www.Redlobstersurvey.com – Participate in Red Lobster Survey for a Chance to Win $1000 Gift Card

www.Redlobstersurvey.com – Red Lobster Survey , Win $100 Gift Card

Survey Website : www RedLobsterSurvey com

To add to the glory, Darden Restaurants have introduced a guest satisfaction survey. Details of the same are as follows:

www redlobstersurvey com

Eligibility Criteria for Red Lobster Survey

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The survey is only for the residents of the 50 United States, the District of Columbia (US) and Canada (Quebec is not inclusive). Participants have to complete 18 years of age and a purchase or any sort of payments do not make you entitled to win the survey.

The www.RedLobsterSurvey.com website started on 30 August 2010 and is valid through 29 May 2011. This has been named as the ‘Sweepstakes Period’ and comprises 39 weeks. Each week’s entries are kept separately and one drawing per week is done at the end of each ‘Entry period’ which begins each Monday of the Sweepstakes period and ends on Sunday. The drawings are done on the 10th day after the entry period.

Entry procedure

There is no limitation for the number of entries and these can be done either by mail or online. The online survey can be completed on the website mentioned on any of your receipts. These should reach the sponsor by 11:59 PM CT on the last day of each entry period. If you wish to apply through mail, your complete address, telephone number, date of birth and name should be mentioned and should reach within 8 days of the close of an entry period.

You will be asked a series of questions about your dining experience in the outlet and you will have to answer as per your latest visit. The survey code is a very important factor and has to be mentioned correctly in each entry. In case of multiple entries, care should be taken that the survey numbers are unique as printed on the receipts.

Beneficial survey: The prizes include a cash prize of $1000 which will be paid via a check. Apart from this, there are 100 other prizes of $500 each given to the winners in the form of checks.

History / Background Information: Seafood continues to allure many people across the world. Nothing is more tempting than innovative seafood served in the best ambiance. That said, not everyone can make seafood which is fresh and tasty. If it is not prepared in the right way using the right ingredients, it is a complete waste. A lot of care has to be taken whilst cooking such foods which form rare delicacies. Red Lobster is one such place where you will find a huge variety of seafood which will leave you wanting for more.

This outlet has been serving people since 1968 and has relentlessly given them the freshest seafood ever. Their representatives all across the world make sure that they inspect all the seafood as soon as they get it out of water and they would not settle for anything just because it is priced low. They have a team who works closely with their sea food procurement staff to ensure this. Stale seafood tastes nothing like meat and the texture is also different. People crave for their new and exciting dishes which their world famous chefs produce each day. Their level of commitment to provide the best to their patrons is certainly worth mentioning.

When it comes to their menu, nothing can beat their Wood-fire Grill Entrées and their ‘Today’s Fresh Fish Menu’. With over 700 branches all around the world, to give something new to their guests every day is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. They want to give that feeling of joy and amazement every time a new dish is invented and the result is mouthwatering seafood delicacies which cannot be found anywhere else.

Apart from the taste, it is a well known fact the eating seafood twice a week reduces your chances of getting any heart diseases. This white meat is healthy and contains Omega 3 fatty acids which are good for your body. Be it cold water or warm water seafood, there are many advantages of including them in your diet. It is a good idea to introduce seafood in your children’s diet early as they are full of proteins and nutrients which help in their development. Further, a recent study has proved that eating seafood lifts up the mood of anyone and makes them happier. With so many pros, who can resist such food which is prepared in such a delightful manner at Red Lobster?

The outlet is now a part of Darden Restaurants which includes other famous chains of restaurants. With each going year, their menu offers something new to their guests so that the excitement never dies down. There is a change in people’s palate and hence, it is imperative that their likes and dislikes are given more importance. The atmosphere in which these delicacies are served only enhances the taste making it a very memorable experience.

Redlobstersurvey Official Website

Visit https://www.redlobstersurvey.com/ to participate in the guest satisfaction survey.

Privacy Policy

You can read redlobstersurvey privacy policy clicking here.


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