www.jcpenney.com/survey – Answer JCPenney customer satisfaction survey and get a free JCPenney Coupon Code

www jcpenney com/survey – jcpenney survey

www.Jcp.com/Survey – 15% Printable JC Penney Survey Coupon

Jcp.com/survey refers to the JCPenny survey website. This is a site where you can participate in the survey either in English or in Spanish languages. To take part in the survey you need a 22 digit access code. Taking part in the survey is a wonderful opportunity for you to get some JCPenny coupons.

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When you participate in the JCPenny Rewards Program, you have an opportunity to get great deals and gift cards. You can also subscribe to the JCPenny mailing lists and get some amazing discounts and coupons. For the latest on great deals at JCPenny stores, you can visit the website to find updated information. If you shop regularly at JCPenny, then you can also sign up to their mailing list for the latest coupons.

The JCPenney coupons offer a flat rate of discount on a wide range of its products. This may also include free shipping too. However, these coupons have a certain validity period and come with some restrictions which include product exemptions or free shipping on $99 purchases, if it is within the US. Before we get to know more about the JCPenney survey or coupons, let us understand what the company is all about.

Well, JCPenny began its operations as a small dry goods business unit in the year 1909 in Wyoming. Founded by James Cash Penney, the company was initially known as The Golden Rule. The name was based on Penney’s philosophy that customers should be treated the same way as he himself would like to be treated.

Very soon The Golden Rule expanded into a chain of stores and in 1913, the entire operations were integrated and incorporated as JCPenney Company Inc. In the initial days JCPenney was a major outlet for frontier families looking for work clothes, jeans, shoes, other clothes and sewing material. From then on, the company has grown from strength to strength.

Today, JCPenney sells a wide range of merchandise and services through its chain of retail stores spread across the country. It also sells its products and services through the internet as well as through catalogues. Some of the products that JCPenney promotes and sells include accessories, jewelry, apparel and footwear, beauty products and home furnishings. It also offers services that include photography, hairdressing salons, customized decorations and optical solutions.

The internet retail operations are conducted through its website www.jcp.com which is the largest home furnishing as well as the largest apparel website online. Its catalogue business is the top ranked direct sales business in the country. With over 1100 retail outlets in the US and Puerto Rico, J C Penney is one of the largest retail chains in the country.

Jcpenney.com/survey is the official customer satisfaction survey site of JCPenney. In fact it is quite simple and easy to take part in the JCPenney customer satisfaction survey. All that you have to do is type the link in your browser and enter the 22 digit access code that is printed on the front portion of your receipt. Once you have done this you can take part in the survey and share your purchasing experience with the company.

There are two other links and websites from where you can participate in the JCPenney customer survey. These are www.jcpenney.com/survey and www.talktojcpenney.com. One way of saving some money on your purchases is to join the JCPenney rewards program. According to this program, you will be able to earn points for every dollar that you spend at the store. You may also end up getting a $10 reward if you spend more than $125 at the store. To join the rewards program, get a free membership at www.Jcprewards.com.

In order to take part in the JCPenney customer satisfaction survey, you will have to follow certain terms and conditions. The JCPenney coupon can be redeemed for any merchandise purchases either online or at any of the JCPenney stores within 30 days of filling out the survey form. In fact on every coupon you will find the expiry date mentioned. Once you complete the customer satisfaction survey, you can print the coupon and use it at any of the JCPenney stores. This coupon will enable you to get a discount of 15% on your purchases.

The 15% discount is applicable only on home furnishings, accessories, jewelry, shoes and all apparels. However, the discount is not applicable on salon services, gift cards, cosmetics or fragrances. It is also not applicable on earlier purchases and it also cannot be used together with other coupons.

Finally, the 15% discount is applicable only to one single order and it is important that you make a request for the discount at the time of purchase.

jcpenney survey

Official JCPenney Survey Website : www.Jcp.com/survey  or www.talktojcpenney.com

Beneficial survey : 15% Printable JC Penney Coupon

Jcpenney Survey Privacy Policy

Jcpenny survey has a well defined privacy policy, you can read about it here.

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11 thoughts on “www.jcpenney.com/survey – Answer JCPenney customer satisfaction survey and get a free JCPenney Coupon Code

  1. A few days ago I visited JCPenney’s at Meadows Mall, for the cosmetic’s p counter Sephora… As it is popularly known. I remembered that I had a positive experience at the Grand Canyon location Las Vegas Nevada. I was greeted by a girl named Madison today she was delightful and simply helpful on every question….She had a beautiful spirit which is hard to find these days : , … again her name was Madison it was at the Grand Canyon location JCPenney’s Las Vegas Nevada.. I attempted to do the online survey I must have not done it right but I just wanted someone to know how awesome she was…. above and beyond the location at Meadows Mall..

  2. I do not have an access code since I ordeed curtains that will be delivered to the store. I want to tell you how wonderful, patient and knowledgeable the associate was that helped me. I was in the curtain department and her name was Lisa. She took so much time with me going through the computer to find the right style and colors.
    Kathy Bohrer
    Order number: 2018-1356-2018-7302
    Store : 0273 Assoc: 0500

  3. I am trying to fill out a customer satisfaction survey, but can’t get to the proper link, to enter my access code (0652 088 5337 110720 1635 9). I visited store #0652 today, at 2200 W War Memorial Drive, Peoria, IL., at 4:35 pm. The young woman at the checkout register was very helpful and so very pleasant. She is associate #0729, and her name is DeeDee. I wanted to let someone know that she made my shopping experience very nice today. Thank you.

  4. I tried to fill out the survey [0439 510 6245 011421 1420 8} can’t find it anywhere. Shopped at store 0439 on 1/14/2021 and had assistance from Abdu and Carolyn. Both these clerks were helpful, kind, considerate and a definite asset to Penney’s Store. Makes shopping a much happier experience and will definitely go back to this store again.

  5. I went shopping at JC Penney at Christiana Mall on Saturday, Friends and Family Day. I purchased two sets of curtains that I will be using in the Fall of this year. While waiting in line, there were two women cashiers at the counter. While I stood in line, I noticed one woman diligently folding a stack of clothing. She told me to come forward, that she could help me. I saw that she had a stack of clothing to work on, so I told her that I would wait for the other cashier who was at that time working with a customer. With a smile, she said no, I can help you. Her name was Jessica. She was so polite and professional in the manner in which she handled my order. Staff members like Jessica make your shopping experience pleasant and anxiety free. I wish all stores would have staff members like Jessica.

  6. Trying to take the customer satisfaction survey but cannot access it.want to say thank you for your staff who help me on my purchase.her name is Mila Assoc:0050.JCPenney Springfield Mall VA.

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