Cashcrate Review

Cashcrate Review

CashCrate is a professional GPT website that has been thriving for the past several years of operation. I was one of the first members at this website, and since the beginning it has been a reliable source of cash flow. Sure, they may not have the frills offered by the likes of TreasureTrooper or SWATcash, but with their clean-and-simple layout and high payout ratios, CashCrate is legit and a name you can trust.

CashCrate is nothing special, and this remains a part of their charm. While other websites promise to get you involved in contests that require a lot of your time, CashCrate is their in the background updating offers and making you money. Their main campaign promises “up to 75% payout ratios,” which we know to be above average. Currently, only check payments are accepted, which is a big downside for many people. But with a low $10 minimum, it’s easy to get paid. Some previous payouts:

As an alternative to what I call a “game” (such as a treasure hunt), CashCrate offers a point-based rewards system. By collecting “points,” you can redeem them for rewards in the “prize shop” for things like gift cards and iPods! There are a variety of ways to earn points too. A percentage of every cash offer gets you points, and you can do offers for points exclusively if you choose. I don’t know the conversion ratio of points-to-money, but it doesn’t seem very good.

What I like about CashCrate is the very simple layout. It all flows really well, and everything is clearly labeled and easy to get around. All credit card offers are marked by a card symbol () to reduce confusion. The members area is really easy to understand, which makes for a fantastic GPT website for beginners (or pros). I don’t like the fact that completing offers is virtually the only chance to get paid. There are almost no contests or promotions, so you will need to be content with what they give you. Luckily, they seem to update the available offers frequently.

The available offers approve at the industry standard pace. What is a plus in my book is their awesome support! It seems like everything in the site is geared toward making your experience happy. The community is friendly, the moderators are helpful and the color-scheme is light.

CashCrate might not have the bonuses and incentives offered by the big boys, but it hangs in there with competitive pricing and superior support!

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