Is Survey Junkie Legit?

Is Survey Junkie Legit?

12 seconds ago. Making money online was almost impossible till the mid 90’s. For a long period of time, the internet would scare people off, when people talked about earning money online. The risk was too much and measures to prevent cyber theft were minimal at the time. Over the last two decades along with the advancements in technology all of this has changed. There are virtually are unlimited opportunities because of this advancement which you can make use of in a positive way. Lately, however, we have been blessed with different types of moneymaking strategies, such as affiliate marketing, blogging, paid online surveys, and e-books. An online moneymaking technique, which has recently gained fame in the online market, is an online survey website called Survey Junkie.

Is survey junkie legit?

Yes, absolutely. Survey Junkie is 100% legit and free to join. Click here to join Survey Junkie today!

is survey junkie legit

What are online surveys?

Online survey websites have been creating a lot of buzz and attention for people, who have been looking for home based opportunities to earn money. The online survey websites are looking for specific information from people, about a specific demographic group.The online survey websites help marketers determine how the public views or uses specific products or services.The surveys also help to determine how people may view their competitors. However, sometimes some marketers are looking for information on future products or services to be considered bringing to the public.

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Most online survey websites have become a cash cow for people looking to earn extra money. However, there has been a rise in fraudulent survey websites that skates between the line of legal and illegal. Some of these websites may be looking to get your personal information to sell.Some of the websites may even insert dangerous software onto your computer that tracks your usage or even steals your sensitive information. These websites are a big waste of your time.This website, though, which is claimed to be legitimate by most people, and is gaining noticeable spotlight in the marketplace is the premiere Survey website. However, most people might consider the risk factor as too much, noticing the number of scams lately. For this reason, many people fail to consider taking online surveys as a viable way make money online.

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Survey Junkie Review:

The following is my brief review of what this website is all about, and is it worth your money, effort and time or not! Survey Junkie is one of the few legitimate paid online survey websites, which are present in the internet realm in today’s age and time.

When I first signed up I was a little skeptical. I wondered how I was going to make money and how would I get paid. I went to their website and gave them my basic information, confirmed my email and got started taking surveys. Within minutes after taking my first survey I was off taking my next survey and was earning money. The website was very easy to navigate and the more surveys I took the more opportunities to earn money increased. The surveys I took at first didn’t make sense to me. I learned that the first surveys help determine what types of surveys you should be taking. About taking surveys for a month I was able to get my first commission check. I was really impressed at how I was rewarded for the amount of time I put into it. I have to say that I’m very impressed.

How does Survey Junkie exactly work?

The survey website is basically a money machine which asks for some of your personal information in return for a FREE signup, in the form of a questionnaire, and helps you in making legit money online. It does not ask for any money for signing up, which can be one of the most common features of scam websites, which have been launched lately.

The website works as a middleman, which takes your information, and bridges the gap between you and online marketing research firms, looking for market surveyors for a specific product or demographic group. Moreover, apart from providing you with surveys, they can provide you with people or firms, who can offer you aid surveys, in order to make money online. This helps you in getting in contact with people from your own niche, showing your online presence and making a name in the online survey market.

The starting phase would ask you to sign up for the website, which is absolutely free and does not ask for any initial start-up costs. People can easily sign up for the program, by providing the website with an active e-mail and then fill out a brief questionnaire which the website provides. The questionnaire includes a list of different questions, which will also include your personal information at most stages. The latter you provide the site with is used to hook you up with different panels and surveys, which you have to complete in order to make money. However, the site does not entertain members from all the regions of the world, and only allows members from the following countries.

  • United States
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • New Zealand
  • Australia

The website claims that the surveys its members will be carrying out will be paid in the range of $2 to $75 each and also helps in linking its members to focus groups, which can pay up to $120 per hour. The members are also allowed to test products free of cost and at the end of each survey – they can keep the products for themselves. However, the can mainly deal with lead generation, as it gets information from you and patches you up with other legitimate sites, which can provide you with paid online surveys.

Pros & Cons of Survey Junkie


Most websites which are offering paid online surveys tend to charge you for their services and for providing membership to their website, which is not worth what you are paying for. These websites are the ones which can safely be tagged as the ones which scam you for your money. One of the biggest advantages is that the registration or sign up for this website is absolutely free. You do not have to pay even a penny to become a member of this website and start off. Moreover, you do not have to pay for a ‘Premium’ membership and can use their surveys to make money, giving nothing in return but your time and effort.

Secondly, Survey Junkie can offer you with surveys, which can reward you with cash, or gift cards, which can be used on different websites such as and much more or even in retail stores. This helps in fulfilling your requirements for online shopping discounts and can pay you off for your efforts as well. Moreover, you have the option of being linked to other legitimate paid online survey websites, which can provide you with other options not only to make money online but also to make a name in the online realm.


Survey Junkie tends to sell your personal information, such as e-mail with their legitimate partners, who in return fill your inbox with promotional spam messages. This can be a nuisance if you are looking forward to making money online. Moreover, the income potential which is being offered by this website is very low as compared to other money making options people might have, for example, affiliate marketing.

You might spend a lot of time to fill out the questionnaire, carry out a survey, only to find out that you do not qualify for the task. This can be highly time-consuming and can make you frustrated. Moreover, the surveys might be extremely lengthy and time-consuming, while the payoff might be extremely low, depending on the topic or product. This slows down the moneymaking process and may not be a suitable option if you have some financial crisis on your hand, which you need to deal with.

Is Survey Junkie Safe To Use?

Legit online marketing research companies are always safe to sign up with and can provide you with a number of different opportunities to earn money online. Specifically speaking, you may be able to get several surveys per week, which are paid at pricing criteria of $1 to $10 and even more depending on the firm you have got the survey from, and which kind of product or demographic group you have to target. These companies mostly pay you in cash, through a safe and secure online payment channel, or can even provide you with gift cards, according to your needs and requirements.

Along with the money you earn completing the surveys, they will offer you a number of different gift cards which can be used on different websites. Apart from filling your e-mail with junk emails, the website will also link you to several other online survey websites, which are legit and can pay you a handsome amount for the level of effort you put in your work.

However, things which most of you people need to be aware of are trials and offers. These kinds of websites are usually aiming to rig you off, by paying you with the amount of a basic survey, while suing your capabilities to earn massively from the online marketing research firms. However, Survey Junkie claims to provide you with legit surveys alone and help you make cash according to the work you have done.

The Bottom Line

Although survey websites may be getting a lot of wrong feedback from the users these days, there are people who have tagged online survey websites as gold mines of earning a lot of cash, in a short time period. Most people are right not to consider online survey websites, seeing that there have been a lot of scams lately, but this is a legit website, which can actually help you earn money and many other goods for the work you do.

It not only provides you with a FREE signup but with the help of websites which have been partnered up with this online survey platform, they can help you earn legit and real money. Hence, of course, you are looking for a unique and effective way to earn money online, in a cluster of competition, Survey Junkie is an option you can consider! Survey Junkie is legit and genuine survey panel. [#issurveyjunkielegit]


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