Toluna Surveys Review – Is Toluna Surveys Legit or Scam? Can You Make Money with Toluna Opinions?

Toluna Surveys Review – Is Toluna Surveys Legit?

Toluna Surveys Review:

  1. Ages: 14+ Males and females, may vary for your country
  2. Countries: US, UK, Canada and Australia and several others
  3. Minimum Payout: $5
  4. Rewards Offered: Cash via PayPal, Movie Vouchers, Amazon, iTunes and Visa gift cards
  5. Sign up link: Click here to Join Toluna Survey Panel for FREE

Is Toluna a legitimate paid survey site or scam?

Toluna is a legitimate and real free online survey site. Toluna is not scam. It has created an online community, giving people like you and I the chance to voice our opinions about products and services we use in our daily lives, and earn money in the process. It is also a member of TRUSTe. You can be rest assured that Toluna is legit and does pay.

toluna survey What is Toluna Survey?
Toluna is owned and operated by the Toluna Group, which is a marketing research firm with U.S. headquarters in Dallas, Texas, and global headquarters in Paris, France.

Toluna helps many leading manufacturers, technology companies, retailers, restaurant chains and service providers to find out what and how their consumers think about their products and services.

Is Toluna Safe?

Toluna is completely safe. They use SSL for their login and registration page and you can be rest assured that your data is transmitted over a secure socket layer.

Requirements for registering with Toluna Surveys
Registration for Toluna surveys is entirely free! And you will never ever be asked for any payment. They accept members from many different countries including United States (Toluna Surveys US), United Kingdom (Toluna Surveys UK), Canada (Toluna Opinions Canada), Australia, Italy, Singapore, Malaysia and many other countries.

Survey invitations and Frequency of Surveys from Toluna Surveys
Survey invites are sent via email. You can also log in to your account and check for any possible available surveys. Expect anywhere from 3-4 to up to 6-7 survey invites per week.

Paid Product Testing Opportunities

Update: Toluna doesn’t offer product testing any more.

Toluna surveys also offers paid product testing jobs. Once you sign up with Toluna, you can apply to test and try new products available through their site. In most cases you are allowed to keep the sample products. If you want to become a product tester, we suggest to join Toluna and get paid to test and try new products at home.

How long does it take to complete a survey?
Most surveys take about 20 minuets or so to complete.

Toluna Rewards – Rewards offered by Toluna Surveys
An average surveys pays anywhere between 1,000 and 20,000 points depending on the length of the survey. Every 3,000 points = $1. The good thing is even if you don’t qualify for a survey, you will still be rewarded with an entry to their monthly cash sweepstakes, which gives you a chance to win $2,500, $1,000, and $500, plus two prizes of $250!

You also get an entry when you first join the panel.

You can also earn additional points by completing the personal interest surveys. There are about 15 personal interest surveys. Each completed personal interest survey earns you 600 points. Another way you can earn points is by participating in the community and creating interesting polls and opinion topics.

Minimum for cash out
When you have 15,000 points in your account, which equals to $5, you can request payment. Reward option include Amazon, iTunes, Walmart, Starbucks, PayPal cash, Restaurant and Movie Vouchers, Visa gift cards.

Click Here to Join Toluna Surveys

How to Make More Money with Toluna Surveys?

  • Check your email for online surveys invitations from Toluna as you may receive 10-14 weekly invitations which include survey research topic and its ID, survey length and reward. Survey length generally range anywhere between 5-40 minutes with rewards ranging 1,800-15,000 points. This allows you to make an informed decision on the paid surveys that you will want to attempt.
  • Understand the value of Toluna Surveys points system in order to take online surveys based on incentives reasonable to you, so that you spend an appropriate amount of time given the points offered. In fact 3,000 points are equivalent to $1. The points you earn can be converted into cash rewards or entries to its monthly $4,500 drawing for 500 points per entry.
  • The majority of paid surveys are open for a few days. However, some surveys are more popular than others and close quickly. So, respond to survey invitations as soon as possible because easy, short length or good incentive surveys reach the required number of respondents very quickly. Toluna points will be credited to your account 2-4 weeks after survey completion.
  • You will not qualify for every paid survey research but most likely 1 every 3-4 surveys, which may be frustrating for some survey takers! However, in appreciation for your time, you will be automatically entered into Toluna monthly cash sweepstakes with three lucky winners of $2,500, $1,000 and $500, plus two prizes of $250!
  • You do not have to wait for paid survey invitations by email. You can click on “My Surveys” under your “Account” tab, check boxes of a 1 page quick screener and a paid survey opportunity will appear which includes survey research topic and ID, survey length and reward offered. If you do not like the offer or the topic, “Refresh” the browser and you will see a new survey opportunity. Sometimes, 12,000 points online surveys or even more will be available.
  • Take the “Sponsored Polls” that can be found by clicking “Sponsored” under the “Explore” tab which have rewards anywhere between 15-180 points per poll. Each sponsored poll would take few seconds of your time and add up very quickly to at least 3,000 points each week as the online panel consistently offer many sponsored polls.
  • We highly recommended that you review and familiarize yourself with Toluna “Tutorial” under the “Explore” tab, which contains detailed information and tips for members on creating polls and opinion topics in order to maximize your potential earnings.
  • Stay an active panel member! Toluna points will remain valid in your account for 2 years after which they will automatically expire and be deleted from your account.
  • Request a check of $20 when your account balance reaches 60,000 points. Cash out requests are processed, approved and delivered within 6 weeks.

Other Toluna rewards are:

  1. Tango Card with a minimum of 75,000 points ($25) that will connect you to gift cards from, Target and the Gap.
  2. Facebook Credits by exchanging 30,000 points for 100 Facebook Credits that can be used to acquire gifts and items in games and other applications on Facebook. Allow up to 8 weeks for processing.
  3. Billboard shopping where you convert 3,000 points for 1 song download.
  4. My Choice Works Voucher with a minimum of 150,000 points ($50) that will connect you to some of the most exciting travel and entertainment rewards in the country, and also provide you with a large selection of gift cards to choose from!

Toluna Surveys Sign Up Links - Join Toluna Survey Panel Below and Get Paid to Answer Online Paid Surveys

Survey Panel NameReward TypesMinimum Payout & AgeSign Up Link
Toluna USAPayPal Cash, Movie Vouchers, iTunes and Amazon Gift Cards$5, 14+ year oldsClick Here to Join
Toluna CanadaPayPal Cash, Movie Vouchers, iTunes and Amazon Gift Cards$5, 16+ year oldsClick Here to Join
Toluna UKPayPal Cash, Movie Vouchers, iTunes and Amazon Gift Cards$5, 16+ year oldsClick Here to Join
Toluna GermanyPayPal Cash, Movie Vouchers, iTunes and Amazon Gift Cards$5, 14+ year oldsclick here to join
Toluna AustraliaPayPal Cash, Movie Vouchers, iTunes and Amazon Gift Cards$5, 14+ year oldsClick Here to Join
Toluna SingaporePayPal Cash, Movie Vouchers, iTunes and Amazon Gift Cards$5, 14+ year oldsClick Here to Join

Contact Details for Toluna:

Toluna Surveys
16200 Dallas Parkway, Suite 140
Dallas, Texas   75248-6897
United States

is toluna surveys legit

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Are you a member of Toluna Surveys? Share your experience and we will post it here for others benefits.

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  2. Today when I had tried to vote on a poll, I was showing “Please update your account details and start earning points”, what I have to do?
    Please help me out..because of this issue I am not able to vote on toluna surveys.

    1. Hi Shagufta,

      You need to complete and update your profile. Share “only” details that are required. Do not share your mobile number, credit card or tax identification number as these are not required.

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