Apps that Pay You Money. Best Money Making Apps to Make Extra Money

Legit Money Making Apps – Best Apps that Pay You Money

Summary: Did you know that there exist apps that pay you money? There are a few apps that will make you money. Surprised? You shouldn’t! Yes, there are money making apps that can help you to make some little extra cash every month for free.

You will not make a lot of money from these apps but every penny helps and the best thing is that all these money making apps are free to download.

List of Apps to Make Money

Below is a list of free apps that you can download and start earning extra cash every month. I would suggest to download / sign up for multiple to maximize your earnings.

  1. Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel – Nielsen will pay you $50 per year to download and install their app on your computer or laptop. You just need to download and install this app. This is literally free money. Click here to Join Nielsen Computer and Mobile panel and Get $50 Cash.
  2. Survey Junkie Pulse App – Branded is a market research company
  3. National Consumer Panel: This company will pay you to scan your shopping items and receipts. This is owned by Nielsen surveys. In order to make money with National Consumer Panel you need to apply to become a member. The company will decide whether you qualify or not and will approve you accordingly. Once you are approved to become a member of National consumer panel, the company will send you a handheld scanner or let you download their mobile app to scan receipts and bar codes of the products that you buy. Click here to apply for National Consumer Panel.
  4. Smart Panel: This is slightly a new entrant and is owned by Verito Analytics company. This company will pay you $5 as sign up bonus to download their app. But the catch is you can’t download their app directly from app store. You have to use their promo link to sign up for Smart Panel and download their mobile app. If you install their mobile app and keep it installed for 2 weeks, the company will pay $10. All in all, you can earn $75 in one year from this company, if you install and keep it for one whole year. Click here to sign up for Smart panel and download their mobile app.
  5. Ipoll: This is a market research company and pays you to participate in their online surveys. You can join this company by clicking here and install their mobile app.

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