Best Paid Survey Sites 2020 – Join Best FREE Paying Survey Sites that Actually Pay and Make Extra Money in Your Spare Time Doing Surveys

Best Paid Online Surveys that Actually Pay Cash in 2020

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best paid survey sitesAre you looking for top 10 best paying survey sites / companies that are legit, free to join and pay CASH?

In this article, I’ll share with you “the top 10 best survey sites” and how to take surveys for money and maximize your survey earnings?

All the survey companies listed on this page are legitimate, 100% free to join and follow CASRO code of standards and ethics for survey research.

Current Top 6 Online Surveys That Actually Pay as of Jan 2020. Don't forget to confirm your email id by clicking on the confirmation link sent by the survey panel after joining.

Panel NameReward TypesMin. AgeCountrySign Up Link
Life Points PanelPayPal, Amazon gift cards14+ year oldUS, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, France and SingaporeClick Here to Join$10 Cash, Amazon, iTunes and other gift cards14+USAClick Here to Join
Opinion OutpostPayPal Cash, Amazon, iTunes gift cards18+ year oldUS, UK, Canada and France onlyclick here to join
SwagbucksPayPal Cash, Amazon, iTunes gift cards13+ year oldUS, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland and Australia onlyClick Here to Join
Ipsos i-SayPayPal Cash, Amazon, iTunes gift cards18+ year oldUS and Canada onlyClick Here to Join
Epoll SurveysPayPal Cash, Amazon, iTunes gift cards13+ year oldUSA onlyclick here to join
YougovPayPal and Amazon gift cards18+USA, UK and AustraliaClick Here to Join

Before you start with paid surveys, let me tell you my story first.

In 2006, when I was in college, I was looking to make some extra bucks online. While searching for some easy ways to make money, I came across an ad that was about a website charging a one time fee, around $37 (if I remember correctly) to provide a list of survey sites offering online paid surveys.

I decided that I didn’t need to pay any money for this information and did my own research to find Best FREE survey sites that actually pay cash for taking paid for surveys.

That in itself was a time consuming and lengthy process and I spent 100+ hours to find free and legitimate survey sites.

But, in the process, I had a good list of free and legitimate surveys that pay cash.

I signed up for them one by one, taking careful notes in a notebook. I noted down the login information, details of completed surveys along with promised rewards, how they paid (cash, points, gift cards, PayPal) and what I earned from them, if anything at all.

After 2 month, I had joined 80+ survey sites.

So how many ended up being good and legitimate sites that paid? I have around 15 that I deal with regularly and another 10 that are great paying sites but send less survey invitations.

The rest of the 55+ survey sites were – a complete and total waste of time.

I have listed down the good, legitimate and paying survey sites on this site and personally attest to the fact that I have received cash – directly transferred to my bank account, checks, PayPal payments, electronic gift cards such as Amazon, iTunes, Visa, Starbucks, Walmart etc., and merchandises from all of them.

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Today, I’m going to tell you the RIGHT survey companies that are legit, pay better, have low minimum payout thresholds (you don’t need to wait for ages to get your survey rewards), pay by PayPal and Amazon gift cards and are 100% FREE to join.

Don’t waste your time with low paying survey companies. Join the highest paying legitimate survey companies that pay today.

Without much ado, here are the top 10 best survey sites / companies that I highly recommend you to join TODAY:

  • Note 1: Join at least 6 paid survey sites to start with, if you want to make good money.
  • Note 2: Don’t forget to confirm your email id, after sign up. This step is mandatory else you will not receive any paid survey invitations.

Note: If you are not from US, please click here to join survey panels available for your country.

Online Surveys that Actually Pay Cash
Current top 10 highest paying survey sites that pay cash in (2020). Join LifePointsand Swagbucks Panel first before they close for new members. Click on each link below to join for FREE.

Don’t forget to confirm your email id after joining each survey site.

Below is a list of free and legitimate online survey companies that actually pay cash. Join ALL of them and get paid for your opinions.

Panel NameReward TypesMin. AgeCountrySign Up Link
YougovPayPal and Amazon gift cards18+USAClick Here to Join
Opinion OutpostPayPal Cash, Amazon, iTunes gift cards18+ year oldUS onlyclick here to join
Epoll SurveysPayPal Cash, Amazon, iTunes gift cards13+ year oldUSA onlyclick here to join
SwagbucksPayPal Cash, Amazon, iTunes gift cards13+ year oldUS, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland and Australia onlyClick Here to Join
Ipsos i-SayPayPal Cash, Amazon, and iTunes gift cards18+ year oldUS and Canada onlyClick Here to Join
Toluna OpinionsPayPal Cash, Amazon, iTunes gift cards14+ year oldUSA, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore and Hong KongClick Here to Join
Global Test MarketCash, PayPal, Amazon and iTunes gift cards14+ year oldUSA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, SingaporeClick Here to Join

[clickToTweet tweet=”Never pay to join any survey site. All legitimate survey sites are FREE to join. Use above links to join for free.” quote=”Never pay to join online survey sites. All legitimate paid survey sites are FREE to join. Use above links to join for free.”]

highest paying online surveys that actually pay cash

Top 10 Highest Paying Legitimate Paid Survey Sites: There are hundreds of survey panels and finding the best paying surveys are not easy. The best way to find the highest paying survey sites is to join them one by one and test each of them yourself. However, this is tedious and time consuming task.

To solve this problem we have done extensive research and have compiled a list of top 10 best paying survey sites below. Personally, I have doing paid surveys for last 12 years and consistently making $1,000+ each month. Yes, you have read it right: $1,000 per month.

Making money from online surveys is a number game. You will not make good money by joining one or two survey panels. If you are serious and want to make $20-$30 daily from paid surveys, you have to have join at least 10 best survey sites / panels. This way you will receive plenty of survey invites daily and hence you will be able to make more money.

Why Paid Surveys are the Best Way to Make Extra Money?

Paid surveys are the best way to make money because:

  • it is easy
  • it is FREE and doesn’t require any investment
  • you can do it in your spare time and when you want
  • it is fun and rewarding

Where to start?

Below is a list of top 10 paid survey sites that pay cash and are 100% FREE to join. These are the survey companies that I personally use to make extra money doing surveys. Please note that all of the below listed survey companies are double opt in that means you have to confirm your email ID after joining each panel.

  • Note 1: Join all the 10 survey companies to start with, if you want to make good money.
  • Note 2: Don’t forget to confirm your email id, after sign up.
  • Note 3: If you are not from USA, click your country name below for Best Paid Survey Sites in Your Area: 1) Australia 2) UK 3) Global Paid Surveys 4) India

Current Top 10 Highest Paying Survey Sites that Pay Cash:

  1. Harris Poll Online (18+, USA & CA) – 18+ Males and females, US and Canada only. Click Here to Join Harris Poll Online for FREE.
  2. Ipsos Survey Panel (18+, USA, UK & Canada) – Click Here to Join Ipsos and Get Paid to Test Products
  3. Opinion Outpost (18+, US, UK and Canada only) – Click here to visit official website
  4. Global Test Market (14+, US, UK, AU, Canada, Germany) – Click here to visit official website
  5. E-Poll (13+, US only) – Click here to visit official website
  6. Valued Opinions – Click here to join Valued Opinions
  7. Opinion Plus (Available to 18+, US, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany and France residents only) – Click here to visit official website
  8. Mindfield Online (14+, US only) – Click here to join Mindfield Online survey panel
  9. VIP Voice (USA and Canada) – Click here to join VIP Voice survey panel and become a VIP survey taker

We also recommend to join Opinion Plus panel. It is relatively new survey site, has low $10 payout and pays by PayPal. People from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany and France can join. Click below banner link to join OpinionPlus panel.

Click here to join Opinion Plus for FREE

If you want to learn how to make extra money online from home and maximize your survey earnings, subscribe below to our newsletter and I’ll share more ways to make money online from home:

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If you want to join only one market research company, then highly recommend to join Harris Poll Online by Nielsen (the parent company of Pinecone Research). Click the below banner link to join Harris poll online (US and Canada people are only eligible to join).

Step by step guide to make extra money taking online surveys in your spare time. If you take action and follow below steps you can earn $10-$20 daily:

Click Here and Learn How to Make $25-$50 Daily Taking Paid Surveys.

Valued Opinions Survey Panel (US, UK, Australia and New Zealand)

It is one of my favorite survey panel. They are easy to join, send surveys frequently, have low $10 payout. This is available for 13+ year old and pays by PayPal and Amazon gift cards.

visit official website | click here to read detailed review of valued opinions

Ipsos i-Say Survey Panel

I’d like also to recommend the Ipsos i-Say panel. It’s one of the greatest research corporations. For each completed survey they will give you points. When you have enough points you can convert them to money. You can also take part in the lottery where you can win thousands.

visit official website | click here to read detailed review of Ipsos i-Say

Toluna Survey Panel

Finally, Toluna is another great choice for survey takers. Toluna is an online opinion research firm with over 4 million registered members. In fact, over 4.5 million people visit Toluna every single month to share their opinion and get paid for surveys.

Within moments of registering (for free) with Toluna, you’ll be able to register to take paid surveys. Starting surveys pay around 1,000 points, though more advanced surveys can pay well over 10,000. To get paid, you need a minimum of 60,000 points, which is equivalent to a $20 paycheck.

Toluna is on the cutting edge of new technology, which is why they bring two unique things to the table.

First, you can take surveys on your iPhone. That means that instead of sitting down at home and spending time on surveys, you can just get paid for your down time on the bus or while you have nothing to do at work. Instead of waste the time, just log onto Toluna on your iPhone and fill out surveys.

Second, Toluna also offers a very good deal on Facebook Credits. If you want to get paid in Facebook Credits instead of cash, Toluna offers 100 credits for 30,000 points.

visit official website | click here to read detailed review of Toluna surveys

VIP Voice (NPD Online) Surveys

NPD Online Surveys is yet another reputable market research firm. Don’t be fooled by the basic design of their website. While they don’t have all the Web 2.0 flash and bling, they do have over 1,700 paying market research clients.

With such a huge client base, they have a nearly limitless stream of surveys that need to be filled out every single day. They need to learn about your opinions, thoughts and buying patterns around your automobiles, music, software, food, beauty products, house ware and more.

In addition to figuring out what you buy, NPD Online Surveys also focuses on the why. They want to know why you make the buying decisions you do. Not only will you get paid, but you’ll also get to express your opinions on what matters in a product.

The potential prizes paid by NPD Online Surveys are huge. They have sweepstakes starting at $1,000, going up to much higher prize brackets. Every survey you take enters you in a sweepstakes, meaning you could earn $1,000 or more just for doing 15 minutes of work.

visit official website | click here to read detailed review of VIP Voice

Global Test Market pays by points that can be redeemed for cash. The minimum payout is $50.

Who can join Global Test Market? 13+ year old males and females can join Global Test Market survey panel. Click here to Join Global Test Market panel

Opinion Outpost: Opinion outpost is 100% free to join and pays by PayPal. This is one of my personal favourite survey panel and I highly recommend this to anyone looking to make extra money doing surveys. This is one of the best paying survey company at the moment. Click here to join opinion outpost

Yourword survey panel: This is a new survey panel. Currently not looking for new members. Yourword pays by Amazon gift cards and has low $5 payout. This panel is available to 18+ male and female. Not available at the moment. Subscribe to our newsletter and I’ll let you know once it is open for new members.

MyView Survey Panel

Another good survey panel that you can join. They send decent amount of survey invitations. Before gathering access to larger surveys they’ll give you qualifying questions. The nice thing is: even if you don’t qualify they’ll still give you some points for trying.

Getting Paid To Take Surveys Today

After reading this article, one of two things will happen. You’ll either choose to take action, in which case your financial situation can take a drastic turn. Just imagine what your life would be like if you could make extra money without having to get a job.

Alternatively, you can choose to do nothing. In which case, your financial situation will look exactly the way it looks right now.

What are you waiting for? Signing up for surveys if 100% free and there’s no risk to you. Why not take a few surveys and see if you like it? Once you see how easy it was to get that first paycheck into your bank account, chances are you won’t want to go back.

Remember, the best way to earn a good living at taking surveys is to sign up for many different sites at once. This will give you access to a broad range of different surveys, including the highest paying ones. Fill out your demographic data as carefully as possible so the survey sites can place you appropriately, then fill out the surveys you qualify for and the checks will start arriving in your mailbox in no time at all. Join best paid survey sites and make money taking surveys.

Tips to Make Extra Money taking Surveys: Below are the some tips that you can use to maximize your survey earnings from online paid surveys. The biggest tip that I can give is to join as many survey panels as possible. The more survey sites you join the more money you can make taking surveys.

When you are creating an account try to give as much information as possible. Check many hobbies and interests boxes. This is very important because companies need this information to match suitable surveys to you. The more complete and detailed your profile is, more are the chances of getting qualified for many high paid surveys.

When taking a paid survey you should read all the questions and not just check off a single row. Because if you cheat the survey company sees that, and if they find it out they will delete your account or stop sending surveys. So the key is to be honest, if you’re not, they will find out and you’ll make no money at all. Remember, companies rely on your opinions and it is important for them for decision making.

Remember to check your email often. Because survey invitations would come at any time of the day. So better check email as frequently as you can. You should know that online surveys require a fixed number of people to participate (first come – first served).

Register to as many online survey websites as you can. It’s very important because this ensures that you get access to large amount of surveys. Many people register only on one survey site and they are disappointed because of lack of surveys.

If you are registering on a lot of online survey websites use auto form filler (example RoboForm Plugin). When you sign-up on a new site the form filler will automatically fill the fields (username, password, email address, address, name, surname). The program will also login automatically for you. When using this help registration is much easier and faster.

Check your Spam folder. Some survey invitations may not be hitting the inbox, because sometimes spam filters are to tight and they are flagging them as spam. To fix it you can add the email address of the survey website to trusted senders.

Try to complete all surveys you get. It will build your reputation. The survey companies will see that you are committed, and they will send you more and better paying survey invitations. When taking a survey be sure to give your best shot and you will be rewarded.

best survey sites

Don’t forget to check your email after registration. Some of the websites send an email to confirm your account. You are required to click the confirmation link in the email. Your sign up process will be complete after you click this link to verify your account. After confirmation you will be able to login and start making money.

Make sure that the contact info you give to survey website is correct. They need this information to send you cash and rewards. Remember also to keep this information up to date. It’s simple but it’s often overlooked.

Keep your computer up to date (remember to update software). Many survey websites require some programs installed on your computer (Flash and Java). You should make sure that your PC is updated with the latest versions of both programs.

Sometimes, immediately after registration you will receive a short survey on your email. Complete it, survey websites need this to complete your demographic profile. You will be rewarded by receiving more and better paid surveys.

Remember big companies offer you a chance to take surveys for money and they pay you because you are very valuable to them. The competition on the market is the reason why modern corporations must follow, how the needs of their consumers change. They must know what to do to beat their competition.

Click Here and Learn How to Make $25-$50 Daily Taking Paid Surveys.

highest paying survey sites

Do you have a comment, feedback or suggestions? Please leave a comment below. Also, don’t forget to join our best paid survey sites Facebook page.

85 thoughts on “Best Paid Survey Sites 2020 – Join Best FREE Paying Survey Sites that Actually Pay and Make Extra Money in Your Spare Time Doing Surveys

    • Make sure the company is reputable, but even then, Some are not worth your time. I am not a fan of Global Test Market Company because they send you a bazillion on-line surveys and only credit you with small amounts of points. I have yet to have anything pay out from them and some of the surveys are quite long. **These groups should be used to supplement your income …. not support you.** The 2 companies I’ve been working with the most are Schlesinger Associates and Plaza Research. Both offer the most money for ‘In Person Focus Groups’. **Remember though, you have to be screened prior to being invited to a Focus Group, so keep in mind that just because you join, doesn’t mean you will immediately be selected for the Focus Groups.** You’ll get the most money from ‘In-Person’ Focus Groups. They can be a lot of fun and pay well. Just use caution and make sure the company is reputable prior to joining. Also, you should NEVER be asked to pay to be a part of a company’s survey / focus group.

      • I am with global test market and Ipsos Isay. Although global test markets survey are for small amounts you really only need about 1215 or so to earn $50. I have been paid a few times by them. I have also been paid a few times for ipsos isay. I usally cash ipsos out for $35 when I have earned 2550 points.
        I much prefer ipsos over global test market

    • Hi I live in Spain but my Spanish is not so good is it possible to do my Surveys in English even when I live in Spain?

    • Many of them offer gift cards and a few offer checks. Last year had I paid for gift cards for Christmas I would have paid over $300. It takes time to fill out the surveys but it is worth it,
      My Survey, My View Survey, Zoomerang, Harris Poll Online are some of the easy ones.

      • Hi Pam,

        Thanks for sharing your experience with us. $300 is a good amount. It should motivate people who are not consistent with surveys. It pays if you are with the survey companies longer and they will start sending you higher paying surveys.

    • Good to know, that you are ready to take surveys. Go join a few survey panels that are available in your country. Yes, surveys are legitimate and you will get your payments.

  1. For newbies want to make money, I think survey is best to make money because it is simple to start.
    First I start to make money with survey. In present I make money with blog

    I hope you make money with survey.

  2. Among all high paying international surveys page suggested non accept Nigerians, please recommend the surveys that Nigerian can join.

  3. I’m still somewhat new at taking surveys online in that I don’t know what the best ones are yet. So far the only company I am using daily is Opinion Outpost. I’m making $10-20/wk and you have to check their site often to get all the surveys you can. They also have cash drawings. On 4/9, they have a $10K drawing. That’s huge. Each time you go no their site to sign in, you get another chance to win. I have almost 400 chances so far in for the drawing. When I accumulate $10 then I redeem it with paypal. I haven’t had much success with any other sites and I’ve tried a few. Most don’t send surveys often and their pay is so low it’s not worth it. I like Pinecone Research but they don’t have surveys often enough. But Pinecone and Opinion Outpost definitely pay. I just wish I knew of other survey companies that have enough surveys and pay well enough. My favorite is Opinion Outpost but it’s not a lot of pay out.

    • Thanks Alena for your detailed comment. As you mentioned, opinion outpost is one of the best paying survey sites. My advise to you is stick with these survey panels for some time and you will start getting high paying surveys. If you are new, you usually get less paying surveys. Please do share your experience with us after 1-2 months for every ones benefits.

    • Some of the best survey sites for UK are: Valued Opinions UK, Ipsos i-Say UK, and Opinion Outpost UK. I highly recommend to join these 3 survey panel to start with.

    • @Ana – Thanks for stopping by. Some of the good survey sites for Canada are Pinecone Research, Valued Opinions, and Harrispoll Online. I highly recommend these 3 survey sites and you should give a try to them.

  4. Hi,
    Thank you for your nice post.I am from Bangladesh. Do you know any paid survey sites name that are allowed for my country?

  5. Hi! I want to join a site called iglobalsurveys, but I’m not sure if it is legit. Have you heard about it? is it legit and does it pay well? Just want to make sure before I join. Thanks for your site and looking forward to your information.

    • Hi Heleina,

      I haven’t heard about this survey panel so I can’t comment about it. If you are looking for legitimate survey sites that pay cash, I would suggest to join Harris Poll, E-Poll, Ipsos i-Say, Pinecone Research etc.

  6. Hi
    Can anyone tell me if as Canadian who resides in Spain with work and living permit NIE, which are the most recommended Survey sites to join? One call CashCrate said my Barcelona postal code was wrong so i had to stop doing the last part of the survey and exit.

    Thank you


  7. Hi….please can you recommend a survey site that works for Nigeria…I am interested in doing surveys full time…

  8. I am from Myanmar,Asia. I cann’t make Paypal Account.May you reccommend me suitable sites for me please.

    Thanks a lot .

  9. Hello, are you looking extra money? I recommend Harris Poll Online and Epoll surveys. Join free and earn money taking surveys.

  10. I am from Bangladesh.I want to work at paid survey but i do not know in which sites ,i can work from my country .please help me about it

  11. The best make money online site for me at least is Swagbucks. It is one of the few legitimate sites that I have encountered in my 5+ years of experience, making me several thousand dollars last year with minimal effort.

    You can join it using this EXCLUSIVE link, and you can start out with a load of free swagbucks

    Good luck making money!!

  12. Do you know you can earn money by taking surveys? There are many ways you can earn nothing less that $20 per day by giving just any suggestion that is easy.

  13. I am from Bangladesh want to work in survey site. Is there no option to have any site for supported my country. If have so please list here for many people to have a good work.
    Thank you.

  14. Hi,Am George from Kenya(East Africa),I appriciate what you guys are doing.I am interested in taking online surveys to make extra cash but the problem is all the survey sites you have recommended they dont cover Africa.I was requesting you guys to include Survey Sites that cover Kenya(Africa) too.I hope am not asking for too much.

  15. Hi! Want to start doing surveys but 1) I am not computer savvy ….. like you mentioning Java/Flash – updating my computer? These things I know nothing about. 2) I don’t have a bank account 3) I don’t want a survey that wants me to give my household personal information. What should I do?

    • Hi Annalyn,

      You don’t need a bank account to start doing surveys. You can use PayPal or opt for electronic gift cards such as Amazon, iTunes, Walmart, VISA etc.

  16. YouGov are offering FREE money for every survey completed to males aged between 18 and 24. Once you have enough points you get a £50 payout via cheque or bank transfer. YouGov is one of the most trusted survey panels with plenty of surveys available for you to take.

    To claim your free money from YouGov surveys, click ‘GET FREEBIE’, register with your details or use your Facebook account to sign up. On the right hand side of the page you’ll see ‘Available Surveys’. Complete as many of these as you can and you’ll be awarded with points.

    When you reach 5000 points you can redeem a £50 cheque. Alternatively you can choose to spend points on entering daily cash prize draws.

  17. After doing tons of research to avoid scams these are the ones that actually worked for me: Harris Poll Online, Epoll Surveys and Pinecone Research.

    • It will depend on your demographics and from panel to panel. These companies will send you a survey once they have one matching your profile.

  18. Hi, I want to join Pinecone, but I need an invitation. Could someone tell me where to find one? Or could you send me one? My name is Bonnie McAvoy.

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