Online Jobs for Teens

Online Jobs for Teens and Kids

There are plenty of online jobs for teens and kids out there on the internet. Majority of options doesn’t want you to spend anything. I recommend you to also see online jobs for students here.

Instead of wandering from site to site, and sitting lazily in front of computer using Facebook for long hours, you can pour your free time in these opportunities and earn plenty of extra bucks. Below, I am going to present a list of online jobs for teenagers and kids, so here we go:

Online Survey Jobs for Teens and Kids
Teenagers can participate in paid surveys for teens to earn extra money in your spare time. A large number of multi-national companies are willing to pay you for knowing your opinion about their products. Although most of online survey jobs are focused towards teenagers but there are a whole lot in which kids can also participate.

The rewards vary greatly depending upon the survey length. However, a rough estimate is about $1 – $20.

I have sorted out best out of best survey sites for teenagers and kids but, if you want to see the whole list then checkout this online survey jobs list ad start making extra money online.

There are plenty of legit sites offering you easy offers to complete. You are offered rewards in form of cash and gift prizes for your valuable time. These types of offers are best suited for teenagers and kids because no such creativity is required. Anyone can apply no age limit and free of cost. I have compiled a list of some most trust-able “Get paid to” online jobs. The best part is: “You can multiply your earnings by referring your friends via their referral programs.”

I have chosen 2 best out of the best websites. Each of them have been in business for last few years and have paid in over a few millions in cash to their members.

SwagBucks: Use SwagBucks search instead of Google and your every search will be a chance for you to earn $5. There is ton of other stuff to do too, like you can watch videos, take surveys etc. They deal in digital currency within the site, known as Swagbucks. But the payment is in the form of real dollars or gift cards. Click Here to Join SwagBucks.

Find an Online Job in Next 40 Minutes…!
First of all, let me know you about three most popular online job sites. Literally, thousands of employers outsource work every day at the websites. There is huge variety and you will be able to find some work in minutes. There are two type of payments, either you are payed an hourly rate or you earn a specific amount for doing a task. The escrow payment system ensures you a guaranteed and timely payments. I strongly recommend you “register with all of the below given freelance portals now”.

CashCrate: Update – Cashcrate is now closed. It contained a variety of online job offers to complete. You can take surveys, complete leads by just signing up and with different companies’ websites. You get a whooping 20% share of your friends’ earnings by referring them. And yes, I forgot to mention: You can make $26 right now on CashCrate in just one hour. First you have to sign up with them here. If you have completed the signup procedure you are now ready to make your first $26 here.

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Find an Online job at eLance: At elance everyday thousands of new jobs are posted. You have to bid along with other job seekers. Winning party gets the job and he or she has to complete it within the specified time. Initially you should bid less to maximize probability of getting hired. At eLance your profile speaks for you so you you should complete your profile as soon as possible. Join eLance here to find an online job now >>

Find an Online job at oDesk: is similar to eLance. You do a job as a freelance. This means you are free to work anytime and anywhere, the only condition is completion of task within employer’s deadline. Join oDesk here to find an online job now.

Types of Online Jobs at Freelance sites:

To give you an idea I have taken this screenshot from oDesk’s job section. Even if you are not skilled at all, you will be able to find some work:

“Get Paid To” Online Jobs

Amazon Mechanical Turk
Amazon is the largest online store on planet. The work load on them is growing day-by-day to extent that they have to outsource huge amount of extra work. Actually Amazon Turk offers a kind of online job where you have to do certain tasks which their computers can’t understand. For example, the task may be to compile T-shirts with the same color etc.

It is a super easy job for teenagers to match the attribute with the right product. These type of jobs are so simple that even kids can do that. Price for each job ranges from few cents to few dollars depending upon the complexity. Click here to Join Amazon MechanicalTurk.

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