Slicethepie Review – Can You Really Get Paid to Listen to Music?

Slicethepie Review – Get Paid to Listen to Music

Make Money by Listening to and Reviewing Music!

If you enjoy listening to music, then Slicethepie is definitely the website for you. Slicethepie is a website that pays you to listen to and review the songs of today’s newest artists. You can listen to songs ranging from classical to rock, from religious to rap, and everything and anything in between. You will not make a lot of money, but it is an easy way to make extra money when you have nothing to do. However, there are better ways to make money as well.

I have been using Slicethepie on and off for the past few months and I have to say it’s pretty fun to make money on Slicethepie. The earnings can also pile up pretty quickly, especially if you’re good at formulating quick opinions and suggestions about songs (something that I’m not quite good at yet).

How does Slicethepie Pay?

Slicethepie pays through PayPal, and it takes approximately 5 WORKING days after you request a withdrawal for it to be in your PayPal account, which means if you request for a withdrawal during the weekend, it can take a little longer to see your payment.

This is, of course, assuming you haven’t broken any of their rules or tried to cheat the system, in which case you won’t receive any payment. If you don’t see your payment after a whole week has passed, check and see if Slicethepie sent you an email.

What is the Withdrawal Limit for Slicethepie?

You need at least $10 to withdraw money from Slicethepie.

How long does it take to reach $10 on Slicethepie?

This depends on how good you are at typing and creating quick opinions about a song. Personally, it takes me anywhere from 1 to 3 minutes to create a solid two paragraph review. I can earn at a rate of $2.00 an hour from Slicethepie. If you type faster than me, you can make a lot more. However, Keep in mind that there is a Limit to how many reviews you can do.

Slicethepie has an “Energy” bar that keeps users from submitting reviews too fast at any given session. This was most likely created to combat those that submit spam, fake, or otherwise useless comments into the system.

For every song that you review, your energy decreases by 1 point, and it takes 3 minutes to restore 1 point of energy. So if you run out of energy, you’ll have to wait until you bar is filled up.

How much money can you make on Slicethepie?

Assuming you earned $0.10 per review and that it takes you 2 minutes and 15 seconds to write and submit a review, you would have earned $4.20 for a 90 minute session before your energy bar reaches zero. The earnings aren’t too great, but if you enjoy reviewing music it is a great way to make extra money, it shouldn’t feel like work, right?

My Problems with Slicethepie

Even though Slicethepie is a pretty fun website, there are a few issues I have with it that I cannot ignore.

Once you pick some genres, you cannot change them again. When I first started Slicethepie, I left all the genres I was interested in checkmarked because I thought that the more types of music that I said I was interested in meant more earnings. While that was true, I recently discovered that I hated rap, or at least the rap songs that I was given to review.

Now whenever I hear rap on Slicethepie, I just refresh the page. I wish that Slicethepie had an option to change the genres of music I was interested in so I wouldn’t have to go through this process.

There is no skip option. This kind of goes with my previous point, but there is no skip option in Slicethepie, so you’re forced to refresh the page or click the Scout button again. It’s nothing major, but it would be convenient feature so I wouldn’t be forced to review a song that I really have no strong opinions about.

It takes a long time for a review and rating to submit through the system. It usually takes me anywhere from 10 seconds to 30 seconds after I hit the submit button for it to be processed through the system. Even though this wait time isn’t really that long, when I’m working at a per-review basis, I need to not waste any time waiting between reviews to earn money.

I know that if they had made submitting reviews instant or at least a LOT shorter, then that 30 seconds between songs wouldn’t pile up and waste my time.

The filter system is a complete annoyance. Any regular Slicethepie user would agree that the filtering system for Slicethepie is highly inaccurate and annoying, and since it takes 10 to 30 seconds to submit a review, hitting the filter would just add another 10 to 30 seconds after you edit your review that is apparently bad. You will hit filters like:

The Duplication Filter: This filter is activated when your reviews are too similar to other reviews that you’ve created. While this is very understandable for detecting spam reviews, I seem to always hit this filter because my reviews are organized in the same way. I write as I hear the song, so I write about the beginning, the bridge, the chorus, etc. so I have to always mix it up, sometimes in nonconstructive ways, just so I can get it through the filter.

The “Your Ratings do not match your Review” Filter: This is probably the filter I hate the MOST. I seem to ALWAYS hit the filter even though I know my review and my ratings match each other, but for whatever reason, the system things I’m giving the song a good review and a terrible rating, or vice versa. This is definitely a filter that needs some readjusting.

Songs are sometimes given to you again to review, even if you already reviewed them: Most of the time this isn’t a serious problem since I could just refresh the page, but sometimes I’ll be hearing a song and I’ll be asking myself: “Have I heard this before?” It would be nice if the songs that I have already reviewed are removed from my song queue.

Conclusion: Should You Join Slicethepie?

Despite Slicethepie’s irritating shortcomings, it’s still a fantastic site to join if you enjoy listening to and reviewing music.

My Rating

  • User-Friendliness: 3/5
  • Customer Support: 5/5
  • Earnings Potential: 4/5

Overall: 4/5

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