Memolink Surveys Review

Memolink Review – NOT a High Paying Survey Site! Can You Take Surveys for Money Joining Memolink Surveys?

Of course, I had to try out another site that billed itself as a high paying survey site. After over two hours, I am not a happy camper. I absolutely cannot stand Memolink. Registration took over TWENTY minutes, to start with, which was followed by page after page of annoying offer sites. Nope, no thanks.

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Nope, no thanks. On top of that, you had to make sure that they hadn’t already checked off yes for you on offers on other, individual pages – which of course they had! It seemed to go on forever and ever. At one point, I was asked to join a Psychic website. Nope, no thanks, again. SIGH.

That’s not even the worst part. I spent ninety minutes taking an airline survey. Now, I travel quite a bit, so I do know quite a bit about the airlines.

Right at the end of this very detailed, very in-depth survey, I was suddenly informed I wasn’t what they were looking for. Excuse me??? Now, I knew that had to be wrong, so I went to my rewards page to make sure I had gotten credit. Oh, yeah. One point. One lousy point.

What’s even more maddening is the value of that point. When you do arrive at the Rewards area (where it’s very similar to Datatelligence rewards) you suddenly realize that it’s going to take you 20,000 points to simply earn a ten dollar gift certificate. So, for my time on the site I made less than a PENNY. I’m not going back. I’m better off going to places like Consumer Village where you will hardly ever disqualify to complete a survey!

If you haven’t signed up to yet then you can do this now by clicking here.

Conclusion: Should You Join Memolink?

I would not recommend joining memolink surveys. There are better panels out there that pay for your time and have lower payout where you don’t need to wait for ages to get your survey income.

If you are serious about making some extra money from home, I would suggest you to join below 5 survey panels and start getting paid for your opinions:

  1. Epoll Surveys
  2. Valued Opinions
  3. Global Test Market
  4. American Consumer Opinion (ACOP)
  5. Consumer Village

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