Fieldwork Review – Is Fieldwork Legit?

Fieldworks, Inc. is looking for panelists to participate in paid focus groups – round table discussions on products and services. Fieldworks, Inc. dates back to 1980 and is a first class operation headquartered out of Chicago with state of the art meeting facilities in 17 locations.

You can join their database and this is one that is even open to teens, with parental permission required if under 18. You can earn $50 and upwards by participating in a focus group! Focus groups will generally last 1-2 hours and are moderated.

Focus Groups are valuable to companies because they can get in depth responses to questions posed by trained moderators and your interaction with other panelists often leads to more candid and thorough responses. In a focus group, your body language and facial expression are as valued as your words. Often, groups are observed through one-way glass and may be recorded (you are of course advised of this).

Focus groups can be a fun and an easy way to boost income! You can be assured of strict privacy and your personal details are not divulged to any third parties: “Fieldwork adheres to the Market Research Association (MRA) code of ethics on data collection.” Focus groups can take place on any number of topics – from products, such as a video games or food items, to services, such as banking.

There is NO FEE to join Fieldwork! Start by selecting the city near you and submit the registration form in its entirely, providing as much detail as possible to aid in matching you to future studies. You will then be entered into their database and you will be contacted if you appear to be a good candidate for an upcoming study.

Here are the locations for offsite focus groups: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago-Downtown, Chicago-North, Chicago-O’Hare, Chicago-Schaumburg, Dallas, Denver, East-Fort Lee, NJ, LA-Orange County, Minneapolis, NY-Westchester, Phoenix-Scottsdale, Phoenix-South Mountain, San Francisco, Seattle, Seattle-Downtown.

Even if you do not live near any of the cities where focus groups are conducted, you can register under the National link for online studies or telephone interviews.

Just click on this link to join Fieldwork and make extra money participating in online surveys and market research studies!

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