Paidviewpoint Review

Paid View Point Review – Is PaidViewPoint Legit or Scam?

Paid View point is a new survey panel with a lively look, that’s simple to maneuver and easy to work with. This survey site offers the most quickest, reliable and comprehensive surveys ever! With this I mean, the paid surveys are easy to understand, you never get disqualified once you’ve started one and they definitely take not more 15 minutes.

This site rewards devoted and active survey users way more than others. They use a rating known as TraitScore to evaluate the registered members. If you give correct information about yourself on surveys and also give honest answers based on your thoughts and opinions, you secure a higher traitscore and thus more revenue possibilities.

The pay they give per survey is likewise primarily based upon your TraitScore. Once they learn to trust you they will certainly reward you with more surveys which means more earnings.

You’ll be happy to know that with this site, Your information is completely secure as a member! Simply because they never ask for your full name and full residential address.

Experienced survey takers know how most survey sites offer you a certain amount of money to complete surveys then end up rewarding you less once you are done. When Paid ViewPoint lays out what amount you’ll earn once you complete a survey, that’s exactly what you’ll earn! There’s no crafty tactics channeling the members on this site.

Paid ViewPoint The only drawback I have experienced with Paid View point is the long period of time it takes for them to start sending the actual market research surveys. They of course send you profile surveys here and there and reward you for it. And even after you start receiving the market research surveys, it’s still all about “first come first serve”.

Their surveys pay really good, but fill up to quick! And when I say quick I mean in less than four hours after receiving your request. To come out as an early bird, check your email more frequently for surveys.

Paidviewpoint Referral Program: Paidviewpoint has a very good referral program and pays it’s existing members 20% for referring their friends. However, this amount is capped at $25 per referral.

Paidviewpoint also gives new members a sign up bonus. The amount varies from country to country, however, if you are USA and Canada you will get $1 just for joining Paidviewpoint survey panel.

Click Here to Join PaidViewPoint Survey Panel. It is FREE to Join.

Aside from that, awesome site, good cash and definitely worth a try!

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