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New Paid Survey Opportunity or Scam?

Hey everyone I hope your week has been well, and that you’re enjoying the beautiful Fall season with the multicolored leaves falling off the trees and everything. Winter will be arriving after soon enough (Not something I’m looking forward to… but hey!)  But onto more important things, just recently I’ve joined another paid survey panel called MyView. I found it so interesting that I decided to give you a bit of an overview of this site.

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MyView  is an online market research community ran by Authentic Response, a company that has been around for a very long time. This website counts on people like us to give say, and thoughts to various topics on their questionnaires. These topics include movies, video games, the latest fashion trends, and so much more! The surveys don’t take too long to completely,  about 10 to 20 minutes most of the time. However sometimes there may be some that’s even longer than that.

When you complete the survey, MyView rewards you what they call ‘MVP’ Points. The amount you earn varies, and depends on the topic of the survey, and the length of time it takes for you to complete it. When you earn enough, you can redeem the points for gift cards such as Visa Prepaid Debit Cards, gift certificates, Gamestop gift cards just to name a few. You can also earn points to donate to charities which is pretty nice!  Minimum payout is 5000 points.

Now that you learned about MyView I’m going to give you my take of this website.

When I first saw this website, I was a bit unsure about it. So I did some research to see what other people had thought about it. I’ve heard a lot of positive things about this website, which lead me to later sign up for it. What I liked about this site is that you can earn points BEFORE you even start doing surveys! This is done through the ‘profile’ survey section. Per survey completed you earn a one time amount of points ranging from 350 or more.

Another thing I liked is that even when I disqualify for some of their surveys I STILL get rewarded a small about of points as consolation!

Now here’s the downfall of this website. You can’t sign up to become a member of MyView from their homepage. Like Pinecone Research they are an exclusive membership site who recruits new members indirectly. With this, you could only join if you find a sign up link, or banners. How I was able to sign up was that I ‘Googled’ around and was able to find a banner that had open spots for new members! Keep a look out for those banners, because I believe MyView is definitely worth trying out!

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