Best Paid Online Surveys for China

Earn Money without investment with paid online surveys in China

How many times you have been rebuked for commenting upon a certain product or a service?

Or, are you an early adopter and take interest in critically examining any new product that comes into the market?

If yes, then there is the world of paid online surveys that is waiting for you. There are many organizations in the market that will pay you for voicing your opinion about a certain product. Additionally, it is not all about a feedback only about a product. Marketers use online surveys to gather valuable business intelligence about almost anything, including services, packaging, advertising campaigns as well as the effectiveness of customer service offered by them. Any manufacturing organization is dependent for its survival on the consumers. In today’s world, consumers are indeed the king and their tastes and preferences define the success, or lack of that, of a product.

paid surveys China

A successful product, hence, needs to successfully and completely cater to customer’s requirements, and the best option available to the organizations to understand the preferences of the existing and potential consumers is to conduct a survey.

A successful marketing campaign is also about the proper positioning of a new product, and this requires a perfect understanding of the expectations of the consumer. Online surveys are being increasingly used by marketers and advertisers in understanding user expectations. The advent and growth of Internet has rendered online surveys as an effective and convenient tool to conduct a research.

There are Chinese market research companies that will pay you for your opinion as a present or probable user, and this is what “paid online surveys” is all about. The question that pops up is – well, how much does an online survey pay?

How much you earn depends quite a few factors- the amount of time you invest, the number and the type of surveys that will be offered to you, and your demographic details.

The range begins at a meager one dollar and goes up to as high as two hundred dollars.

Modes of payment also vary from one company to the other. Some give you points that you can accumulate and later redeem when you need the money; some also offers you prizes instead of cash. So, make sure you are clear about the mode of payment at the very onset.The factor that makes online surveys one of the most preferred mode of freelancing employment is that fact that there are no initial investments, and hence no entry barriers.

All you need to have is access to net connectivity, and loads of time. Sometimes you will find websites that will ask for money from you in return of membership. However, chances are high that these sites will only be scamsters. Online Paid surveys are, for sure, great avenues for earning money. However, this is not equivalent to a regular job. Since there is no guarantee, albeit initially, about the number of surveys that you will get per month, online surveys cannot possibly replace the steady security that a regular job offers.

This makes online surveys best suited for those who cannot leave their home, or for the physically challenged who have difficulty in traveling, for a mother of a new born, for students and so on.

Having discussed the feasibility of online surveys, let us focus on how you may acquire membership. The more, the merrier- as they say. The best way to increase your income is to register in as many number of paid Online survey websites as possible to increase your chances to get surveys.

If you have been looking for an opportunity to earn money online in China without locking in any investments, online paid surveys is just the platform for you. Happy earning!

Where to start?

Below is a list of best paying survey sites for China that you can join if you are Chinese residents.

  • Note 1: All of the survey companies listed below are free to join. The more you join the more money you will make.
  • Note 2. All of them are double opt in, that means you need to confirm your email id after joining each of them.

Without further ado here is the list of top paying Chinese survey sites:

  1. Ipsos China: Click here to join Ipsos China
  2. Opinion World China: Click here to join Opinion World China
  3. Toluna China: Click here to join Toluna China
  4. Global Test Market China: Click here to join Global Test Market China

best online surveys for China

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