10 Worst Mistakes Newbie Survey Takers Make. Become an Ethical Survey Taker and Have a Long-Lasting, Profitable Relationship

10 Worst Mistakes Newbie Survey-Takers Make and How to Avoid Them?

If you want a long-lasting, profitable relationship with the best survey companies out there, it is absolutely important that you try to avoid the 10 Worst Newbie Survey Taker Mistakes.

These mistakes may not only get you rejected from paid online surveys, but they can also get your account permanently banned.

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1. Lying on your Application Form

It is completely understandable if you’re a little skeptical about giving your personal information.

However, this information is absolutely crucial in order for you to get surveys that are right for you. Filling in a false address can get you the wrong paid surveys with low acceptance rates, and signing up with a fake name can make your earnings invalid.

I can guarantee (at least with the websites that I have personally used and approved) that the survey companies will not call you, or mail your house mountains of spam.

The only things you should watch out for are survey applications that ask for your credit/debit card information or your social security number. Don’t fill these out, or you may end up buying something or getting your identity stolen.

2. Signing up with a Personal Email

If you have an email used to send emails to family members and friends, do not use that email to sign up. An email used to sign up for surveys can fill up very, very fast, and before you know it you can be receiving upwards of 100 survey invites a day.

3. Not Maintaining an Organized Inbox

I cannot stress this enough: you must be organized with your surveys in order to succeed. That means creating an email dedicated to surveys, having a separate folder for each survey website, and cleaning your inbox of old surveys every single day.

If you don’t do this, you might end up wasting your time by attempting expired surveys, or you might miss the big surveys that pay $5 or more.

I recommend spending at least 10 minutes at the end of every day cleaning out your inbox. Open every email (just so you don’t miss anything worthwhile) and send them to their designated folders until your Inbox is empty.

4. Expecting to make THOUSANDS every month

Taking surveys is not a get-rich quick technique. In most cases, you absolutely cannot quit your day job doing only online surveys.

You can expect, however, to get a nice prize at the end of every month. Personally, I can earn $10 a day taking surveys without trying too hard. That’s $300 a month – enough to pay for groceries or gas.

5. Quitting Before it Gets Good

I’ll admit, it takes a while to complete surveys. By a while, I mean an average of 20 minutes for every survey.

For most people this can seem like a bit too much. They’ll give up on the 10th or 11th question, close their browser, and spend the next 3-4 hours playing Facebook games or browsing videos on Youtube.

Don’t be like most people! If you continuously take and complete surveys, you’ll get used to the amount of time it takes. Then soon, you’ll be able to take two, three, or even four surveys in a row, and before you know it you’ll be getting $20.00 or more in a single sitting.

I’ve done it, and if I can do it you certainly can.

6. Lying on Surveys

The survey companies are smart about fraudulent information. If you signed up as a 30 year old man from

survey taker jobs

Minnesota and, all of a sudden, you are 42 year old woman in New Hampshire, they’re going to blacklist you and keep you from receiving any more surveys.

Also, if you stay honest you’ll find that you’ll be able to complete surveys a lot faster than if you lied. This is because information will stay consistent in your head and you won’t have to try to remember what you lied about.

7. Creating Multiple Accounts For Friends and Family

Almost all survey websites have strict policies about multiple accounts under the same household. Most do not allow it, and some only allow it if the accounts do not do the same surveys.

Whatever the case, make sure you read the survey website’s policy regarding multiple accounts. You may have good intentions – maybe you want to help your roommate earn some extra cash –  but doing so might get both of you banned.

8. Forgetting to Include Survey Earnings for Taxes

If you’re living in the United States, you are required to fill out a 1099-MISC if you’re receiving a significant amount of earnings from survey websites. This is especially true if you’re receiving more than $600 from one survey company during a calendar year (these companies are required to report your earnings to the IRS).

Unfortunately, I am in no position to give legal advice, so I recommend talking to your personal Tax Preparer or anyone else who is qualified.

However, if you’d like to know more I recommend visiting this helpful article on how to enter paid survey earnings on your taxes.

9. Filling Bubbles Randomly on Surveys

I know, I know. After an hour of doing surveys you may get a little lazy, so you’ll want to just randomly click on survey answers without reading the questions.

As a person with a lot of random bubble-filling experience, I highly recommend that you refrain from doing this. Some surveys have security questions that ask you to fill a certain bubble to ensure that you are not cheating.

For example, a survey may ask “For quality assurance purposes, please fill in the third bubble”. If you’re just randomly filling bubbles, you will miss this question and get kicked out of the survey.

10. Not Taking Advantage of your Referral Link

If you’re a person who has many friends that are interested in earning money online, take advantage of your referral link!

A referral link is a link you give to people who are potentially interested in your site. When they join, you either get some cash, or a percentage of their earnings, or both. I have personally made over $200 online using nothing but referral links.

However, keep in mind that some survey websites have referral links, and others don’t, and each survey website is different about how they reward you. Make sure you read their terms carefully so you don’t break any rules (this includes creating fraudulent accounts under the same referral link).

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  1. The only surveys I am being asked to join are those where all you earn are awards. Which survey sites have you used that reward with cash? Or is it that you had to complete a certain amount of surveys to earn cash?

    1. Most of the survey companies offer points that can be converted to cash. Join survey companies that have low minimum payouts.

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