Famous Footwear Survey

Famous Footwear Survey Review

Footwear is something that is liked by everybody irrespective of the age group and the gender. In spite of having the best footwear, we still crave for another set and we keep collecting many pairs of shoes or sandals.

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Though they are a necessity more than a luxury, nobody would dislike the idea of buying a nice pair of shoes. Nike, Puma, Reebok, Guess, Adidas, Skechers and Dr Scholl’s are a few major brands which are pretty popular everywhere. The only reason why people prefer branded ones over the local footwear is because of the variety and the range. They wouldn’t mind paying a few pennies extra if they like the shoes or sandals immensely.

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Footwear stores are in plenty but you must choose the best store if you want to get what you want. In this regard, we must talk about Famous Footwear which houses more than 40 brands of footwear for men, women and children.

The uniqueness of this store is that it has almost 900 branches all over the world and no country is complete without the Famous Footwear store. No customer comes back empty handed and everybody is bound to get what they always wanted. The store has slippers, boots, casual and formal footwear, pumps and other accessories for boys and girls.

Apart from getting what you want, there is another thing that you will be excited about. Famous Footwear values its customers a lot and they are treated very well by the staff. To make their services better and to bring more products to the customers’ reach, the store has started a survey that must be filled by the customers. The store has its own website and all you would do is to fill up the survey form and give your feedback.

If you think just filling up the survey form is your job, then here’s what you should know!

You can win discount coupons and rewards if you shop in the store and fill up the survey in the website. The only criterion you must have in order to answer the survey is that you must carry the shopping receipt with you. The receipt number, the date of purchase, location of the store and the type of footwear you have brought are the details you would need to answer the questions in the survey. Depending upon what you buy you can avail almost 50% discounts, free shoes, printable coupons and plenty of reward programs. All this is possible only with your feedback about the store, products and other services.

The www.Famousfootwear.com/survey has been making news for quite a while only because of the discounts and the rewards the customers get. All over the world, footwear is pretty expensive and if it comes from a good brand, then you need to shell out a lot of money. You would surely be craving for a discount that will allow you to save money.

At Famous Footwear, both these things are possible and you would remain a happy customer forever. Since the store has many brands and unlimited models of footwear, they have something in store for every customer who visits the store. Be it shoes or a casual pair of slippers, everything is priced reasonably and you will pay only a meager amount. Along with, if you take little time out from your schedule and fill up the customer satisfaction survey, you can avail discounts. This is surely good news to people who wish to buy the best footwear yet save money on them.

Once you finish shopping at the Famous Footwear store, do not discard the receipt and relax. You would need just 10 to 15 minutes to fill up the online survey and submit it. Three things that you should have on your receipt are:

  1. The date of your visit to the store
  2. The store number (This is important because the company has many branches and they should know from which branch you have purchased the goods)
  3. The transaction number.

If you have these three numbers on your bill, you can be sure of being rewarded with discount coupons and other offers. Please use the link www.Famousfootwear.com/survey to take the customer satisfaction survey. One thing you should know is that you cannot avail the benefits immediately online.

Once you finish the survey, you will be notified about the discounts and you can talk to the store people on how to make use of them. You can also go through the entire website to get information about reward programs and on what products they are offered.

Do not under estimate the power of these discounts you get in the sweepstakes. They can save a lot of money for you yet give you the joy of buying expensive footwear.

Famous Footwear Survey Website : www.Famousfootwear.com/survey

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