to enter $500.00 survey drawing and all four times it stated that my survey date had expired. PURCHASE WAS MADE ON OCTOBER 22, 2020 AND SURVEY WAS ATTEMPTED OCTOBER 24, 2020. My ID # 083745 256302 966100.

    So much for trying to complete the survey within one week of purchase date!!!!

  4. I was in the store for only minutes. I was waited on and checked, loaded and headed back home in minutes.
    In todays world, that is very important.
    Thank you….

  5. on 11/29/00 Two employees helped me and my husband disassemble a clearance item off the wall.Both Ryan and Kevin went the extra mile in helping with that and helping us find a similar matching cabinet of a different brand.They saw our struggles and were very helpful showing us a few varieties on their computer.No easy task as they were redoing the entire bathroom displays.We could not find the exact match because the mirror was discontinued and no longer being carried.My husband and I were trying to find some but none were displayed of the darker tone match.So they allowed us to open a box to check the color.We found one and loved them together.The guys also recommended a rubber ring for the toilet vs.a waxed ring.How great was that.Also upon seeing the dents on the inside of the clearance mirror already de-walled they told us they would further discount the mirror.I hugged one of them because I loved the outside.It had a small dent and the dented corner on the inside did not affect it’s usefulness.So we took it along with the sort of matching cabinet.My husband and I talked about the experience the entire way home.Thank you Ryan and Kevin @ Lowes!

  6. My receipt id# 110612231353349473 Receipt date 11/29/2020 street 213 terminal 11
    1405:43 #of items = 8 items purchased
    receipt total 237.50

  7. WE shopped at the Lowe’s in Alpharetta at Windward Parkway. An associate Ave helped us with a Christmas Tree. She was so nice and very helpful going out her way to satisfy our needs.

  8. We shopped in Pueblo, Co on 11/14, Velvet in tools was so helpful and nice. She went above and beyond to make sure we had what we needed. She had a walking boot on and that didn’t stop her from getting around and working hard to help people. She’s the best.

  9. I drove to Lowe’s in Marquette on Monday to purchase a new washing machine. I received excellent assistance choosing a machine. I, also, purchased a few other items and my bill came to $631.95. This price included my Lowe’s credit card discount a long with our military discount. Jackie, my check out lady, was very efficient in helping me check out.

  10. Hello, I order a garage door opener on Nov. 30th. on line. Although we live in Goodyear the web site directed us to the store in Phoenix on Baseline.
    We paid to get the order shipped in 2-days. This is what happened. 2 days no delivery. I called the Lowes in Phoenix and talked with Customer Care the young lady was very helpful. I talk with Sophia several time during this garage door opener process. Each time we talked she was always polite and caring. After week we decided to get another opener. We purchased from the Lowes closer to home. We ended up paying more. When I talked with Sophia I explain what happen and she took it from their. We were refunded our money and when we did receive the first order almost 2 weeks later. Sophia had someone picked up the order the gentlemen was very nice and took care of us in getting our refund. She kept apologizing for the problem. During the times I talked with her always made me feel like an important customer and for that I’m thankful. Keep her on the Customer Care because she did a wonderful job. Thank you very much.

  11. My receipt # is 549614055753552031 – 12/20/2020. The Salesman whose name was Matthew was excellent in helping me. He walked all over the store helping me find items i was looking for . Was very professional and courtesious. Of a score of 1-10, Matthew was a 10.

  12. I make trips to Lowes in Mount Dora almost weekly for various items. We have purchased a custom made glass shower enclosure plus a new washer & dryer most recently. Lowes employees have always been helpful, including Londa on our last visit.

  13. I went to the Fayetteville, GA store today to purchase a special light bulb for a new chandelier that is still in shipment and two window shades. I opted to locate the light bulb first, but could not find one. I requested assistance and Frank appeared. He said he needed to see how the lightbulb looked and told me to bring in a picture from the box or paperwork. I told him the fixture is late in delivery. He commented on the virus delays and that I am doing everything backward. He mumbled something as he turned to walk away leaving me with the feeling that he was not interested in serving me. I then concentrated on locating the window blinds and Antoinette assisted me in a very warm, professional, patient, and polite manner following through check out. Her attitude changed my attitude about shopping at Lowes to the better and to a10+.

  14. I ordered 11 doors from Lowe’s. 8 of the doors were installed the remaining 3 have been at the store for 2 weeks. I have called and called to try to find out why the installers have not picked them up and installed them.The installers have not reached out to me.I have spoken to the lady in installs at Lowe’s and she keeps telling me the installers should be contacting me every other day.I have yet to get this problem resolved.I am making payments on merchandise I do not have.If they don’t contact me by 4:00 today I was told management might need to get involved.This whole situation has made me not trusting to Lowe’s.I have done business with them for many many years.Situations like this make me not want to purchase or do business with them anymore.They had a contract with me on these doors and they just have not held up their end of the bargain .However I have always made payments on time with them.Some sort of resolution needs to be made.Unhappy customer in Amarillo Texas

  15. Just bought a new kitchen from Lowes Nicale was our sales lady she went up and beyond
    what she had to do. Nicale explained everything to us Store was in Delavan, Wi.
    Can’t wait to get our new kitchen.

  16. Your survey site leaves a lot to be desired. Made several attempts. No I don’t want to be a runner. Just wanted to fill out survey and it would not let me. Couldn’t find / did not have what I needed at the store and you have to walk all over the store to try to get help. Next time I will go somewhere else. Lowes has wasted enough of my time today and in the past as well. Goodbye.

  17. been trying for an hour to leave response

    Ordered a fridge and 2 non english speaking guys show up an hour early. one kept looking at his watch and was upset i was not finished emptying fridge out. Then he says water valve would not shut off. i told him my husband was on way home and he could shut off water outside. He got his boss on phone and he said they could not wait. now they were an hour early and could not wait 5 minutes.

    Hubby got home and guy kept looking at his watch. we told them to leave and leave new fridge in garage. Made me very nervous looking at his watch, he could of waited 10 minutes for us to cut off water. Kept saying he could not do, we needed a plumber. we got a plumber to put new shut off on. I believe they did not want to mess with installing.

    this was on 9/22. today 10/6 I called Kelly and was treated with the best customer service and she sent Jerry and Ed out to install. what a difference that was. the install kit we bought and was told was in fridge by first 2 was not there. Now someone has to come back tomorrow to hook up ice maker. Kelly handled this also. I debated on CALLING after the first 2 but i am glad i did cause what a pleasant treat to speak to Kelly who is a manager and Jerry and ED.




  18. Today’s service at Lowe’s was outstanding I had two employees… Donald at hardware and Cody at MST I have been a loyal customer at Lowe’s for the past seven years never been help like I’ve been helped today by those two employees I would definitely recommend other people to those two gentlemen if they ever need help look for those two guys

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