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Paid Surveys India – List of Paid Survey Sites for Indians

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Earn INR 10,000-20,000 per month doing online survey jobs. Yes, it is true that you can earn extra money doing online survey jobs in India. It is FREE to join and requires no investment. We have provided the list of survey companies for FREE that operate in India while others charge you $67.

If you are serious about earning extra money taking paid surveys in India, sign up with below listed survey panels and start earning extra cash in your spare time. Do not forget to confirm your email id after joining, else you will not receive any survey job.

To start with, join below company right now (join before registration is closed)!

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India in its attempt to become a leading player in international market has gained lot of attraction from advertisers. More and more investors, either foreign or local, are now interested in starting new ventures. Increasing number of people now know that market research is the backbone to success in business and instead of indulging and investing blindly, people now have become more calculative and quantitative before starting new business.

paid surveys IndiaFor example, instead of taking conventional start, business owners now hire online survey panels to conduct market research first. This is depicted by rising number of online paid survey sites as they now send more surveys for Indian members.

Apart from that, new dedicated panels have come under existences that exclusively work for Indian clients.

Contrary to many other countries like Pakistan, PayPal is available in India. People of India can now withdraw their money more comfortably. But major advantage is that availability of PayPal has widened the options.

For example, a large chunk of survey sites pay via PayPal and people from countries where PayPal is unavailable cannot benefit from that.

What is in for common Indian man then?
Cutting long story short, if you are an Indian above 13 years of age then you can earn some extra money online filling surveys during your spare time. Who does not want to but some extra bucks in his or her pocket?

Before moving on, listen:
You should try to join all below given survey sites. Because more sites you join (sign-up with) more money you will earn at the end of every month…!

List of Paid Online Survey Sites for Indian Residents

  1. Awwro Survey: Click here to join.
  2. Opinion World India: Click Here to Join
  3. Toluna Survey Panel India: Click here to join.
  4. Panelland India
  5. Lifepoints Panel India
  6. Toluna India

For those who don’t know much about making money by survey sites…

Hundreds of new businesses start every day. But have you ever wondered how business men know about interests about people?

Actually this is where survey sites come into play. Businessmen opting to start new business make survey forms and give them to survey companies. Survey companies distribute these forms members registered by their website.

Payment is made at the end of every month (some survey sites pay as soon as a threshold is met).

Everyone is free to join the above paid survey sites. In past there were not many of them, accepting Indian members. But fortunately, now-a-days many large survey panels not only accept members from India but also send regular surveys.

In addition to this, there are some local Indian survey sites too, that pay in Indian rupees.

If you want to earn more then of course, it is better to join all the above mentioned paid survey sites. It may take some time but it is highly recommended. As you become member of more panels, there would be chances of making more money at the end of the day.

Please share this page with your friends and family so that they can also earn extra money from home in India.

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