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Online Surveys for Gift Cards

Take surveys for gift cards. Online surveys for rewards are one way that people get something back for taking the time to fill out surveys. Although not for everyone, online surveys for rewards oftentimes offer better rewards than online surveys for cash.
Online Surveys for Rewards Debate

It may sound strange that one would dedicate their time and effort towards online surveys even if they won’t get any cash in return. In fact, many people discount this very real way to make SOMETHING from their opinion. Instead, they’re more than happy making pennies per surveys on an online surveys for money website.

So is there an answer to the question: should I do surveys for cash or surveys for rewards? As with most things, there’s no single answer that can apply to all survey takers. Some people swear by online surveys for rewards while others report that they should aim to make cash whenever possible. The “right” answer for you depends on your time commitment to paid surveys, your relative cash on hand and whether or not the rewards you can get from surveys are actually things that you want or need.

Surveys for Gift Cards / Rewards:  What’s the Deal?

How do online surveys for gift cards work? Like any survey site, you sign up at a website, filling in details about you, your family, income level etc. Then, the site will send surveys to you via email (or you can log into the site and use their search function). Every time you take a survey you get a certain amount of points. These points can be used later for goods, such as electronics, gift cards and jewelry. If you are looking for Amazon gift cards, check out this link: surveys for Amazon gift cards.

Sounds like a good deal, right? It sure can be if you sign up with reputable websites with fair rewards. Speaking of, here are some online surveys for rewards websites that have a decent selection of surveys and a fair rewards system that pays you back for your time and effort.

Best Online Surveys for Gift Cards / Rewards Websites Another long standing online surveys for gift cards / rewards website with a reputation that can’t be beat. What many people like about SurveyforGiftCards is the fact that they offer the option to get cash or rewards in return for taking surveys. This is the best of both worlds for survey takers that want the flexibility to get “one stop shopping” for their survey providers. They also periodically do contents where you can earn entries by taking surveys at their website. Highly recommended website. Check out this link for other best paying survey sites.

GlobalTestMarket: This site is like most online surveys for rewards websites in that you get invited to take surveys that fit with your demographic and you earn points (however, they refer to their points as “MarketPoints”. Like, you have the option to use MarketPoints for cash (sent by check or deposited into your PayPal account) or redeemed for goods.

If you’ve been on the fence about taking online surveys for rewards then you should try these above recommended resources and see if they work for you.

ZoomPanel: One of the oldest and best established online surveys for rewards website on the planet. They’ve been helping people get compensation for their surveys since 2002. Over that 1o-year span they’ve been offering surveys that actually provide value to the businesses that ultimately pay for them (which over the long haul leads to better surveys). The only thing that’s not fantastic about Zoompanel is that their selection of rewards could be better. Many hard working people are trying to get by on paid surveys and aren’t interested in high-tech gadgets. Instead, they’d prefer to have a grocery or gas gift card to help supplement their income. That being said, they offer generous points for even quick and fun to take surveys. They’re also offering 50 points just for signing up (enough to get you some of the way towards a quality item.

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