Is Opinion Outpost Legit or Scam? Is it Safe to Join?

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Is Opinion Outpost Legit or Scam?

Opinion outpost is completely legit. It is a market research panel that is owned and operated by Dynata. Opinion outpost is not a scam.

Opinion Outpost Review:is opinion outpost legit or scam

What is Opinion Outpost?

Opinion Outpost is a free community where members share their opinions in online surveys to earn cash, rewards, and entries into the only $10,000 quarterly prize draw among online survey panels.

Hundreds of thousands have joined Opinion Outpost for free and are sharing their opinions on popular products and topics. It’s the best way to get their voice heard and to tell big brands and companies what they like and don’t like about their goods and services.

Some popular rewards earned include cash via PayPal and Gift Card Codes.

How can I join opinion outpost survey panel?

You can join this survey panel using below opinion outpost sign up links:

Opinion Outpost Sign Up Links - Join Opinion Outpost Panel Below and Get Paid for Your Opinions

Survey Panel NameReward TypesMinimum Payout & AgeSign Up Link
Opinion Outpost USAPayPal Cash, iTunes and Amazon Gift Cards$5, 18+ year oldsclick here to join
Opinion Outpost CanadaPayPal Cash, iTunes and Amazon Gift Cards$5, 18+ year oldsclick here to join opinion outpost Canada panel
Opinion Outpost UKPayPal Cash, iTunes and Amazon Gift Cards£2.5, 18+ year oldsclick here to sign up for opinion outpost UK panel

Is opinion outpost free?

Yes, opinion outpost is free to join and no fee is required to become a member of this panel.

Opinion Outpost Overview:

  • Name: Opinion Outpost
  • Minimum Payout: $5 Amazon Gift code; $10 PayPal
  • Payout Type: PayPal Cash and Amazon Gift Certificates
  • Referral program: Yes, $1/referral (capped to 5 friends)
  • Countries: USA, UK, Canada and others*
  • Age: 18+, male and females
  • Registration is open for Opinion Outpost US, UK, Canada, Italy, Spain and Germany only. click here to sign up with opinion outpost. It is FREE.

Is Opinion Outpost Safe?

Opinion outpost is completely safe to join. It is owned and operated by Dynata.

Can You Get Paid for Sharing Your Opinion?

Yes, you can get paid for sharing your opinions with opinion outpost survey panel.

How much does opinion outpost pay?

Opinion outpost mostly pays $2-$3 per survey. However, you can get higher value surveys of $5 as well occasionally.

Can you make money from opinion outpost?

Yes, you can make money from opinion outpost but do not expect to become rich doing opinion outpost surveys. You can earn some extra cash that will supplement your regular income.

Does Opinion Outpost Work?

Yes, it does work. Earning money with Opinion Outpost survey panel is an easy and straightforward process. By participating in Opinion Outpost surveys, you can earn extra money each month that can supplement your income.

Go ahead and check out Opinion Outpost for yourself. Become a member, take surveys and start getting paid for your opinions.

Opinion Outpost Review:
opinion outpost review

How it works?

It’s easy to participate; sign up for free and take surveys on a wide array of topics and ideas. You’ll earn points each time you complete a survey, which can be redeemed for rewards like cold hard cash via PayPal or Gift Card* Claim Codes!


Speedy redemption:
You’ll be able to redeem after earning as little as 50 points. Redeeming for rewards is virtually instant and 100% electronic. You’ll never have to sit by your mailbox waiting for a gift voucher.

Chances to win $10,000
We already told you about some of our popular reward options. However, did you know each time you participate in a survey you’ll earn a chance win a $10,000 quarterly prize draw. Rules can be found here.

Opinion Outpost Referral Program – Refer-a-friend and earn
Refer your friends to Opinion Outpost and earn $1 worth of points for each of the first 5 friends that sign up & complete a survey using your personalized link! See terms here.

In-home opportunities
You could participate in a survey that requires you to try an unreleased product at home for a reward!

Opinion Outpost survey panel is without a doubt one of the top paid survey panels online. If you had to choose just one paid survey panel to be a member of, Opinion Outpost should be the one. Opinion outpost is not scam and it is a genuine and legitimate survey panel. I highly recommend to join them because of 3 reasons:

  1. Low $5 Payout – You don’t have to wait to get your money. 2-3 surveys are enough to get your first payout.
  2. Amazon and PayPal payment option.
  3. Lots of surveys – they send lost of survey invitations.

Because of the above reasons it is my personal favorite survey panel. Join it and get paid for your opinion. It is 100% free to join.

In this Opinion Outpost review I will show you how you will earn money with this paid survey site and tell you why  it’s one of the best paid survey site.

First, you need to register on the site, which you can do by clicking here. Opinion Outpost survey panel will send you a lot of survey offers to your e-mail, so I suggest you either create a separate folder in your e-mail box for the surveys, or just open a new e-mail account all together.

Then, you might want to fill out your member profiles, which can be found on the left side:

Watch this video review of Opinion Outpost panel on YouTube: opinion outpost review.

The point of this is so that Opinion Outpost knows which surveys are relevant to you. This will greatly increase your chances of qualifying for the offered surveys and, therefore, decrease your chances of getting rejected. You are not required to complete any of these profiles, but I highly suggest it.

Next, the survey offers will start arriving in your e-mail box:

Opinion Outpost sends out a lot of surveys, so it is not uncommon to receive 3-4 survey invitations in one day. If your member profiles are completed, your chance of qualifying for them will be much higher. These same survey offers can also be found in your Opinion Outpost user menu on the site.

Now, you can begin completing the surveys. After you qualify for one, it will take you anywhere between 5 to 40 minutes to complete it. This depends on the length of the survey. You will be paid according to the type of survey you complete.

Payments range from 5 points ($0.50) to anywhere over 100 points ($10.00). The average survey pays around 20-30 opinion outpost points, though ($2-3), and takes between 15 and 25 minutes to complete. I once had a week where I qualified for two 70 opinion outpost point surveys, making easy $14 dollars.

When your Opinion Outpost Points balance reaches at least 50 points ($5.00), you are allowed to request a payout.

Opinion Outpost Rewards

Opinion Outpost now offers more than one way of redeeming your points. Here are the 3 payout options currently offered:

  • Cash by PayPal: To request a PayPal cash out, you need to have a minimum of 100 points on your balance. In other words, the minimum payout amount through PayPal is $10 dollars. Once you place your request, it will take a few days for it to arrive in your PayPal account. From personal experience, it never takes more than 1-2 days.
  • Amazon Gift Card Code: This is the cheapest and fastest way to redeem your Opinion points. You only need 50 points ($5.00) to request Amazon gift certificate code and you will be able to use it immediately.
  • iTunes Gift Cards: With 100 points ($10.00), you can request iTunes gift card. You can use this iTunes gift card to buy songs from iTunes. If you are going to use this option to redeem your opinion points, I highly suggest you read the Frequently Asked Questions page about the iTunes gift card.

Is Opinion Outpost Safe to Use?

Yes, opinion outpost is safe and a reputed survey panel. You can join it safely and get paid for your opinion outpost safe

Opinion Outpost Referral Program: Another great way to make money with Opinion Outpost survey panel is by referring other people. On your member page, you will find your own personalized link that you can send to people or post on message boards. Also, there is an option to enter 5 e-mails and send out invitations straight from your user menu.

You will earn 10 points ($1.00) once the person you referred completes their first survey.

Click Here to Join Opinion Outpost Survey Panel

So there you have it.

Opinion Outpost Privacy Policy

Opinion outpost respects the privacy of it’s panel members and has a well defined privacy policy. You can read more about it here.

Top Five Tips To Maximize Your Earnings from Opinion Outpost Survey Panel

Opinion Outpost is undoubtedly one of the best survey sites in an industry with is saturated with countless paid survey sites. However, to make the most out of this great survey website, one has to adhere to some basic tips and tricks.

In this post I will address five important opinion outpost tips that one need to follow to be successful.

  1. Make Sure Your Registration Information is Thorough
  2. Visit Opinion Outpost Member Area Often
  3. Fill Out All The Opinion Outpost Profile Questioners
  4. Take Every Single Survey They Send You
  5. Redeem Your Earning As Soon As it Reach $5

You can read the details pf above tips below.

1. Make Sure Your Registration Information is Thorough

The first tip is to ensure that you will make the most out of opinion outpost is to fill out a complete profile when you sign up initially. You should give every possible information about yourself. Remember, that this is the information that they use to match you with possible survey opportunities. The more info they have on you, the better they will be able to know which surveys to send to you.

There are various sections that you can use to provide information about yourself. Please utilize each of these section. Give as such material as possible,  because this will help you get more surveys. Also as you gather more data on yourself, you want to provide them with this information. If you went out and buy a new stereo and they have a profile on stereos, you want to make sure you include your new purchase.

2. Visit Opinion Outpost Member Area Often

The member area is where all the information is located. It shows you how many surveys are available, how many you have completed, it also show you much you earnings is. It has many of your background information and allow you to see if there are any profile information that you need to fill out.

Please take advantage of this area, by visiting everyday and update your information as much as possible. Keep up on your earnings and see if you get any referrals.

Please not that you can earn a nice change if you refer people to this site.

3. Fill Out All The Opinion Outpost Profile Questioners

Under the member profile area you will see various interest types surveys such as general, personal finance, health, technology, household, leisure & activities, and  personal vehicles. Each of these survey takes around five to ten minutes to complete, however, make sure through and do all of these. Also it is advantageous that you update these categories as things changes.

For example, if you should buy a new car, you would want to update that information on your survey profile. Remember, a lot of survey questions will be surrounded around your shopping habits. If you are the primary shopper in your family, you want to ensure that the information is reflected in your profile.

These are what the company uses to determine your fit for the surveys they sent in your email.

4. Take Every Single Survey They Send You

I have already mentioned that the numbers of surveys that you complete will have a direct reflection on the amount of revenue you receive.

Know that fact should motivate you to want to do as many surveys as possible. With opinion outpost you will have the opportunity to do a great number of surveys. The reason I like this survey site so much, is the fact they give you plenty of chance to take surveys.

It’s not unusual for you to get 5-7 surveys for day. Most of their survey pays decent, so it’s easy for you to make around $10 or more every single day just taking surveys, depends if you qualify. This might not seems like a lot, but if you are familiar with paid surveys you will understand how great of a deal this is.

Check out my top ten best survey sites, where I give you some of the top notch sites in the industry.

So with opinion outpost you need to take every survey they send you. Don’t be lazy about it, just buckle and fill out the questionnaires as soon as you see them enter your mail box. Most of the surveys are 15 -20 minutes, which is not a lot of time. However, they do have some longer ones, that may take up 45 minutes.

You can expect to get a larger amount of payment for the longer type surveys, although this may not always be the case. What I have noticed is that sometimes they will send you a short $0.50 survey and after I complete the small one, they send me higher paying ones later. That is why you should always complete all the surveys they send you.

5. Redeem Your Earning As Soon As it Reach $5

Opinion Outpost is by far one of my  best survey panels. I love the way they do business. Another, good aspect of this site is that they have a very low payout of only $10. As long as you answer their surveys honestly and accurately you will be paid.

I always tell people that as soon as their balance reaches $5 they should redeem.

Remember, you are in the business of making money online so the quicker you can get the money in your pocket the better it is. Taking surveys can be a tedious task, and sometimes it appears as if you are wasting your time, so you need some incentives to remind you that what you are doing is well worth the effort.

Every time, you get a $5, that should motivate you to keep on. So withdraw your cash as soon a you hit that threshold.

Finally, I hope you will find these opinion outpost tips valuable and helpful in making more money online. This is on of the very best paid survey sites and everyone who is serious about making money online should make it a part of their arsenal.

Click below link to sign up for Opinion Outpost, get paid to share your opinions and help companies with market research.

Click Here to Sign Up For Opinion Outpost Now!

is opinion outpost legit

If you are looking for more paid survey companies, we highly recommend to join below ones:

  1. Valued Opinions
  2. Consumer Opinion Institute
  3. Harris Poll Online

If you are an existing opinion outpost member, please share your experience by leaving a review of opinion outpost below.

If you are not a member of opinion outpost survey panel, you can join it using the opinion outpost sign up links above.
Thank you.

11 thoughts on “Is Opinion Outpost Legit or Scam? Is it Safe to Join?

  1. Why I can not log into my pay account to redeem my points? I have entered my correct e-mail and password and have even went through the “forgot password” steps and used the password that was sent to my e-mail address and still not allowed to access.

  2. Whatever you do. Don’t ever try to cash a check from Opinion Outpost. The check they sent me in the amount of $2538, bounced from my bank to the moon. I ended up paying overdraft fee in the amount of $305.20.

    From experience, don’t cash that check.

    • Sorry to hear about your loss.

      Thanks a lot Betty for sharing your experience. It looks like you have fallen to an scam where scammers send checks of large amounts to people and ask them en cash. Opinion outpost will not send you a check of that amount. Also, opinionoutpost offers other payment options such as PayPal and Amazon gift cards which are safer and faster to get your survey rewards. We strongly recommend to go for PayPal option or Amazon gift certificates if you are planning to buy something from Amazon site.

  3. I’m a member of opinion outpost and have been happy with them so far. While you would not be rich, it could help you earn some pocket cash by sharing your opinions with opinion outpost surveys.

  4. I have spent more than two hours after completing my profile and personal polls and have not qualified for a single survey. Seems pretty hokey to me

  5. I tried opinion outpost, did the profile, set up PayPal… Every single survey I started would string me along to the end, then promo me that I wasn’t “qualified” for that particular survey!?!? Incredibly frustrating! I absolutely love taking surveys, just never received any benefits! Any suggestions?

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