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We reinvented Make Money Taking Surveys for you.

Our goal is to bring you the highest paying surveys on the internet by providing you with the best paying survey companies, thereby saving you your time and money so that you can spend it on other things that matter you most.

Our Story

We bought this website from the old owner who were selling a list of survey companies and were charging $49.

We bought this website and made it free for everyone. We now provide the list of survey companies for FREE along with helpful articles and tips to help you succeed with paid surveys.

Since 2006, we have helped thousands of people to make extra money from paid surveys.

This website is all about making money from paid surveys. Our aim is to help people to make extra money online. We firmly believe that anyone can make money taking surveys. Paid surveys are a legitimate way to make some extra side cash.

My Experience

Personally, I have been taking surveys for last 12 years and have learned a few things that work. Initially, I have wasted a lot of time and money trying to find legitimate survey sites. After getting scammed many times and trying with a lot of survey companies I started to get a feel of which survey panels actually work and which don’t. Which one are legitimate and pay for answering their surveys and which just disable accounts when you near to minimum payout.

By taking paid surveys you can definitely make extra money online but won’t be rich. Just have realistic earning expectations and any money that you get treat as supplemental income.

I have created this website to help people who are looking to make some extra money online without getting scammed and losing their hard earned money. Spent some time and go through the different articles on this website and have a feel how paid surveys work and join our recommended list of best paid survey sites and start making extra money taking surveys.

Get Started with Paid Surveys Today

To make it easy for our visitors, we have categorized the survey companies by payment methods and have listed below the links to get you started:

  1. List of Best Paying Survey Sites that are Legitimate and FREE to Join
  2. Survey Sites that Pay by Amazon Gift Cards
  3. Survey Sites that Pay by PayPal
  4. 10 Worst Mistakes that Newbie Survey Takers Make and How to Avoid Them?
  5. Survey Panels by Country

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