Surveyspree Review – Can You Get Paid for Surveys?

Survey Spree – Is it Legitimate or a Scam?

Hey everyone I hope you had a good week. While this is a holiday period and people are going for shopping, it is also the day where you get a new opportunity to make more easy money! In this update I will be introducing a very new survey panel, called SurveySpree by Opinion Place.

In this post we will discuss about a new opportunity known as Survey Spree. Lets find out if you can join Survey Spree and get paid for surveys? If you are a member of opinion outpost, I hope you will enjoy this panel as well. Those who are already members of Opinion Place surveys would know of this by now, but those who doesn’t all will be explained to you in this post:

SurveySpree  is a online survey panel that was introduced on March of this year. It is a branch of Opinion Place surveys. Founded by DMS Insights, a uSamp company, who works with different companies that manufactures products and services me and you use everyday.  They focuses their work on forming survey studies to gather our opinions which influences the future of newly developed products.

Signing up for Survey Spree by Opinion Place is easy, and FREE! Once you’ve confirmed your membership, you’re sent to the dashboard where you fill out ‘survey profiles’  The profiles contains questionnaires pertaining to you concerning topics such as interests, technology, lifestyle, automobile, and much more. This is so that you can receive surveys that interest you.   Now unlike a lot of typical paid surveys, where you just fill out profiles and wait for invites to survey studies to arrive at your inbox,  you actually earn money by filling out these profiles!

After the profiles are complete and you’re full member of SurveySpree, you’re almost immediately sent invites to participate in their surveys.  It takes a short time to complete them which is about 10 to 20 minutes.  The topics that’s focused in these studies includes, but not limited to: entertainment, sports, shopping, and new products. When you complete the surveys, you’re rewarded with cash, and entries to win prizes.  You’re paid through various rewards such as PayPal, amazon gift cards, magazines to name a few.  Minimum payout is $10.

Is SurveySpree by Opinion Place a scam?

I can honestly say that SurveySpree is definitely NOT a scam!  When I signed up for this website I was given $5 credit.  From there I earned a few dollars from completing my  survey profiles. The surveys are quite fun, and usually i earned a couple dollars per survey. I haven’t reached the payout minimum yet but when  I do I will add it to my future ‘Total Earnings’ update post. I highly recommend everyone to register to this survey site!

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