Online Surveys that Pay by Bank Check (Cheque)

Online Surveys that Pay by Check

8 survey sites that pay by check (cheque). International Survey sites that pay worldwide

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Survey sites are a great way to make some extra money free at the end of the day. But mostly for the countries, where the small bounties earned by survey sites can make a difference due to huge currency difference (like India, China, Bangladesh and Pakistan), most of them tend not to pay.

This is mainly due to unavailability of payment options, for example, many survey sites pay through PayPal but what is the guilt of those people who live in countries where PayPal is absent?

Taking this very same fact into consideration, later I wrote about 8 different survey sites that pay using AlertPay. AlertPay entered into the market not long ago and in addition to giving tough competition it also focused on expanding its operation into countries where PayPal was not trying to for no-matter whatever reason.

Continuing with the same motive, I decided to find different surveys that pay cash using Pay Check (cheque). But Why I did so?

Actually, almost all of the survey sites that pay through checks conduct payments worldwide. In other words, they are international and people from most countries in the world are welcome to join…!

1-   SurveySavvy

SurveySavvy is held by Luth research which is one of the most established market research companies worldwide. The payment-per-survey is very generous and the number of surveys you get depends on your profile.

They have a referral program too. You get $2 whenever your direct referral completes a survey and $1 for indirect referrals (indirect referrals are people referred by your direct referrals).

Most of all, the happy part is that it SurveySavvy accepts members from all over the world. Payment is made via check as soon as your account balance reaches to $1. Join SurveySavvy now…!

2-   GlobalTestMarket

Frankly speaking, I don’t want to hold any discrimination between SurveySavvy and GlobalTestMarket, in fact that is as better as GTM is, or for some people it may earn them even more money (earnings vary from profile to profile, depending upon which age category advertisers are targeting more).

GlobalTestMarket is available to international members and payment is made via check. Actually, at GTM all your earnings are in form of points. 1000 points make $50. As soon as you hit the $50 mark you soon get a pay check into your mail box. Join GlobalTestMarketnow…!

3-   Opinion Outpost

This is a company and not a site run by someone via basement. OpinionOutpost is based on points where every point is equal to $0.10 and you need to collect hundred points to reach the payout via PayPal or check.

Otherwise, you can also redeem your earned money in form of Amazon gift card at $5 limit. Based on most people profile I can say they send you 2-8 surveys in a month. Still it is nice way to cumulate your income. In addition to this, they also pay $1 for every referral you send. Join OpinionOutpost here…!

4-   SurveySpot

SurveySpot is generous in true sense that it sends lots of surveys when compared with any other survey company. Each survey pays between $2 and $20. The happy part is that you can request your payment any time at SurveySpot.

Apart from paying through PayPal they also pay via check which you will receive by mail at your home address. Your address should be correct as they also send different products for testing which you can keep after the test I over. Join Surveyspot here …!

5-   Mindfield Online

Mindfield Online Internet Panels is also a popular survey site where you typically get about 1-3 surveys a week. One good thing which I like a lot about MindField Online is that it is super easy to qualify for surveys. In order to receive payment you need to accumulate at least $10 into your account.

You get about $2 for every survey and with that amount you yourself can guess out that it is not hard at all to reach payout early. I like this very much and that is mindfield is in my goodbook. Join Mindfield Online Here…!

6-   MySurvey

They deal in points but pay out cash. For example, 1000 points at MySurvey equal $10. Although I haven’t tried the site personally but site got an average rating of 4/5 at imreportcard network, a place where gaining good rating is not easy.

You need to face screen out surveys but even if you do not qualify, you get 10 points in bonus. Otherwise, you may get 1000 to 2500 points…! Anyways, the site is totally free and does not cost you money so I recommend you to join. More sites you join more your income will be at the end of month. Join MySurvey here…!

7-   Pinecone Research

Pinecone research pays instantly as soon as your account balance reaches $3. You will earn that much of money as soon as you complete your first survey.

Occasionally, they send products by mail to your home address. You have to test them and return them at the mail address typed at the back. This all takes no more than 15 to 20 minutes and at the end you get $5. It is fun to perform such tests. They pay via check or else you can cash out using PayPal instantly.

Pinecone research is invitation based, which means you have to find an advertisement link on internet to join. Luckily I have found one for you. Here it is so join Pinecone research here…!

8-   ACOP (American consumer opinion panel)

ACOP has better reputation among different people. They generally accept people from age groups 20-45, but it is not a rule. Go get ahead to join anyway.

Most of the surveys are in the range of $2 to $5. But some of them (that are really scarce) may pay you as high as $50 per survey.

Although minimum payment threshold is $10 but the fact that you get $0.50 for you refer for sign-up helps considerably to reach payout easily.

However, if you are really serious about making some huge money by referring people then I recommend you to read my post on ways to get tons of referrals free and easily. A good first choice can be by telling friends and family members via Facebook and Twitter. Join ACOP here…!

Join abobe online surveys that pay cash through bank check and make money taking surveys.


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    1. Consumer Opinions Institute pays $5 per survey. However, they are not looking for new members as of now. You can check again if they are open and join it.

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