Surveys that Pay Cash Through Mail

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Surveys that Pay Cash Through Mail

Are you looking for market research companies that pay real cash bills through mail?

If yes, you are at right place.

Today, I’m going to share market research companies that pay $2 to $5 per survey and send the dollar bills along with mail surveys sent from US postal mail.

Please note that these survey companies are DOI (double opt in), that means you need to confirm your email id by clicking on the confirmation links sent by the survey panel before they begin sending you surveys.

Without further ado, here are the survey companies that send surveys that pay through mail:

  1. Consumer Opinion Institute – this is a great market research company that pays up to $5 per survey. The company sends the dollar bills along with the surveys through US postal mail. You can sign up for Consumer Opinion Institute here. It is 100% free to join.
  2. Nielsen Surveys – This is another well know market research company that is famous for it’s TV ratings and is one of the largest market research company in the world. You can read more about Nielsen surveys here.

surveys that pay cash through mail

Do you know any other survey panel that pays cash through mail? Please let us know by leaving a comment below and we’ll include it in the above list.

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