Surveymonkey Review

Surveymonkey Review

Research exercises and surveys are gaining a lot of importance these days and for good reason. Everyone from students to corporate firms, start up businesses to educational institutions have a research need to fulfill and there are many research firms that have made their way into the market to cater to them.

This review attempts to weigh the deliverable of one such company online – If you are looking to make extra money taking surveys for money click here.

What is

This is a site that assists people with various services that cater to research and survey related tasks. The site provides support in the form of questionnaires, survey templates and so on. Companies and individuals can choose from various options and customize their surveys, data collection forms and research questionnaires to suit their requirements using the services of this site. also extends support by providing pre-set templates and response validation pages.

Who is it for?

The site seems useful to anybody who requires assistance to conduct surveys and collect feedback. Corporate firms who need employee feedback, new products that require user feedback, students who need to conduct surveys for their thesis, institutions that require research surveys to be conducted and so on.

Types of surveys that the site can cater to:

  1. Research or academic surveys – this includes evaluation of course, faculty performance and satisfaction surveys, public school surveys and more
  2. Corporate or business surveys- B2B surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, product feedback
  3. Non-profit-fundraising, volunteer recruitment, membership survey
  4. Marketing surveys – to announce new products, software evaluation and market analysis
  5. Customer and client satisfaction surveys.
  6. Surveys related to various services such as dental, medical, patient care and travel
  7. Social/political- advocacy workshop feedback, event feedback, surveys for high school clubs and so on.

Major strengths of

  • The site offers over 15 types of questions including demographics, multiple choice questions, rating scales, matrix of choice and text boxes. This allows users to choose what kind of pattern their survey needs to follow. These question types are all pre-configured and ready to go.
  • Questions can be formatted based on the requisites of the survey. They can be sorted out, randomized and comments can be added. One can remove bias by doing these. The site also allows for size and placement formats to be changed.
  • Pre-made survey templates ensure quality feedback and save time – these survey templates can be customized to optimize results of the survey
  • Users can also customize color schemes and fonts to suit their sites
  • Option of including company name in the survey URL assures respondents that the questionnaire is official
  • Surveys can be created in the same language as the site.
  • Serving up a custom thank you page once the survey is complete or redirecting participants back to the site is another useful option.
  • Surveys can be created in any chosen language. Language and font support is extended to users who opt for this feature
  • Users also have the option of serving up a custom thank you page that pops up once the survey is completed
  • The skip logic feature is a positive feature of as it allows participants to skip pages they don’t have to answer. Researchers can also create required and optional fields for different survey questions
  • The site offers the option to convert the online survey to a PDF and assists users to carry the survey anywhere and conduct the survey offline
  • All surveys are 508 certified surveys
  • Results can be viewed in real time and analysis can be arrived at
  • surveys can be taken by people with vision impairments who may require high-contrast themes or using screen reader software easily
  • The option of using cross tab and filters allow for better convenience
  • The charts and graphs are clear and self explanatory in nature
  • The data generated by the surveys taken using can be easily downloaded
  • The results are also shareable
  • Validation is possible as users can validate the text entered by participants of a survey to suit the required format for entry length, numbers, dates and email addresses fares well overall and is a good option for those who want to save time on thinking about how to construct their survey and how to integrate essential elements of the survey online. The responses are quick and more organized when compared to manually constructed surveys, the response rates are better as well. The wide variety of options extended to all types of surveys make this survey site extremely user friendly. The graphics and instructions enhance the site’s functionality rather than distract the person taking the survey. In conclusion if asking questions to the right people at the right time in the right way is what one is looking for then this site promises to be of great help.

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