Is Bigspot Legit or a Scam?

Bigspot Review

Can You Really Get Paid to Take Surveyswith Bigspot?

Making an opinion count is important especially if it is an opinion on products and services used by us on a daily basis. There are various avenues for consumers to make their voice heard by the people who make these products and services an integral part of our lives, one such avenue is to participate in paid online surveys. These surveys take into consideration what a consumer has to say about various products and services. The survey is used by market research firms to make relevant improvements to products and services that are tested.

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There are many companies online which allow consumers to take surveys for free and pay them for their time and opinion; Bigspot is a site that is structured on the same lines. This review is directed at analyzing the effectiveness of as a paid survey site and its salient features for the benefit of consumers who intend to take up these paid surveys.

The site was started in 2008 with the intention of providing users with free access to online consumer panels and surveys. Three years after the launch, Bigspot has come a long way in catering to the niche of online paid surveys. The site has a good reputation among the most reputed market research firms world over and has conducted a variety of surveys and panels on all kinds of products and services. Users can access new online consumer panels, participate in the discussions and surveys and get paid for giving their opinion. The regular cash rewards and prizes offered by companies are an added incentive for consumers who participate in these surveys.

There are various counts on which one can say that is a good survey site. Here are a few reasons why this site stands out:

• The consumers are not charged any fee to register and participate in the surveys in fact they are paid to take time to participate in these surveys and panels

• A wide range of panel options are open to consumers who register with to take surveys. This enables users to choose panels relevant to them and make their experience simple yet rewarding

• Products and services of all kinds are available for evaluation on the site hence there is no dearth of choice for consumers, this also enables consumers to take multiple surveys

• All panels are verified by genuine industry certified market research organizations, this eliminates the possibility of fraudulent practices on the site

• Opinions gathered are collated in a systematic manner, this ensures that the opinions of consumers get heard and contribute to the development of products and services used by the consumers

• Quick and secure payment options are extended to participating consumers to ensure that the payment reaches consumers well within time and safely • The site is free from annoying pop-ups and spam and allows consumers to focus on their responses

• The site gives comprehensive information on the surveys conducted to ensure there is no ambiguity in the minds of respondents

• Consumers can start taking surveys by simply completing the short sign up form available on the site. The information is used to match the consumer with the survey, thus personalized surveys are extended to the consumer

• Earning cash awards from referrals and prizes as an incentive for responses given to surveys add to the appeal of the site

• The site is user friendly and simple to navigate through. Users only have to keep their user name and other details ready to access their customized page

• All surveys are conducted under the guidelines laid by authorities for conducting the surveys hence consumers can rest assured that these surveys are completely legal and are verified by authentic and well established market research agencies.

• The surveys are in simple language and not ambiguous in their tone, this makes it easier for the consumer to respond to the questions asked

• Consumers are also given the option of referrals, where they can refer their family and friends to take up these surveys and get rewarded for the same

If one wants their opinion on products and services to be heard this site is definitely worth a try. Consumer surveys go a long way in improving a product or service; hence participants in this survey will be making a huge contribution to improve the products and services in the market and what’s more they also get paid for making a difference to the market. Better research means better products and better products mean a better consumer life. With a transparent set up, wide range of survey options, secure payments and authentic market research company associations, is definitely a cut above the rest in the field of online surveys and consumer panel research.

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