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Tellpopeyes Survey

Join our survey panel and get paid to share your opinion.

tellpopeyes survey

Most of the companies promising big, big payouts for simple surveys are really offering you a chance to win. For example, if you go to with your recent receipt you could be entered to win $1,000 daily, or weekly prizes valued at $1,500 (that cannot be exchanged for cash.) It sounds awesome—until you realize that tens of thousands of others are also entering. Is it even worth your time?

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How Much Time Are You Spending?

The first thing you have to decide when you’re looking at chances to win is how much of your time you’re going to be spending. For many people with busy lives, exchanging an hour of their life for a 1 in a million chance to win some money just isn’t worth it. For a much less detailed survey, you could spend 10-15 minutes on a TellPopeyes feedback survey and could earn a lot of cash in that period. Shorter surveys are always going to be more worth your time.

How Large Are the Rewards?

People play, and win, the lottery. When the rewards are millions of dollars, it doesn’t hurt to buy a ticket now and then. You wouldn’t want to clean out your life savings to buy tickets, but spending a few dollars a couple times a month is worth the chance to a lot of people. TellPopeyes survey reports have better odds than the lottery. When you’re dealing with $1,000 daily prizes from, the rewards are often enough to tempt even very busy people into talking about their experience.

Is There a Publicly Available List of Winners?

Daily Rewards Login hits the nail on the head when they say to read the rules and “a list of previous winners so you are able to know you are entering by authorized link.” If you can’t find any evidence that someone has won the big prizes, don’t waste your time. winners abound; like the lottery, you know it is possible to win even if it is unlikely.

Pros and Cons of Chance to Win Surveys


  • They have larger prizes than direct incentive surveys
  • Don’t take a long time as a rule
  • Are more common than direct incentive surveys


  • You might not ever win anything
  • Can be very frustrating to complete for nothing
  • Play on your desire to win

In the end, you wouldn’t clean out your bank account for lottery tickets, and you shouldn’t use all your free time filling in chance to win surveys for — but the potential rewards for a small investment are enough to be worth it.

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