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When you purchase a particular product and use it, you would either like it very much or do not like it at all. Whichever may be the case, you would want to provide the feedback to the manufacturers that have sold you the product. You would want to do this so that they can know how you feel about the product and also give them suggestions that would help them improve the product that they are selling.

Since the internet is a popular tool, the best way to send this feedback would be in the form of a survey. For example, you can take the case of

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In this website, you would be able to give your feedback and suggestions to any purchases that you have made from any of the Old Navy clothing stores. The company would like to know whether you have liked the different varieties of clothing that are available in their stores or if you would like to have some other designs too. By getting this information through the customers, the company would be able to ensure that they give the customers exactly what they want. This would make the customers very happy and satisfied.

Almost every successful company has realized the importance of taking feedback from the customers as it allows them to get the pulse of the users. If they do not take this feedback from their customers, they would not know how the product is being received by them. If you fail to recognize that the customers are not happy about the product that you are selling, then you would not be able to survive in your business as they would move on to another seller.

Therefore, websites like help a company in getting the feedback from their customers.

But why does one need to fill out a survey instead of simply giving your feedback as you think of it? The simple reason is that it would impossible to put the customers in different groups based on the feedback given by them. If you write your feedback and send it to the company, then it would be open to interpretation. If what you have written is not clear to the people in the company and is ambiguous, then your feedback would not be of much help.

Categorization of feedback into either positive or negative can become a problem.

Instead, if the customer is asked to fill out a survey questionnaire, as is the case with, there would be no scope for ambiguity. All the questions that are asked would be standardized and also the possible responses would be provided from which the respondent has to choose the one that suits his view the best. This way, it would be far easier for the company to figure out how many consumers like the product and how many do not. At the end of the survey, the customer would always get an option where you would be asked for any other comments or suggestions so that he or she can put in their thoughts.

You may be wondering how many people would actually take the time off to complete a survey regarding the product that they are using. Well, if truth is be told, there may not be a lot of people who would actually do that. If only a few of the customers responded to the survey, then it would not be a proper representation of the general opinion about the product or the company that manufactures them. You need to find another way in which you can make sure that a large number of customers fill up your survey.

Usually, to attract customers to fill up the surveys, websites offer some incentives. If the users complete the survey, they would get some kind of compensation for taking the time out. In fact, there are some survey websites that have a dedicated customer base wherein they are given different surveys for different products and allow them to make or save some money. This can also be used as a way to generate income for your household, but you would need some patience to do so.

In the case of, when you complete the survey, you would get a 10 % discount coupon that you can use in any of the Old Navy stores in your neighborhood. The company provides this discount as a thank you for taking the time to answer the questions so that they can make the necessary changes based on the feedback. You would only have to spend about 8 minutes to complete the survey. There would not be too many personal questions, apart from the general ones like your sex, your age, etc. By giving a response to the survey questions, you would be helping in getting more quality products.

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  1. excellent service at Waikelle outlet mall, Old Navy, 6460 94-815 Lumiaina st. Waipahu, HI 96797 (808) 677-0118 by cashier Sandrisa-2727837 at store, 06460

    % off reason code #893

    however the last 2 visits they were unable to give us our 15% discount!
    my wife and i both tried adding our information but denied due to?

    we are now trying for the 10% discount!

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