Quick Rewards Review

Get Paid Fast with QuickRewards

QuickRewards is a get paid to (GPT) company that enables you to earn money online and get paid quickly. In fact, there is no minimum to cash out via PayPal! It is similar to cashcrate and inbox dollars.

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How fast can you earn money? As quickly as you can complete offers and surveys! The majority of the offers credit quickly, some instantly, and most within days. There are many activities you can do on QuickRewards: Click ads, complete daily surveys, complete targeted surveys, complete paid emails, complete offers, answer trivia questions and polls, sign up for trial offers, shop and get cash back.

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QuickRewards is free to join and is open to residents of the United States, Canada and UK. One account is allowed per household. However, they do allow subaccounts where members of a household with different computers can share one account and maintain separate balances. Contact support if that is of interest to you. To maintain your account, log in at least monthly and
earn a minimum of one point. That is very easy to do, especially if you receive offers via email, which will be discussed below.

There are three methods of earning on QuickRewards: 1) Cash – The monetary amount you receive for completing a task, for example 50 cents for a freebie offer completion. 2) Quick Points – Assigned when you visit websites and other activities. QPs convert to cash automatically (100 QP = 0.01). Each offer will tell you how many QP you will earn, in addition to cash. 3) Tokens – Part of the QR loyalty program and are awarded when you perform various activities (for example 1 cent earned via clicks translates into 100 tokens). Tokens have no cash value and can only be redeemed for prizes.

When you sign up, you will need to provide your primary and secondary emails. You will need to confirm the email they send to you to activate membership. I suggest you opt to receive paid emails. By doing so, you will receive actual offers by email that you can complete right from your email box. If you prefer not to have them emailed to you, don’t worry. You can still access all email offers from the main site. I do think you will find getting offers via email very convenient.

Be sure that one of the emails you specify (perhaps your secondary) is your PayPal email. That really isn’t clear and not having it set up correctly slowed my payment a day. As stated earlier, you can cash out via PayPal and there is no minimum! To demonstrate that, I just received a $1 payout via PayPal. So, if you are looking for some quick cash, look no further! QuickRewards can help you earn money online quickly. If you don’t have a PayPal account, sign up for one free (see link in my sidebar). PayPal payments are generally processed within 12-24 hours!

If you prefer, you can cash out and receive gift certificates for as many as 60 different vendors! There are certificates for Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Target, Red Lobster, Disney, etc. etc. The minimum varies for cash out, from $5 and up. Some are e-certificates and will be received within hours; mailed certificates take 5-7 days. When you redeem your tokens and order a prize from the prize shop, that can take 2 days to 6 weeks depending on availability.

I have to say that referral earnings here are not particularly impressive – only 5% of one level of referrals. They do have a selection of banners you can use to help you in promoting your affiliate link.

The site is organized so that when you open it up you will see your daily checklist. You can just start at the top and work down – news, clicks, daily surveys, targeted surveys, new offers, email offers, etc. You can, of course, jump in wherever you would like.

The daily surveys are noteworthy and payouts were just increased substantially from December, 2007. Right from QuickRewards, you can try to qualify and complete these daily surveys: 1) Greenfield survey paying $1.05, 2) Daily OTX paying 75 cents, 3) GiveUsYour2Cents paying 75 cents. Note I said try to qualify! You can try multiple times as there are hundreds of surveys in rotation. Depending on your particulars, you may very well qualify and the daily surveys are a quick and easy way to add to your earnings. Targeted surveys are also available, again subject to qualification, and are for third party vendors and dollar amounts vary. Again, you must prequalify. As the name implies, you may try for and complete the daily surveys once every 24 hours.

Shopping through the QuickRewards links can quickly benefit you as well. There are many, many vendors here and shopping pays you a percentage back of the dollars you spend. You will receive an email confirmation when you shop. You will then need to forward that confirmation on to support for credit.

I believe you will find QuickRewards to be a one-stop shop for GPT where you can earn extra money quickly on the Internet. Better still, you can get paid quickly with no minimum PayPal payments!

Just click on the link below to join QuickRewards for Free!

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