Make Money Blogging

Make Money Blogging

12 seconds ago. Blogging is huge. Millions of blogs populate the web with constantly updated information and entertainment about every possible topic. You can blog for fun, for family, for your own personal enjoyment, or to make money. Blogging to make money has become one of the most popular reasons for starting a blog.

Make Money Blogging – Getting Started Tips

There are two ways to start a blog on the internet: use a free blogging platform such as Blogger, or establish a blog on your own website with a top-level domain name. To make money, you can use either, but the latter choice is more professional. If you intend to transform your blog into an entire internet business, purchasing a domain name and professional website hosting is recommended.

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After deciding where your blog will be, you must make it look good. Starting a blog to make money requires some degree of professionalism. Search for quality, attractive blog templates and choose the one that you like the most. Three column designs will leave more room for advertisements.

Make Money Blogging – Money Making Methods

Starting a blog to make money opens the door to almost any type of business online. One of the easiest ways to earn with your blog is to place contextual advertising, such as Google Adsense, on the blog, and increase traffic to attract more clicks. This is completely passive income and should be a part of every blog business.

Once your blog has a reasonable amount of consistent traffic, you can sell advertising to other blog owners and webmasters. A simple “Place Your Link Here for…” button will attract some easy money. However, you can also join online programs that match blogs with advertisers and handle the finances for you. Places like Smorty, and Blogitive offer opportunities to make money with your blog by writing posts with link backs to advertiser’s websites.

If you would prefer not to have much advertising on your blog, you can still earn. Starting a blog to make money can involve you in many different service business or e-commerce. Do you have a marketable skill such as writing, web design, or graphic design? Or would you like to sell tangible goods through affiliate programs, dropship products, or by reselling wholesale purchases. A blog can make you money in any way a static website can.

Make Money Blogging – Marketing Your Blog

Whatever methods you use to make money on your blog, you will have to market it to get visitors. Starting a blog to make money requires little financial expenditure, and advertising can be inexpensive, or even free, as well. Explore the possibilities of article marketing, blog rolling, pay to click advertising, adding links to forum posts and other blog’s comment sections. The more links you spread around the internet, the greater the chance of an interested person finding your blog and creating profit for you. Starting a blog to make money online only works if you follow up with continued effort.