Survey Savvy Review – Is Surveysavvy Legit?

Survey Savvy Review

15 seconds ago. Overview of Survey savvy Panel:

  1. Founded: 1999
  2. Ages: All
  3. Countries: US and Canada
  4. Minimum Payout: $1
  5. Payout Type: Check via mail
  6. Referral program: Yes (see below)
  7. Click here to register Surveysavvy Panel

Detailed Review of Survey Savvy:

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Is Surveysavvy Legit?

Survey savvy is 100% legit and reputed market research company. Survey Savvy is great paid survey panel that is particularly notable for its great referral program. Before I get to that, however, let’s look at how you make money by taking surveys.

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First, you need to open a Survey Savvy account, which can be done here. You will be continuously receiving survey offers by e-mail, so if you don’t won’t your inbox cluttered, I suggested creating a separate folder for Survey Savvy e-mails, or opening a new e-mail account altogether.

Next, you can fill out your ‘Portrait’.

This step is not necessary, but it is highly suggested if you want to increase your chances of qualifying for survey offers that you receive. Survey Savvy will use your ‘Portrait’ information to send you surveys that are relevant to you and your interests.

For example, if you don’t smoke, there is no point for you to receive invitations to surveys about cigarettes and smoking because you will not qualify for them.

Then, a day or two after you register, you will begin receiving survey offers in your e-mail inbox:

I must note that Survey Savvy does not spoil you with survey invitations. You will receive about 5-7 offers a week, which is pretty much all you need. Survey Savvy may be lacking in the quantity of invitations, but they make up for it in quality of their incentives.

Survey Savvy never pays less than $1 per survey. It is not uncommon to receive at least one $5 survey a week. Ten dollar invitations also come about quite often, as you can see in the screenshot of my inbox.

Eventually, you are going to want to withdraw your earnings. You don’t have to wait long to do that, because minimum withdrawal amount on Survey Savvy is $1. Payments are done by check.

As I mentioned, SurveySavvy referral program is arguable the best out there and this is what makes it one of the best survey sites. Every time someone you referred completes a survey, you will be paid a certain percentage of their earnings.

Once again, you are paid a percentage of your referrals’ earnings for each survey they complete. In addition, if your referral refers someone too, you will get a percentage of their earnings as well, from each survey. So having a lot of referrals literally pays off:

From this SurveySavvy review, you can take away that this paid survey panel rewards you very well generously, both for the surveys that you take and for referring others. If you are looking for a source of residual income, you should concentrate your efforts on SurveySavvy referral program.

The more members you refer, the more money you will earn.

Click here to check out SurveySavvy for yourself here.

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PS: Here is my first check that I received from Survey Savvy survey panel.

3 thoughts on “Survey Savvy Review – Is Surveysavvy Legit?

  1. I want this to be clear, is Survey Savvy available for only residents of the US and Canada or a Global network business.

    1. Hi Nana,

      Survey savvy is available worldwide. However, US people get more survey invitations as other countries.

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