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Rite Aid Customer Satisfaction Survey.

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It is important to take the survey online on a system which has a printer access as you will not be able to save it for printing it later. You will need the 16 digit survey code which is mentioned on the front side of your most recent receipt from them. It is imperative that the correct numbers are typed so that you do not have any trouble redeeming the voucher and also, the survey becomes useless if it is not recognized.

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How to participate in survey?

The URL to take the survey is and you will have to type this using all small letters. The use of capital letters will give you an error message and you will not be able to take the survey. In case of any queries you can contact them on the number 1 – 800 – RITEAID for more details.

Riteaid Surveys: Riteaid offers 2 surveys as mentioned below:

  1. Riteaid Pharmacy Survey: Click here to take the Pharmacy Experience Survey
  2. Riteaid Store Survey: Click here to take the Store Experience Survey

Once you have completed the survey, you can take a print of the survey invitation and the discount coupon and redeem it within 14 days to buy their goods.

The whole thing will just take 10 -15 minutes. survey Sweepstakes Rules:  Click here to read the official sweepstakes rules.

About the Riteaid voucher

The $15 sales voucher is valid for one in-store purchase. It is non transferable and hence, the person who has taken the survey, needs to redeem it. Once this is done, the bar code on the voucher ceases to be valid. The purchase is not free of sales tax and cannot be exchanged for money. For all those people who frequent their stores, this is a good chance to use the offer which is valid for a limited period only. What more could anyone want than suggesting your favorite store some tips to improve their services and getting something in return which can be used to make you healthier?

As a rule, one coupon is allowed for one customer. The coupon cannot be used to buy certain products like prescriptions, prescription co-pays, lottery tickets, tobacco, alcohol, gift cards, stamps, other mailing services, online purchases, etc. You will have visit a retail store to redeem the same.

Apart from being pioneers in giving their customers extensive and quality products and services, Rite Aid is now looking to providing you with something more every time you buy from them. Make your experience an unforgettable one by taking the survey.

Beneficial survey : The survey takes very less time to take and in order to thank you for the same, Rite Aid offers $15 off printable coupon that can be spent on most of their products within 14 days of taking the survey.

History / Background Information:

Rite Aid pharmacy is a leading name when it comes to online buying of medicines, cabinets to hold them, beauty and spa, nutrition, etc. With over 4000 stores in the country, these people have helped many in finding the apt solutions for all their problems. For any business to prosper, it is necessary to provide them with feedback so that they can work towards the same and improve the products and services. Who could be better in telling them what to do and what not to do other than their customers? For this purpose, Rite Aid has introduced a survey which will enable you to share your experience and boost their confidence.

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Before talking about the survey, let us first discuss about Rite Aid:

The store helps people to lead a healthy life by selling products which enhance their fitness, beauty, etc through their range of products. For almost 5 decades since the inception, they have served people by giving each one of their customers personal attention. They are in the process of expanding their base and are looking at giving you more than what you have ever experienced. With their online shopping, it has become even more accessible to choose the products by carefully checking their composition, etc. and their catalog is considered the most extensive.

Rite Aid believes in creating lifelong relationships with their clients and hence, is inviting your ideas to make them serve you better. Through the many ups and downs the company has witnessed, it has only emerged stronger than before and is committed to provide you bliss with their pharmaceutical products and services. At no point have the customers been ignored and not given the due attention. They believe that selling the best products only is not enough and one needs to give a personal touch so that customers would want to come back again and again.

The key to their success is selling everyday products that help their customers to lead a happy life. If you are a customer, there is nothing stopping you from either praising their services or telling them about something you did not like. All your comments will be taken down and worked upon to improve your experience next time you buy something for them.

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  1. I love going to Rite Aid in Palmerton, Pa 18071. The employees are always nice and I enjoy getting the discounts there. This store is always neat and clean.

  2. First time using the Ap, no clue how to use it. Kathleen who was stocking as well as the checkout person took her time to help me find things and how to use the ap. Very helpful and friendly.

  3. So much trouble trying to post my receipt the line where I can post the receipt numbers it’s not clicking in I hope I can do this before my time run out

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