Sendearnings Review

Sendearnings Review

Send Earnings – Is Sendearnings Legitimate or Scam? Can You Get Cash for Taking Surveys?

What is Sendearnings?

Send Earnings is an offer site. I could just say that and the blog post could end there, but I get people saying they love this site so I’ll give it a fair shake so as not to sound negative. Remember I have my own personal preferences, and I can’t be the final authority – only you can decide what paid survey sites to sign up with.

SendEarnings is basically an offer site; you’ll see tons of offers, pay per click ads, survey site sign ups etc. You’ll get an inbox of emails from them in a hurry – I think I get 2 to 3 emails a day.

I prefer taking surveys, so offer sites aren’t my thing. The only reason I ever participate in Send Earnings is because they pay a few cents for clicking on each email. I don’t fill out the offers, I won’t fill out the offers, I don’t like them.

I believe that buying something just for a rebate is silly. You can end up spending more money than the reward is worth, and get left holding a bag of useless junk you really didn’t ever want anyway. Kind of like buying a ten dollar pair of shoes the wrong size to make five dollars.

Pay attention to ALL the fine print on the offers. Don’t get spoofed into thinking that taking a “survey” will get you a $500 gift card. I’ll admit, though, SendEarnings is one of the better offer sites if you like this kind of thing. You can cash out at $30, so at least there is a chance to earn, and they pay you for clicking on the email plus a $5 signing bonus. Anyone ever cash out on this site, I’d love to hear about it.

Conclusion: Should You Join Sendearnings?

Frankly speaking offer sites are not my cup of tea. I don’t do offers and buy any trial offers. In the end with most of the trial offers you end up paying more money than actually you made with them. I would not say that sendearnings is scam but I would not recommend it.

If you are serious about making some extra money from home, I would suggest you to join below 5 survey panels and start getting paid for your opinions:

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  2. Valued Opinions
  3. Global Test Market
  4. American Consumer Opinion (ACOP)
  5. Consumer Village

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