Treasure Trooper Review – Is Treasure Trooper Legit?

Treasure Trooper Review – Is Treasure Trooper Legit?

Treasure Trooper used to be the king of GPT (get paid to) websites on the internet. Over the last two years, they have lost a major share in the market to competing businesses due to a supreme lack of bonuses and incentives. If you want to be paid, rest assured with Treasure Trooper, but if you are trying to “make a living off GPT,” (as they claim you can), you need to look elsewhere.

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A lot of people give me grief over my apparent disdain toward the self-proclaimed “#1 GPT service,” yet everything that they do has begun to irritate me. Now that I have seen that the grass is greener with other GPT sites like Swagbucks and InboxDollars, looking at Treasure Trooper is a slap in the face. Why? Treasure Trooper is stealing your money!

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Stealing money? Let me explain. GPT websites function by giving clients incentivized offers and taking a cut from the profit. In the case of Treasure Trooper, they have manufactured a way to take an enlarged cut and give NONE of it back to the members. Websites like SWATcash give back money in the tens of thousands every month, the best Treasure Trooper has gotten up to is a $25 gift card to Red Lobster. Here’s another example. December 2007, Treasure Trooper announced that a “last member to post” contest winner was announced, claiming a $5 prize; yet the same contest at SWATcash offers a $1000 prize to the eventual winner!

Before I get too far ahead of myself, let me back it up by saying that I have indeed earned money with Treasure Trooper, almost $300 to be exact. They do an excellent job of involving members in a storyline to add to the overall experience of completing offers/surveys/etc. Regardless, you cannot help but feel cheated when comparing their payouts to other cash-incentive websites. Even something so small as receiving $0.50 versus $1.00 for the so-called “100% free offers” is cause enough to switch to another client.

One of Treasure Troopers’ trademarks is the “$100 Treasure Hunt.” They really like to keep everything “hush-hush” around there, and will even ban members that leak too much information. So naturally, I am going to spill out all of their secrets in a post next week. If you are thinking of starting the hunt, don’t. I did it and found the time and effort I wasted was worth well more than $100, plus the fact that you will need to spend more than this on the final act in order to even get your reward. But I will dive into this later.

As far as new offers being added, Treasure Trooper is pretty good. You will see offers get piled on every month so there are always opportunities to make money. Cash shopping on the other hand, does NOT get updated! To test this, I made a post back in October requesting that new offers be added. At the time, they hadn’t been touched in over a year. I received a response saying that they would be “adding more for the holiday season,” still no new store rebates.

With a large repository of payment proof and a friendly community, Treasure Trooper is definitely a friendly place to make a dollar here and there. Yet, the admins and mods simply do not care about the website. By rebating members low percentages and offering zero to none bonuses, they are certainly living good with thousands on thousands of dollars profit every month. Because of this, their share in the GPT industry will continue to dwindle as the years go on. I suggest moving your business elsewhere before things go south.

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