www.homedepot.com/survey – Enter Home Depot Opinion Survey to Win $5000

Home Depot Opinion Survey

Home Depot has started the www.Homedepot.com/opinion customer survey website where they provide customers a chance to voice their opinion. The customers can select their required language and take part in the survey that follows.

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The languages offered include English, Spanish and French. The survey will open only after the person enters the Zip code for those residing in US or the Pin code for those residing in Canada.

home depot survey

The sweepstakes rules for the people taking part in the survey are slightly different from those of the other similar surveys. The normal queries which people have are answered in the FAQ section of the website. The paid surveys are also available for people from United States, Puerto Rico and Canada. During the progress of the survey if the person faces any problem then they can contact the customer care in the number provided in the www.homedepot.com/survey website, they can assist the person with any problems arising in between the surveys.

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For the customers from Canada they have been provided with a separate opinion survey website by Home Depot. The www.Homedepot.com/opinion website is aimed mainly at collecting customer opinion to make their services even better. It also helps the company to know if the customers are satisfied with the products and services offered by them if not they can improve them for customer satisfaction. The customers who are able to complete a survey in this survey opinion website also get a ticket to a $5000 sweepstakes.

This amount can be used for purchasing products by the customers. The winner of the sweepstakes will be selected at random and the will be informed through FedEx mail. The survey which the customers take at the site is of just 10 minutes duration, the survey is conducted by a Boston firm for national market research the Marketing and Planning Systems. The sweepstakes are conducted separately for both Canada residents and US residents. This further increases the chance of the winners for winning $5000.

If a person is having trouble with the loading of the website while taking the survey it might be due to two reasons. Firstly due to the slow internet connection and secondly due to too many people are trying to access the www.Homedepot.com/opinion website at the same time. In the first case the customers are advised to contact their internet provider telling them about the problem. If the customer is faced with the second problem they are advised to try accessing the website after sometime.

The customer care number is provided separately for both the United States residents and the Canada Residents so that they can easily contact the support center with their query. The postal code entered in the survey in the beginning needs to be entered in the format specified else the survey will not proceed. Sometimes the customer will wish to change their responses they have already entered. But the programming of the survey is such that the already entered options cannot be changed.

The details entered by the customer during the survey are just for feedback purpose and will never be used for any other means by the company. The only case where a customer’s personal information is used is when the company wants to send any gifts or cash prizes to the customer. In any case, the information is completely safe with the company. The company also publishes the list of sweepstakes winners. The list of winners from United States, Puerto Rico and Canada are listed separately in the website. This makes it easier for the customers to look into the list.

Customers who are having problem with taking surveys can even contact the support center through email describing the problem faced clearly. The customer support will reply back with a solution to the problem.

Home Depot Customer Survey Official Website : www.homedepot.com/survey is the official survey site or visit https://survey.medallia.com/?thehomedepot

There are certain rules and regulations clearly specified in the www.homedepot.com/survey website for those taking part in the survey and sweepstakes. The customers are requested to clearly read through them before participating.

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History / Background Information:

Home Depot is one of the top American retail outlets centered in Atlanta. They provide customers with products and services for home improvement and construction. They have a large number of outlets across all of the US states. They are considered the biggest retailers in US for home improvement and the fourth largest among the general retail shops. Home depot was established in the year 1978 and over the years they have grown out to be one of the biggest retail shops available in the country. Home Depot also sells some of the top quality brand products to their customers.

In 2006 they opened fuel centers in some places near to their already established stores. These fuel centers provided diesel refill, car washes, hot snacks, food and beer. Home depot also has a set of well established community services which provides medical aid to people and also helps children of Georgia.

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6 thoughts on “www.homedepot.com/survey – Enter Home Depot Opinion Survey to Win $5000

  1. At the Mentor Ohio store you have an outstanding employee named TOM!.
    I had ordered a toilet and dealt with Tom when I picked it up. That process was fast, pleasant. I got the toilet home to find out it was damaged and returned. Since this toilet has
    to be ordered my frustration is getting the best of me by now. Tom is that one PERSON that you are so grateful to be dealing with because he performed his job as he should and went up and beyond in this mater. I told Tom that it was refreshing for his effort witch I think comes natural for him. If anything please pull him aside and praise him. Wherever Tom is heading in life….He will be great!

  2. Despite the very long line I saw going into the store contemplating on leaving, I found what I needed and got in line. Within a short time the line was moving fast and I was out. Great job to all the workers!! Very Fast!

  3. On 12/7/20 I was at store 1610 and Alex was very polite and courteous also was Tracy. I wanted to pay my bill earlier, so on 12/15/20 I called Home Depot and spoke to Easter and I told her I did not get my bill in the mail but I would like to pay it now and she was very patience, courteous, knowledgeable, and friendly, she gave me the conformation number and also send it to my e-mail. I am very pleased with Alex, Tracy, and Easter.

  4. I recently ordered a Tuff Shed online thru Home Depot and shortly after realized that I had ordered the wrong model. The Customer Services desks at the Madison Avenue and the Antelope Road both were outstanding in getting the cancellation through Tuff Shed, Inc.
    The Madison Avenue store referred me to Joey Ortiz, who was phenomenal in helping me order the specific shed I need for the restricted space I want to put it. He walked me through selecting the specific details of the shed and ultimately got me exactly what I wanted, and I am super-pleased with the results.
    Both stores and Mr. Ortiz deserve accolades for their superlative service.

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