www.Chilis-Survey.com – Chilis Guest Satisfaction Survey

www.Chilis-Survey.com – Chilis Survey Review

Survey Website : www.Chilis-Survey.com

Writing surveys is an easy way of earning extra money sitting at home. One just needs to review a certain product or service and the work is done. It is fast becoming one of the most popular jobs on the internet and one such site is the chilis-survey.com. For all those who have eaten in the restaurant or even heard about it, this is a good chance to make money taking surveys.

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‘Chilis’ is a chain of restaurants which specializes in Mexican food and has been in the business since the last three decades. The survey is powered by Empathica Inc. Customer Satisfaction. Every year, there are many such companies which spend millions of dollars in trying to find out what people think about their products. Apart from the monetary benefit, the person who takes a survey will also help in improving the quality of many such products sold in the market.

There are some prerequisites for chilis survey which have to be followed in order to take the survey. They are as follows:

  • Anyone who is a citizen of the 50 United States can take the survey.
  • People over 18 years of age are only eligible.
  • In the United Kingdom, one has to complete 16 years of age.
  • If someone wishes to enter the Sweepstakes, he or she should not have any family member working for the Sponsor.
  • The prizes are non transferable.
  • Only one entry per code is allowed.
  • A purchase will not increase the chances of winning the prize.
  • The Sponsors are not responsible for any lost entries and incorrect entries will not be included in the contest.
  • The Sponsors are not liable for any loss or theft of the prize.
  • The Sponsor can use the winners name, address, etc. for promotional purposes, except in some countries where it is prohibited.
  • A person can win either the money or the instant prize once every nine months. Anything which is within these nine months shall be cancelled.

There are many people who have already taken this survey. As per their experience, here are some notable pros and cons:

Pros of Chilis Survey

  1. The survey can either be completed in English or Spanish.
  2. There is no need of a purchase to take the survey.
  3. If a person does not have a receipt, he or she can email an entry to the relevant mailing address.
  4. The site also offers the option of Sweepstakes in which the people who take surveys can enter.
  5. Since it is a popular restaurant, the review can be very easy.
  6. The survey can be done in very less time.
  7. There is an instant prize of an 8 GB iPod which is offered every day.
  8. The money will be awarded in the currency of the country the winner belongs to.
  9. One can finish the survey in his or her free time.
  10. Anyone who has access to internet can contend for the same.
  11. The prize money is a big amount and can be helpful for anyone.
  12. Empathica, which is conducting this survey, is a leader in restaurant customer survey. Therefore, everything is perfectly legal.
  13. One does not have to part with any money to take the survey.
  14. The whole process of taking the survey is user friendly.

Cons of Chilis Survey

  1. There is only 1 instant prize.
  2. There have been instances where the apple iPod has been changed to some other company’s iPod or equivalent amount of money has been paid out.
  3. The winner is announced after considerable time has passed by.
  4. The 12 digit code has to be entered very carefully as all incorrect ones are deemed unworthy.
  5. There is only 1 cash prize for all the entries from numerous countries.
  6. Since Chilis is a very famous chain of restaurants, there will be hundreds of people who would take the survey in a day.
  7. The winner’s details will be splashed in the website with the email id and address. This can cause disturbance to some.

Looking at all the above points, it can be said that the survey is not spam and the company definitely intends to pay out $1000 every day. It can be a very good chance to earn the money if one just has the invitation with the code on it. The one thing that sets this survey apart is that Chilis is a restaurant which almost everyone in the US, and other countries where the survey is valid, has been to. Therefore, completing the survey can be very easy and there is nothing to lose even if one does not win.

Beneficial survey : Every day, there is one prize for USD1000, CAD1000, £1000 or Euros1000.

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3 thoughts on “www.Chilis-Survey.com – Chilis Guest Satisfaction Survey

  1. I enjoyed my meal very much on 7/30/2016. The atmosphere was very pleasant for our friends and ourselves. Service was perfect. The hostess checked with us occasionally and our waiter was very attentive . I would recommend a visit to Chilis anytime !

  2. Gary V. Lashua on February 23,2017 at 5:30 P.M. said: We enjoyed our meal at Chilis on E. Bay Dr. Largo, FL. The waitress did a super job because we had group of 12 people and there were many people in the restaurant. The food was delicious and very warm. I recommend this place to anyone with an appetite.

  3. My name is Jax . Just wanted to say,Thank you Shelby and Jennifer for being so kind and so accurate on my to go order on 10/21/22. Enjoyed the food and your smiling faces.😍

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