Get Paid to Try Products

Get Paid to Try Products

The market is flooded with new products and services everyday and companies that launch these products use several methods to assess the way customers respond to their offerings. One of the most commonly practiced methods is conducting surveys and research exercises that check the pulse of customers. Evaluation of products and services can happen in various ways, and conducting paid surveys is a method that is adopted by most companies.

There are various online paid survey sites that cater to these companies and conduct these surveys for them, and you can get paid to test products at home. There are several market research companies that pay people to try new products and services. You can check this list of companies where you can get paid to test and try new products.

Here is a detailed review of this get paid to try products opportunity and how it works?

Conducting market surveys and research requires sound knowledge and experience. This is a major advantage for companies that provide get paid to try opportunities and conduct consumer product testing assignments on the behalf of their clients. The fact that it allows consumers to take surveys for free and pays them for doing so has garnered a large following for the site and has enabled hundreds of paid surveys to take place in a systematic manner.

This site stands out among others because it gives the consumers the opportunity to choose from a wide range of companies that offer products and services of various kinds all at one place; this makes the surveys more relevant for the consumers and the results are well balanced and systematically collated. The payment gateways are secure and there is a lot of transparency in dealing with paid surveys. The offers made by various companies are well packaged and displayed in clear terms on the site and the consumers are allowed to choose the company or product of their choice for the survey.

Types of surveys conducted by the site:

• Product trials – consumers are asked to test new products that are just launched or about to be launched in the market and a detailed study of the various aspects of the products are tested. Consumers are allowed to test these products for free and participate in the trial; they are paid based on the kind of trial, duration of the trial and so on. The trials are registered for online and the required product reaches the consumer for testing and evaluation

• Paid surveys – these are typical surveys in the questionnaire form where consumers respond to pre-set questions on various products and services, they are paid based on how many surveys they participate in and the nature of the product or service surveyed. This can happen both offline and online

• Paid research panels – these are panel research surveys where consumers participate in a panel discussion which is structured to suit the product or service that is under evaluation; various participants come together to respond to discussions raised on specific features of the product or service that is being evaluated

• Opinion surveys – these are surveys that assess the opinion of the consumers and take into consideration their response to a particular product or service, their likes and dislikes and assess the product or service based on the opinions given by the consumers.

Salient features of

  • • There is no fee charged to register for surveys and trials, in fact the participants get paid for each survey that they take
  • • The site is well designed and clutter free, the site is user friendly and allows consumers to see a host of product trials and surveys that are scheduled to be conducted and the consumers can choose which survey or trial they want to be a part of. This improves the relevance of the survey for the consumer
  • • Consumers are also offered periodic rewards for joining surveys and completing trials. Apart from getting the routine pay for the participation they also earn the rewards as an incentive
  • • Consumers can increase their earning by referring family and friends to take up these trials and add to their earnings from the surveys and trials.
  • • Various payment options are extended to participating consumers to ensure that the payment is made quickly and securely
  • • The site is free from annoying pop-ups and spam and allows consumers to focus on their responses being accurate
  • The site maintains a lot of transparency in its dealings and lets the participating consumers know what exactly goes into the trial or survey
  • Most trials and surveys are in simple language and are not ambiguous thus the consumers have a better experience when they participate in these surveys.

The site is completely regulated by the guidelines set for research and survey exercises; hence the site proves to be genuine, safe and reliable. Overall Get Paid to Test is a site that is worth visiting if one is looking at making some quick money by testing products at home, answering surveys and participating in trials.

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