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White Castle Survey

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Fast Food Hamburger Chain White Castle Guest Satisfaction Survey for Online Coupons

Participate in www.whitecastle.com/survey for Online Coupons

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White Castle, Hamburger specialist, is the most famous and well known first fast food hamburger chain in Midwestern United States and New York metropolitan area. They have started their privileged services in 1921 at NY corner by A. Anderson and Edgar Waldo. They started with a small street side area and later in 1936, made 28 meters long building resembling to Chicago Water Tower.

Participate in www.whitecastle.com/survey for Online Coupons

Anderson, a man born with the taste in hands has been known as the inventor of the Hamburger, has developed a unique and efficient method to cook hamburgers. They have unique small square shape referred to as “Sliders”. White Castle is a family oriented business, driven by hard work and passion to make the customers feel privileged by eating their own makings. This innovative attitude leads them to the first one to sell One million, One billion and fast Frozen food.

They give the credit of all this achievements to the desire intensely customers across the nation which give them the power to go on and the credit is given to the customers to show the desire which results in the better service every day. The company give credit to their customers (specially called as Carvers in White castle) has given the motivation to spread on the map.

White Castle is not just limited to a company but it also believes to be more than a company. It is a lifetime experience, a free space and sometimes the space to exchange of coherent thoughts. From the almost a century the company uniquely approached toward the desire of the customers, the food is the answer.

What is White Castle Survey?
White castle survey program is specially designed as a feedback questionnaire to know the hidden facts about the company products and the service offered at their restaurant.  Company experts think that the customers are the best person to know about all such hidden facts. They are aware about the desire of their customer and properly address that, they expect from their customer to fill up a survey program honestly, which comprises about the experience for the last visit and the suggestions, compliments and strength for the further improvements.

Company offer a complimentary hamburger as an appreciations for taking out the time to complete the survey, participation in the survey is a 2 way beneficiary process which benefits you for the better service at the next visit and help the company to know about your attitude towards their product and service which gives them a way to improvise.

How to participate in White Castle survey?


You need to have a receipt of the last visit at the restaurant consists of a 6 digit survey code require to initiate the survey and an internet access.

Step-By-Step Guide to Participate in White Castle Survey

  • Go to http://www.whitecastle.com/survey, choose your language preference and click on next Arrow.
  • Enter the 6 digit code printed on the receipt and click Next Arrow.
  • Complete the surveys by answering the questions asked and share your opinion.

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