www.informtarget.com – Answer Target Receipt Survey and You Could Win $1,500

informtarget.com Target Receipt Survey – Win the $1500 Gift card

Target has set up a website especially for people to share their shopping experience online. In fact www.informtarget.com is the official website for Target receipt survey. You can now take the Target online survey and get an opportunity to win a Target Gift Card worth $1,500. This gift card can be redeemed at any of the Target stores.

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informtarget.com target receipt survey

If you want to participate in the informtarget.com target receipt survey and give yourself an opportunity to win the $1,500 gift card, you will have to first log on to the official survey website www.informtarget.com and choose the language in which you want to take the survey, either Spanish or English. Next, enter your User ID along with the Password. You can find this given at the bottom of the receipt. Now enter the details correctly in the given columns of the survey page. In case you have already taken the survey earlier, you can do so again provided you find an invitation to do so on your receipt.

Even if you take the survey more than once, your particulars like your email address / phone number are entered only once in the sweepstakes during the month you choose to participate in the survey.

Before taking the survey, it is recommended that you go through the official rules of the Target Survey Sweepstakes first. In fact, the survey is hardly going to take much of your time.

www.informtarget.com Target Receipt Survey Promotion Period
*** Finally, the promotional period for the Target 2016 Guest Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes commences at 12 AM eastern time on Jan 5th 2016 and ends on 31st May, 2016 at 11.59:59  ***

www.informtarget.com Beneficial survey : $15,00 gift card

www.informtarget.com – Target Guest Satisfaction Survey Prizes

One $1500 Target Gift Card each month

Online Instant Win – 300 prizes of $25 Target Gift card each month.

History / Background Information: Target is a part of the Dayton Hudson Corporation and started its first store in year 1962 at Roseville, Minnesota.

However, the company’s history dates back to 1902 when it began its operations as the Dayton Dry Goods Company. Over a period of time, Target grew phenomenally and became the largest revenue earner for the Dayton Hudson Corporation. This resulted in Target being rechristened as the Target Corporation in 1990.

Ever since the first store was opened in the year 1962, the objective of the company has been to provide customers “more fun, more style and more value” than anybody else. The company wants its customers to “Expect More and Pay Less”. It is also the motto of the company as well.

However, it is not just the unbelievable prices that attract people to a Target store. It is much more than that. People come to Target because they can be sure of a great shopping experience. This is possible because at Target, the emphasis is always on enhancing the customer’s shopping experience. It is this focus that led to the setting up of Target Greatland and Super Target stores.

Target is a part of the troika that makes up the top three of the US discount retail stores. Currently Target is right behind WalMart and Kmart. Ironically, all the three started their business operations in the year 1962. Today, Target operates more than 1000 stores in the US and has operations across 41 states. This also includes 14 Super Target stores and 75 Target Greatland stores along with 298 Target Pharmacies. One of the reasons for the company’s success is that it is able to combine branded, fashionable products and top quality customer service with bargain prices.

Target Greatland are basically general merchandise stores that offer a wide range of merchandise than a basic Target store. However, you will not get the full range of groceries like bakery products / dairy products / deli and meat. In fact the first Target Great land was started at Apple valley, Minnesota in the year 1990.

However, over a period of time these stores were remodeled and today they have been re branded as Super Target store. These stores are a chain of hypermarket stores. In fact the first Super Target was opened at Omaha in Nebraska in the year 1995 followed by another store at Lawrence in Kansas during the same year. By 2008, there were 218 Super target stores spread across 22 states in the US with a vast majority of the stores in Florida and Texas followed by Colorado and Minnesota.

The Super Targets offers everything that you can find in a regular Target store. These stores offer you the full range of groceries, deli, bakery products and fresh produce. In fact many Super Target stores also feature Starbucks Coffee / Pizza Hut Express / Target Pharmacy / Target Optical / Target Photo along with a US Bank / Wells Fargo Bank.

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11 thoughts on “www.informtarget.com – Answer Target Receipt Survey and You Could Win $1,500

  1. My shopping experince was awesome !! the employees were very courtious & helpful & most of all the prices…Walmart can’t touch !!! wooohooo !!!

  2. Today I was so disappointed target shoe section has a sign that says buy kids shoes and get second pair 50% off and at the time to pay said second pair did not apply and don’t understand they were both same size kids shoes so very disappointed with target

  3. Today I was disappointed that I could not buy Ensure Chocolate flavor. When I inquired about back stock, none was available and none on order. It was just advertised yesterday.

  4. Was disapointed went to pick up 4 items and 2 were not avilable. Not my idea of a treat shopping. Went to walmart and found both items.

  5. I purchased a Canon Ink cartridge at the Harmar, PA store, priced at 24.49. I presented a $5 off coupon applicaBlE for this time period. However, upon arriving home and checking the receipt, I find that this coupon, though I was told it was applicable, was not applied and I paid the full price. NOT GOOD!

  6. Hi
    I came to target today to buy a microwave and the guy was so kind with me. His name is Devin. He was so helpful person and help me to find a good microwave. God bless him and all the good employees every where at this difficult time because Covid 19

  7. Keith at the Fond du Lac Target is AMAZING! He explained the Target Circle App, and helped me get it all set up in my iPhone. I saved over $20.00 immediately on my purchases tonight.
    Informative, professional, and friendly!
    Top notch employee, who deserves a major shout out (and in my opinion a raise). Great customer service is hard to find, nowadays.

  8. I’m rather disappointed Asking for comments, but when I tried to take, DID NOT take me to correct site . Does no good to put in site listed on receipt and then get multiple sites that are not related.

  9. We are so pleased with our service today at Target, Westland, MI. Your Technical Support young man was so informative and polite; a pleasure to be around. We had been to two other stores prior to our visit there and were astounded as the difference in customer service. PLEASE give young a raise – he deserves that and more. His name is Yousef – not sure of the spelling but I’m sure you will know who we mean. This was on Saturday, July 30 at approximately 4:15 P.M Thank You

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